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♪ Today was my first day back at work after 10 days holiday. It was tough going. *sigh*

♬ I missed being able to watch Ellen, The View, Martha, and A Country Practice.

♪ Jeffrey Dean Morgan was on The View on Monday (Friday in the USA). I recorded it and even though it's not the best copy (it pixelates in parts) it's under the cut for those who want to see it.

He is as charming as always and Supernatural is mentioned ever-so briefly after Whoopi asks him if he was in it. Apparently she'a fan and only linked him to playing John Winchester when she saw Watchman

Link for those who can't see the embedded video
See and Hear More... )

♩ While I was lounging about the house these past 10 days, in addition to watching the above daytime TV, I watched the pilot episodes of Dawson's Creek, Twin Peaks and Metal Mickey, the first four episodes of Veronica Mars S3, and almost the entire first series of Leverage (again).

♫ Bonus points to anyone who actually remembers Metal Mickey. Anyone?

♬ I saw a personalised numberplate on the way to work today - K8TY. Do you think the owner's name is the same as mine?

♩ On the subject of names did you know the 'sam' in Katysam has nothing to do with Sam Winchester? My middle name is 'Samantha' and my mum used to occasionally call me Katysam. When I first started playing on the internet years and years ago the first user name I picked was 'katysam'. Almost 16 years later (god, that's scary!) I still use it.

♫ I signed up to Twitter yesterday and I have no idea what I'm doing. Who should I be 'following'? I'm katysam over there too.

♯ Happy Tuesday!

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