While watching X-Files: The Movie, I went to check something about it on IMDB and while there I noticed the date the first movie was released in Australia was 23-July-1998. X-Files 2 is scheduled for release in Australia on 24-July-2008. That's almost 10 years to the day after the first one. Oh, well. I found it interesting. *g*

If you are an X-Files fan and you're having trouble getting excited about the new movie check out this video compilation of TV promos from Season 1.

Back when it was truly magical... )

Do you remember how original and engrossing it was in the beginning? The characters. The stories. The myths. The legends. The writing. The cast. The... ALL OF IT!

The night the pilot aired for the first time I can still remember saying, "I'm going to watch that new show about aliens." If only I'd known back then what a weird and wonderful, if at times frustrating and just a little silly, journey Mulder and Scully would take me on. It's about so much more than aliens.

COUNTDOWN: Only 145 more sleeps until X-Files 2.

More new pics from the set of the second X-Files movie. \O/
CUT: These are way more spoilerish than previous ones we've seen. )

There is also a little spoilerish video from the set here.

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★ My niece, nephew and I went to see 'Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium'. The cast of Jason Bateman, Natalie Portman, Dustin Hoffman & Zach Mills was adorable and it inspired me to find pictures of Jason Bateman from the movie and make icons.
The rest aren't here. They are over here.

★ I'm trying not to get too excited about the second X-Files movie. The rumours of this movie were around for so long before it was offically confirmed late last year and I always said I'm not going to believe it until I'm sitting in the movie theatre, with popcorn on my lap, staring up at David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson's lovely faces on the big screen. I just never wanted to get my hopes up, you know.

But now there undeniable proof by way of promo pics from the set. I want to believe!

CUT: For size more so than spoilerness. But if you don't want to know what colour shirt Scully will be wearing in the movie, don't click! )

★ I have one concern about the new X-FILES 2 movie. Truth be told, I have a few but the most pressing one is, "WHERE'S WALTER?" I know Mulder and Scully are in it. I know Krycek isn't, which is not surprising really, since they guy's dead. But what about Walter Skinner? He was a crucial part of the show, especially towards the end. I fear for how they will explain his absence.

★ I haven't complained about the weather in a while. There's been no need. It's been perfect. Mid to high 20's. Not too hot. Not too cold.

or Hey, Hey, It's Waffle Day.

1). Seems I started something last week when I took waffles into work. I received a request late yesterday afternoon for more waffles, and lots of them.

2). For my retro viewing pleasure, while making waffles, I decided to watch the X-Files episode, "Bad Blood". It's the episode where Mulder 'overreacts' and kills a vampire. Well, he thinks it's vampire at the time but then it appears it may have just been a regular guy. In an attempt to get their stories straight, Scully and Mulder take turns in telling their versions of events that led to Mulder's 'overreaction'.  It reminds me so much of the Supernatural episode, "Tall Tales". Or rather, "Tall Tales" reminds me so much of "Bad Blood."

3). Tonight Melbourne Storm play the Bulldogs, in Sydney. If When they win this game, Storm are guaranteed to finish the season at the top of the ladder. The Minor Premiership, two years in a row. Whoo hoo! *crosses fingers for a win*

UPDATE: Bulldogs 6 Melbourne Storm 38

4). Daily Peak Hour Observation: On this morning's drive in, I saw a registration plate, PWT ###. It was just your standard type rego plate, but, regardless, my first thought was, 'A personalised Plastic!Winchester!Theater number plate! Ace!' *facepalm*
I subscribe to a couple of Google Alerts. Well, OK then, more then a couple.

My list includes: "Supernatural", "X-Files", "Jensen Ackles", "Jared Padalecki", "Eric Kripke", "Veronica Mars", "Ten Inch Hero" & "Melbourne Storm"

POP QUIZ: Which one of the above is not the same? (Wasn't that an old Sesame Street game - I seem to remember a sickly sweet little song to play it too... or was it Romper Room?)

Most of the time it's great getting the alerts. You get the latest and greatest news on each topic and great links to a wealth of wonderous information.

Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki alerts... )

For Eric Kripke (creator of Supernatural)... )

Ten Inch Hero alerts... )

I have to admit I gloss over the Melbourne Storm ones... )

And some of the time, Google alerts can get just plain repetative. 

A couple of weeks ago I was getting a Jared Padalecki email alert what seemed like every 15 minutes... )

Veronica Mars alerts for the past three weeks... )

Finally there are my X-Files alerts... )





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