Due to the outbreak of swine flu, this week's 'Pig 'n a Poke' post has been placed in quarantine. ;D

Happy Tuesday!
♥ Things are finally getting back to normal after the BIG trip to Sydney. And by things I mean my need for more sleep and my stupid throat and nose. Now if only I could get rid of this cough I've developed. Seriously, if I cough up a lung or two in the next couple of days I won't be at all surprised.

♥ Guess I should just be grateful it's not Pig Flu. At least I don't think it's Pig Flu... OMG!

♥ Now I just have to get back into the swing of this LJ thing.

Supernatural last week was great. Y/N?
I was totally spoiled for the 'surprise' character but for the life of me I couldn't figure out how they were going to fit into it the scheme of things. I think they did it excellently. From where I was sitting there was not a shark in sight. :)

Question for y'all: Was 'Jump the Shark' the first time an episode title has had absolutely nothing to do with the episode? I mean most episode titles relate back - be it in an extremely obscure way these days - to the episode theme. However, JTS was purely another dig at fandom, right? *lol*

♥ I've uploaded the AHBL photos zip files to sendspace in addition to megaupload. If you are/were having trouble with MU you might want to try the sendspace links.

♥ Hope the girls don't mind me linking them but [livejournal.com profile] rose_janice, [livejournal.com profile] ragingquiet26 and [livejournal.com profile] briethehippo have compiled a great report of Day 1 from All Hell Breaks Loose here. I'm way too lazy to do one for myself so I'm going use theirs for memory's sake. One thing though... I'm not sure how I feel about being known as KatyMum! Those young wipper-snappers... no respect!!!

♥ I totally want a Leverage CONvention now. With the whole cast. It'd be brilliant. Even the theme of the show lends itself to the name con brilliantly. The Con Con. \O/ July is far too far away to wait for new episodes. *pouts*

♥ Don't look at the time stamp on this entry. Just pretend it's still Tuesday, 'k?

Happy Tuesday!
Need. Sleep. Now.

I'll be back tomorrow for Winchester Wednesday.
Holy crap!

It's only four sleeps until we see Jensen, Jared and Misha.


That's pretty much all I have right now. *runs round in circles*

[livejournal.com profile] chasingangel82, [livejournal.com profile] rose_janice, [livejournal.com profile] evenindeath, [livejournal.com profile] ragingquiet26, [livejournal.com profile] bobbinrob and I fly from Melbourne to Sydney at lunch time on Friday. We'll meet up with [livejournal.com profile] briethehippo and her mum before heading to the hotel. The hotel we are staying at is just around the corner from the University of New South Wales, where the Con is being held.

Friday afternoon - Sightseeing around Sydney (Harbour Bridge, Opera House, Ferries...)

Saturday morning - All Hell Breaks Loose!

I've just checked the official website and this is what we can expect to happen this weekend:

Convention Schedule... )

Man, I sound like such a dork. LOL! And, yeah, it would have been a lot easier if I had just typed this post. That'll learn me for being lazy. *facepalm*

But, hey, if I'd typed it you wouldn't have heard me talking briefly about NCIS, Castle, Misha, Jensen, Jared, LA Con, or Winnie. Nor would you have heard Winnie Winchester's tiny little 'meow'!

Happy Tuesday!

And now for something completely different.

Onward to the scrawl... )

In other news, I'm not feeling well today so I'm "working" from home. No. Really, I am. :)

Happy 'early' Tuesday. *hearts*

Seriously? It's already Tuesday again? Seriously?

[livejournal.com profile] weesta posted a link this morning to a story about the SciFi channel changing their name to 'SyFy'. Apparently SyFy is less geeky than 'SciFi'. Yeah, about that. It's still called the same thing, right? Are more people going to watch if it's spelled differently? Tell you what though, if it does increase the number of viewers perhaps The CW could try something similar. "The See Double You" or "The Sea Double Ewe" is bound to bring in more viewers.

I've already got a logo worked out for 'The Sea Double Ewe". It involves an ocean, a life preserver, and two sheep. It's pretty awesome and alone should attract flocks of viewers. Yeah, OK. I'm stopping now...

Speaking of The CW, does anyone know if the 'CW' stands for anything? Thanks to this blog entry on Whedonesque, for the past three years I've thought of it, in my head at least, as 'The Crack Whore' channel. I'm 99.99% sure that's incorrect.

A few of my favourite things food:
→ Milk Duds → Nutella → Violet Crumble
Hmm, I think there's might be a theme there.

A few of my least things food:
→ Legumes → Croutons → Vegemite
They are all evil.

