OK, this is going to brief... bullet point brief.

• It's late.
• So late, it's now Wednesday.
• I spent my evening making Jelly Slice and Lemon Coconut Squares for morning tea at work tomorrow.
Inauguration Day.
• It's all happening at approximately 3:30 AM Melbourne time.
• I've set my alarm for 3:30 AM.
• No guarantee I'll actually wake up but I'd like to.
• Watched the new Kyle XY this evening while baking.
• Probably need to watch it again and actually pay attention this time.
• New Leverage today. \O/
• Fingers crossed there isn't an issue with the aspect-ratio this week.
• 3:30 AM is only two hours away.
• Going to bed now.
• Enjoy your day.

( Jan. 21st, 2009 07:21 am)
Of course, after a little while they stop calling you “sir” and start calling you “loser.” But that always seems to happen as I get to know people.

- Misha Collins on working as a guest star on Supernatural

I can relate to that, Misha. *nods*
(Not the working on Supernatural part... the "loser" part. ;)

Rest of the interview here.
Winnie Upside down

Stitch-less and fancy free!
Winnie Winchester had her stitches removed on Saturday morning and she behaved perfectly. She growled at a big labrador in the waiting room, which was very brave of her even if she was on my lap, in her cage, at the time.

Tell me we don't have to go again... Ever! )

Photos, photos, photos... )

Winnie's Grand Adventure or Oh! Noes!
Winnie still hasn't been outside a great deal. In fact, it's probably been about a month since she was last outside. I keep making excuses: She's too little, she hasn't been fixed and there are tom cats around (can't use that excuse any more), she won't find her way home, she's not afraid of anything so how will she know to avoid cars and dogs... My list goes on.

This morning Winnie either decided to take things into her own hands or fate gave her a helping hand...

Where's Winnie? )




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