or Seven Things I've Learned During the Past 72 hours.

Number 1: I am a sucky friend. :( I completely missed [livejournal.com profile] evenindeath's birthday. :( This is way way too late but Happy 'Belated' Birthday, Hannah. Hope you had a lovely day and that you are enjoying your holiday away from Uni. *hugs*

Number 2: I am a sucky friend. I've hardly commented on anyone's entries in the new year. I thought once Christmas/New Year was over, I'd have a ton of time up my sleeves to play on LJ. Alas, that was not to be. As of yesterday, I'm back at work and, funny enough, I've actually had to work. Even though I've been trying to read my flist, I'm not doing too well. (see Number 1) It's only the 7th day of the year and I already feel like I'm behind on everything. *dramatic sigh* I'm going to catch up! I will. Expect random & belated comments from me over the next couple of days.

Number 3: Birthday parties for three-year-olds are kind of exhausting. It was Campbell's birthday party on Sunday. Campbell is my friends, Caz and Trent, little boy. They live about 3 hours away and Mum and I drove up to spend the afternoon at the party. This is the same little boy who we made the 'Henry the Octopus' cake for last year. No cake was required this year but there were lots of three year olds running around and swimming in the pool and eating copious amounts of sugar! It was kind of awesome. :D

Number 4: Guitar Hero Rocks! After all the kids went home, and Campbell went to his stay with his Grandparents, I got to play Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. How much freakin' fun is that game!!! It was the first time I'd ever played any of the Guitar Hero games and I survived all six songs I tried without getting boo'd off-stage. For someone who has absolutely no musical talent what-so-ever it was like a dream come true. It was love at first play! ;)

Number 5: I can't live without Guitar Hero. (see Number 4) Work!bff and I went to see the movie, Australia last night after work and we had a few hours to kill before it started. As it turned out, it was just enough time for me to go to K-Mart to purchase 'Guitar Hero: World Tour' for a Wii and then go to JB HiFi to purchase the Wii! Over the past month I've had a couple of goes on Wii and thought it was pretty cool. Needing a console to play Guitar Hero on pushed me over the edge to purchase one. Not sure when I'm going to play it considering I've already said I feel like I'm behind on everything else. (see Number 2.)

Number 6: Australia was most enjoyable. Nicole Kidman was a bit over the top and somewhat annoying in the first half but made up for it in the second half. Hugh Jackman was pretty good and pretty pretty. Very pretty. Yeah, so, I'm a little shallow. ;)

Number 7: I'm kind of desperate to see previews for My Bloody Valentine 3D and Friday the 13th. I was very disappointed they weren't shown prior to Australia (as if they would be!) and it got me wondering which movie I could go see that would give me the best opportunity to see them. Seeing a movie just to see the previews... *facepalm*

Happy Tuesday because somewhere in the World it's still Tuesday. ")



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