I'm currently watching SpaceCamp. It's a 1986 movie starring Lea Thompson, Tate Donovan, Kelly Preston, Larry B. Scott, Kate Capshaw, Tom Skerrit and Joaquin Phoenix, or as he was known back then, Leaf Phoenix. It's ridiculous how much I still so enjoy so many of the movies I watched as a kid including, but not limited to, SpaceCamp, The Goonies, Labyrinth, The Neverending Story and The Boy Who Could Fly. Sometimes I think I should be embarrassed but I'm really not.

I loved Supernatural 4x15. So much so I was almost inspired to do a 'Things I Loved, Things I Liked, and Things I Didn't So Much Care For' post about it. I still might. Watch this space. But only if you want to.

Happy Tuesday!

< random >

♪ Today was my first day back at work after 10 days holiday. It was tough going. *sigh*

♬ I missed being able to watch Ellen, The View, Martha, and A Country Practice.

♪ Jeffrey Dean Morgan was on The View on Monday (Friday in the USA). I recorded it and even though it's not the best copy (it pixelates in parts) it's under the cut for those who want to see it.

He is as charming as always and Supernatural is mentioned ever-so briefly after Whoopi asks him if he was in it. Apparently she'a fan and only linked him to playing John Winchester when she saw Watchman

Link for those who can't see the embedded video
See and Hear More... )

♩ While I was lounging about the house these past 10 days, in addition to watching the above daytime TV, I watched the pilot episodes of Dawson's Creek, Twin Peaks and Metal Mickey, the first four episodes of Veronica Mars S3, and almost the entire first series of Leverage (again).

♫ Bonus points to anyone who actually remembers Metal Mickey. Anyone?

♬ I saw a personalised numberplate on the way to work today - K8TY. Do you think the owner's name is the same as mine?

♩ On the subject of names did you know the 'sam' in Katysam has nothing to do with Sam Winchester? My middle name is 'Samantha' and my mum used to occasionally call me Katysam. When I first started playing on the internet years and years ago the first user name I picked was 'katysam'. Almost 16 years later (god, that's scary!) I still use it.

♫ I signed up to Twitter yesterday and I have no idea what I'm doing. Who should I be 'following'? I'm katysam over there too.

♯ Happy Tuesday!

< / random >

☀ Here I am on Day 2 of my annual leave (not including the weekend) and all I've done is watch Martha Stewart, Ellen, The View, Ready Steady Cook, old episodes of A Country Practice, and the occasional episode of Leverage. *is being lazy*

☀ Victoria was on 'Fire Alert' again today because of the high temperatures and high winds expected. Around 300 schools across the state were closed as a precaution, including the school across the road from my house. *gulp* Can you believe it? While school kids across the other side of the world were having a 'Snow Day', kids here were having a 'Fire Day'. Luckily, it was nowhere near as hot as expected and the wind seemed to have less impact than expected.

☀ Speaking of wind, let me share with you this little bit of advice:
If it hasn't rained during the past 13 years and it's a really, really, really windy day, you probably shouldn't rely on a screen door. This is kinda gross but... )

☀ It's raining now and has been for the past four hours. \O/ I moved my car out from under the carport into the rain so it could have a shower. I'm hoping some of the dirt and grime that's accumulated on it will wash off.

☀ It's Tuesday but there's no Leverage. :( Is it June yet? Apparently they are filming the new season in in Portland, Oregon. Does anyone live in Portland? Can I come visit? Please?

☀ Once upon a time I used to watch another TV Show which starred two extremely talented guys, who also happen to be extremely hot, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padasomething.

It seems like only yesterday I looked up a new show called Supernatural on IMDB.com and said, to no one in particular,
"Hey, Jared, you're that dude from Gilmore Girls and Jensen... sorry, dude, I have no idea where you're from."
Hard to believe it was almost four years ago.

Today, I still watch Supernatural and I still talk to myself. Just ask work!bff. ;)
Jensen and Jared... Don't try to deny their epic romance. )

☀ Happy Tuesday!

☀ Happy Pancake Day. Does everyone have Pancake Day on Shrove Tuesday? I think I read somewhere it may just be an Australian/UK thing...

☀ Work!bff and I hosted morning tea today in honour of Pancake Day. I brought in pancakes and cream, jam, Nutella, choc chips, lemon, sugar, and sprinkles. Needless to say, we didn't need any lunch.

☀ Spotted in Melbourne this afternoon. One bus with My Bloody Valentine 3D advertising:

Q: What is wrong with this picture?
Hint: In Australia MBV3D is rated R18+ (Restricted) - People under 18 may not buy, rent or exhibit these films.

