♥ Things are finally getting back to normal after the BIG trip to Sydney. And by things I mean my need for more sleep and my stupid throat and nose. Now if only I could get rid of this cough I've developed. Seriously, if I cough up a lung or two in the next couple of days I won't be at all surprised.

♥ Guess I should just be grateful it's not Pig Flu. At least I don't think it's Pig Flu... OMG!

♥ Now I just have to get back into the swing of this LJ thing.

Supernatural last week was great. Y/N?
I was totally spoiled for the 'surprise' character but for the life of me I couldn't figure out how they were going to fit into it the scheme of things. I think they did it excellently. From where I was sitting there was not a shark in sight. :)

Question for y'all: Was 'Jump the Shark' the first time an episode title has had absolutely nothing to do with the episode? I mean most episode titles relate back - be it in an extremely obscure way these days - to the episode theme. However, JTS was purely another dig at fandom, right? *lol*

♥ I've uploaded the AHBL photos zip files to sendspace in addition to megaupload. If you are/were having trouble with MU you might want to try the sendspace links.

♥ Hope the girls don't mind me linking them but [livejournal.com profile] rose_janice, [livejournal.com profile] ragingquiet26 and [livejournal.com profile] briethehippo have compiled a great report of Day 1 from All Hell Breaks Loose here. I'm way too lazy to do one for myself so I'm going use theirs for memory's sake. One thing though... I'm not sure how I feel about being known as KatyMum! Those young wipper-snappers... no respect!!!

♥ I totally want a Leverage CONvention now. With the whole cast. It'd be brilliant. Even the theme of the show lends itself to the name con brilliantly. The Con Con. \O/ July is far too far away to wait for new episodes. *pouts*

♥ Don't look at the time stamp on this entry. Just pretend it's still Tuesday, 'k?

Happy Tuesday!
When I start this post it was 9:00PM and only 5°c outside and Winnie was curled up on my bed, at my feet. It's now 11:30PM and only 3°c outside and Winnie is still curled up at my feet. She's what we like to call a fair-weathered cat. Being that she is only 8 months old this is Winnie's first Winter and I'm pretty sure she kind of hates it.

She loves being outside and while the weather was nice she was happy being out and about from about 7:30 in the morning til about 6PM at night. But now that it's cold and windy and (amazingly) wet she's not so sure. She takes a lot longer to make the decision to go outside in the morning. She stops in the doorway - half in, half out - and sniffs the air. It's as if she's weighing up her options of being warm and dry but stuck indoors or of running free outdoors but being cold and wet. She always goes outside but doesn't stay our for too long. And that's Reason #83 why it's tough being Winnie. :)

This week, rather than a guest pet, we have a guest photographer. My brother, Andrew, took these photos of Winnie last week while he was staying.

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