☀ Inspired by yesterday's Oscars and waiting for the final episode of Leverage today/tomorrow, I'm currently watching Ordinary People (1980) with a very, very young Timothy Hutton. You might be surprised who else is in it. Surprise! )

☀ Last but not least, I'm sorry. I've been kind of MIA this past week or so. Motivation is at an all time low for me at the moment. Motivation to do anything. I haven't even taken any photos of the little gremlin this week for Winchester Wednesday tomorrow. Blah... )
Well, hello!

1. Thank you to whoever left me love over at the 2009 Valentines Day Game. ♥

There are quite a few names I recognize from my flist so if you haven't checked to see if you've received some anonymous love, go take a look. :)
(A-L List) (M-Z List)

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] svmadelyn for running the Valentines Day Game again this year.

2. Thank you [livejournal.com profile] munibunny and [livejournal.com profile] tariel22 for my virtual gifts. ♥

3. Jeffery Dean Morgan was on Rove Live on Saturday night. I recorded it and uploaded it here. Unfortunately, I missed his response to the question, "How can I be more romantic?", but someone else uploaded it here.

And the answer was... )

4. Today I went to a farewell lunch for three people who have been made redundant. Between them they had over 70 years with the company. This was the third one of these lunches I've been to in the past month. With the financial crisis and our jobs being sent off-shore it's just horrible. There's another couple of people leaving in the next month or so and there will be more to follow. It's only a matter of time before I receive the tap on the shoulder. It's just a waiting game for everybody at the moment. :(

5. I want to end on a cheerful note so, here, have some elephant jokes! \O/

Q: How many elephants fit into a mini?
Give up? )

6. Happy Tuesday!

1) Thank you to everyone for your thoughts on the bushfires here in Victoria. Sadly, they are still burning and the death toll is still rising. If there is anything positive to come out of the tragic events of the past few days it's the generosity and support pouring in from around Australia. The Red Cross has set up the Victorian Bushfire Appeal 2009 and as of 9:00 PM Tuesday night, they had received over $31 million in donations. This is from a country of of only 20 million people. It makes me proud to be an Aussie.

2) Only two sleeps until the Team!Shortbus outing to see 3D!Jensen! My Bloody Valentine 3D starts here on Thursday and I can't wait. \O/

3) A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away I used to work at a Child Care Centre. I have a university degree in Early Childhood Studies (Kindergarten / PreSchool Teacher) but I haven't worked with kids for nearly nine years.

For the past few months I've been trying to remember the name of one of the kids I had in my 3/4 year old group for a couple of years. I know you shouldn't have favourites but hanging out with a group of kids is like hanging out with any other group of people in that you get on better with some more than others. I'm pretty sure I didn't play favourites but I loved having this kid in the group and I was a little sad I couldn't remember his name especially since I had no trouble remembering his little brother's name.

A short story made long... )

4) I have tales of mischief to share with you tomorrow on 'Winchester Wednesday'. The cat is out of control! However, if you could see her this minute you wouldn't believe it. She's currently curled up next to me on my bed, fast asleep.

5) Happy Leverage Tuesday!

★ Another Tuesday, another pig 'n a poke. \O/

★ Things have cooled down here in the last couple of days. Thankfully! Starting last Tuesday we had four days of over 43°C (110°F) in Melbourne. *dies* I've never been so glad to go to work, if only to sit in an air conditioned office all day.

Hot in the city... )

★ The battery in 'Dean the Green Machine' (my laptop) is dying. I had to order a new one today and those things are definitely not cheap. On a positive note, when fully charged, my new battery should last me 3-4 hours. My current battery lasts 40 minutes; if I'm lucky.

★ I may have already posted about this but Leverage has been renewed for a second season. \O/

Supernatural. Just thought I'd throw that in because I'm beginning to feel a little guilty with all the love I'm throwing Leverage's way.

★ It's 'Winchester Wednesday' tomorrow. Don't forget to send me a photo of your cat or dog or guinea pig if you want them to be 'Guest Pet of the Week'. :)

★ Happy Tuesday!

This morning I was thinking about what I should include in my regular 'Pig 'n a Poke' post entry. I formulated a mental list of sorts, with the highlight being me whining about the hot weather. Just before I left for work I read the news that Kim Manners had passed away. What existed of my poorly formulated post was immediately forgotten and all that was left held no relevance. After all, the weather doesn't really matter.

In between thinking about Kim Manners and how the people who knew him were coping and trying to concentrate on work, I didn't give my post much thought. Driving home, I realised I'd like to say more about Kim but I wasn't sure what, or how. When the going gets tough, words and I don't get on very well. That's when I realised I could hopefully honour Kim, in my own way. Hopefully this post will do that.

♥ ♥ ♥

If someone was to ask me, what is the first scene(s) that comes to mind when you think of Supernatural, I wouldn't hesitate before describing this one:

Episode 1x03: Dead in the Water. Directed by Kim Manners

For the first two years, this is how I saw Supernatural. Dean pulling Lukas, unconscious from the water, has stayed with me since the first time I saw it. This was a show about heroes and saving people and the toll it took on these two boys. This one scene summed it up. Kim directed this scene. This image was Kim's vision.

But wait! There's a couple more... )

After all this, what I really want to say is: Thank you, Kim.

♥ ♥ ♥

OK, now it's your turn, dear flist.

What is the first scene(s) that comes to mind when you think of Supernatural?

It goes without saying, it doesn't have to be a scene directed by Kim Manners. :)

OK, this is going to brief... bullet point brief.

• It's late.
• So late, it's now Wednesday.
• I spent my evening making Jelly Slice and Lemon Coconut Squares for morning tea at work tomorrow.
Inauguration Day.
• It's all happening at approximately 3:30 AM Melbourne time.
• I've set my alarm for 3:30 AM.
• No guarantee I'll actually wake up but I'd like to.
• Watched the new Kyle XY this evening while baking.
• Probably need to watch it again and actually pay attention this time.
• New Leverage today. \O/
• Fingers crossed there isn't an issue with the aspect-ratio this week.
• 3:30 AM is only two hours away.
• Going to bed now.
• Enjoy your day.

★ It's 11:30 o'clock at night and it's currently 31°c (88°f) Who lives where it's a 31°c at 11:30 pm? *sigh* It reached 39°c (102°f) today and the forecast for tomorrow is much the same. *melts*

★ I took Winnie to the vet this evening for a check up after her operation last week. The vet remembered her. Remembered her a little too well from the alleged chaos and injuries she caused when they tried to take her blood last week. He even went as far as to tell me she was the 'second worst cat he's ever treated'. o_O

My sweet little Winnie? Second worst cat he's ever treated? But she's only a little kitten... :(

Winnie's fourth trip to the vet... )

★ New episode of Kyle XY = FTW! It was so great visiting with Kyle and the Tragers again.

Flist, who else out there watches Kyle XY? I know [livejournal.com profile] whimsywinx and [livejournal.com profile] mel_b_angel do and I know Whimsy liked it. [livejournal.com profile] mel_b_angel did you watch it yet?

★ New episode of Leverage tonight. If Kyle was the my big TV discovery in 2008 then Leverage is my TV discovery of 2009. It just keeps getting better; it's already come a long way from the pilot. I love how the characters have developed and their relationships with each other. *loves*

★ I think I had something else to say but I can't remember what. It couldn't have been that interesting so I probably just saved y'all 30 seconds reading time which you can put to good use else where.

★ Happy Tuesday!

or Seven Things I've Learned During the Past 72 hours.

Number 1: I am a sucky friend. :( I completely missed [livejournal.com profile] evenindeath's birthday. :( This is way way too late but Happy 'Belated' Birthday, Hannah. Hope you had a lovely day and that you are enjoying your holiday away from Uni. *hugs*

Number 2: I am a sucky friend. I've hardly commented on anyone's entries in the new year. I thought once Christmas/New Year was over, I'd have a ton of time up my sleeves to play on LJ. Alas, that was not to be. As of yesterday, I'm back at work and, funny enough, I've actually had to work. Even though I've been trying to read my flist, I'm not doing too well. (see Number 1) It's only the 7th day of the year and I already feel like I'm behind on everything. *dramatic sigh* I'm going to catch up! I will. Expect random & belated comments from me over the next couple of days.

Number 3: Birthday parties for three-year-olds are kind of exhausting. It was Campbell's birthday party on Sunday. Campbell is my friends, Caz and Trent, little boy. They live about 3 hours away and Mum and I drove up to spend the afternoon at the party. This is the same little boy who we made the 'Henry the Octopus' cake for last year. No cake was required this year but there were lots of three year olds running around and swimming in the pool and eating copious amounts of sugar! It was kind of awesome. :D

Number 4: Guitar Hero Rocks! After all the kids went home, and Campbell went to his stay with his Grandparents, I got to play Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. How much freakin' fun is that game!!! It was the first time I'd ever played any of the Guitar Hero games and I survived all six songs I tried without getting boo'd off-stage. For someone who has absolutely no musical talent what-so-ever it was like a dream come true. It was love at first play! ;)

Number 5: I can't live without Guitar Hero. (see Number 4) Work!bff and I went to see the movie, Australia last night after work and we had a few hours to kill before it started. As it turned out, it was just enough time for me to go to K-Mart to purchase 'Guitar Hero: World Tour' for a Wii and then go to JB HiFi to purchase the Wii! Over the past month I've had a couple of goes on Wii and thought it was pretty cool. Needing a console to play Guitar Hero on pushed me over the edge to purchase one. Not sure when I'm going to play it considering I've already said I feel like I'm behind on everything else. (see Number 2.)

Number 6: Australia was most enjoyable. Nicole Kidman was a bit over the top and somewhat annoying in the first half but made up for it in the second half. Hugh Jackman was pretty good and pretty pretty. Very pretty. Yeah, so, I'm a little shallow. ;)

Number 7: I'm kind of desperate to see previews for My Bloody Valentine 3D and Friday the 13th. I was very disappointed they weren't shown prior to Australia (as if they would be!) and it got me wondering which movie I could go see that would give me the best opportunity to see them. Seeing a movie just to see the previews... *facepalm*

Happy Tuesday because somewhere in the World it's still Tuesday. ")
★ G'day mates! Hope youse all had an ace Christmas!

★ Not real sure why I decided to go all Aussie on you there. Sorry about that. :D

★ I've just got back from a good friend's birthday party. She turned five today. I bought her the board game 'Mouse Trap' and I made her a little bracelet with photos of her and her mum, dad & brother on it. She was a little concerned Mouse Trap was a boys game. Now I'm concerned. because I never had Mouse Trap when I was a kid and I always wanted it. Is it a boys game?

Melbourne. Drought. Water Restrictions. Four-Minute Songs. American Pie. )

★ New Leverage tomorrow! \O/ It premieres here in Australia on January 14th on FOX 8 which is all kinds of exciting. Even this little chocolatey Koala is excited because he's got Christian Kane's initials etched on his tummy.

Yeah, so I could probably use a "You know you may watch too much Leverage when..." tag.
(The CK actually stands for 'Caramello Koala' BTW...)

★ I missed my "Pig 'n a Poke" post last week... Did anyone notice? ;D

★ *ignores the fact that it's now Wednesday and posts Pig 'n a Poke post anyway*

★ On the train on the way to work today I was re-watching the first episode of Leverage and completely missed my stop! When I first watched the episode months ago I don't remember being all that fussed about it but this morning I was totally engrossed in it. All of a sudden it was dark outside the train and it took me a moment to realise we were in The Loop already. *facepalm* I'm totally blaming geeky!christian for that.

Can anyone tell me when the next episode of Leverage airs? Is it tonight? Or next Sunday or Tuesday? *is confused*

★ I filled up my car with petrol yesterday and only paid 99.9c per litre. \O/ It hasn't been that cheap in months. In October we were paying up to $1.50c per litre. It's so ace filling the tank and only having to hand over $40.

★ Wow. This is the post in which I talk about the price of petrol. This isn't going to go down as the most exciting post in the history of posts, is it? Sorry about that. *sigh*

★ Winnie is currently snoozing on my foot. I'm very grateful she's not biting it like she normally does but she goes from sleep to full power in less than 1.3 seconds so my toes are still facing imminent danger. ;)

★ Happy Tuesday!Wednesday... see you later today for Winchester Wednesday #2 :)
Today's post is brought to you at the all-new early time of 6:00PM.

Except to me, 6:00pm it late because I'm still stuck at work. I've been here since 7:50am and now I'm waiting on someone to assign something back to me before I can leave. Because I didn't want to waste my time and I wanted to use it productively, I've been reading my flist. You may even see the odd comment from me! \O/ *facepalm*

I'm pretty much on my own for the next two weeks while work!bff is taking holidays. There is a third person who 'works' with us but, yeah, ... let's just say I'm pretty much on my own. It's been a busy few days and I don't think it's going to let up any time soon.

Yesterday morning I did get find about 20 minutes to start decorating the Christmas Tree for my desk. It's a work in progress but here's a sneak peek..

No photos of Winnie to share today but perhaps I'll post tomorrow and start a tradition of 'Hey, Wednesday! Winchester!' Or, you know, not... :)

This is quite possible to fasted LJ entry I've ever done. Any spelling or grammatical errors are entirely mine.

Happy Tuesday!




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