Today's the day, the day the third season of Kyle XY premieres. \O/

I started watching Kyle over (my) summer and it only took me a couple of weeks to catch up on the first two seasons. Having it back on tonight is extra exciting because it'll be the first time I'm watching it as it airs and then I'm going to have wait a full week until the next episode. It's going to be pure torture!

At least I have a new episodes of Leverage tomorrow and that other show we are all so fond of, Supernatural, on Thursday to fill in the time in between.

Nope, TV doesn't rule my life. I'm sure of it... I think.

★ ★ ★

Not tagged but I wanted to do it anyway.
1. Open the 5th picture folder on your computer.
2. Open the 5th picture and post it on your blog.
3. Explain the picture.
4. Tag 8 people to do the same! If you'd like to do it, knock yourself out. :)

I snapped this photo late last year during a trip to Newcastle for a friend's birthday. On the Saturday afternoon before the party we went to Nelson Bay where we found this little dude. Actually he wasn't that little but I must have liked him because this is the 5th photo I took of him and there is another 18 after this one. ;)

or at least it was this morning. Turns out the weather was just taunting me because by lunchtime the sky was full of clouds and by this evening it was raining. So much for the first day of Spring. Ha!

1). I had to move desks at work today. More people are moving on to our floor so we've been shuffled around to make room for them. We didn't have to move far - just to the next 'pod' of four desks - but it has made me feel all disoriented. I'm sitting with my back to the world now. I'm sure I'll get used to it soon enough.

I've already made myself at home - Click for pics )

2). Random Advice: Don't try to download songs from iTunes via a dial-up connection. I've been trying to download Brian McFadden's Twisted and it's taking forever. 12 minutes and counting...

3). I'm watching an old episode of Bones and I have to say Bones looks pretty good as Wonder Woman. Also, besides being tall, dark and handsome, Booth and Sam Winchester have something in common; They both suffer from coulrophobia. *nods* (Is David Boreanz tall? I have no idea...)

4). Melbourne Storm lost on the weekend. )

5). 18 Sleeps til Supernatural 4x01.

I don't really have anything to say but I couldn't let a Tuesday pass without the pig or the poke.

Ooh, I know! I'm going to post this picture because I'm sure you haven't seen it anywhere else. Right?

Fictional Jensen Quotes:

"For my first pose I'm going to do the 'The Jensen'. I'll stare intensely into the camera lens with my lips slightly parted and all pouty like. I'll make sure my forearm and well manicured thumb nails are visable, as well as just a hint of my sculptured biceps. This pose usually works very well with the cleanshaven look I chose to go with this morning."

"For my second pose, I'm going to go with 'The Jared'. I'll try to maintain the intensity in my gaze but I'll sprawl my body haphazardly across these steps, leaning back to accentuate the broadness of my shoulders and chest and allow the camera to focus in on my crotch. Usually this pose works best with long shaggy hair and argyle sweaters but, hey, I'll give it a shot."

And this is what I'm talking about... )


Hey, it's Team Tuesday!

The National Rugby League season starts this weekend. How'd it get here so fast? Holy crap. I got a Melbourne Storm game to go to Monday night! Whoo hoo! \O/

Do I sound excited? Because I know that's how I'm meant to feel but I just can't seem to get into it this year. Perhaps once I'm at the game on Monday it'll be all good... *sigh*


Oh, Crap. I just missed 'Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles'. *is sad*

On the bright side, I was watching 1x05 and 1x06 of 'Chuck'! *is happy*
I kind of like Chuck. And I kind of like Captain Awesome. And I even kind of like Morgan. :)


I snagged myself a new icon from [ profile] sweetgirl7808. Sweet. I'm seriously in awe of the talent of some people out there. It takes long enough to get the animated side of things working, let alone manipulating the images to make something like this.


Well, that was a lot to say for when I had nothing to say to begin with.

I just saw the full promo for The Magnificent Seven, scheduled to air next Monday night.

According to Channel Ten, the TV station it airs on over here, it's being 'streamed direct from the USA'. Wow. Channel Ten must still be using a 14.4k modem and a dial up Internet connection if a 'direct stream' takes 10 days to reach us. *lol*

Seriously though, it makes me all kinds of happy that we don't have to wait too long to see these shows this year... Even if I may have already seen them. *g*
I went shopping to Knox today to get a few odds and ends. It's Mum's birthday next weekend and I had it in the back of my mind that I had to look out for something whilst shopping because seriously I've been coming up a blank. Luckily, inspiration hit unexpectedly and the birthday gift has now been taken care of. Can't say anymore... the internets have eyes & ears :)

Yesterday, I finished watching Season 2 of House M.D. That's two seasons worth of episodes in a little less than two weeks. I know. It's true. I have no life. Now I just have to wait for Season 3 to be released on DVD so I can be totally caught up prior to Season 4 starting.

Anyone want to buy a hospital? It's not just any hospital, you know.

Wandin Valley Bush Nursing Hospital is up for sale!

Located in the Hawkesbury Valley in New South Wales 'Clare House' was used as the exterior as that well known hospital on A Country Practice many many moons ago.

Funny. I thought it burnt down in the final episode. Wait. What do you mean 'It wasn't real'? Shut up. It totally was!

Wonder if I won Powerball tonight.

Okay. I've just watched the Season One finale of Heroes and right now I really don't have words. And that's not in a "OMG! How fricken awesome was that!" way either. It's in more of a "I've watched 23 episodes of this show and now if I could only work out exactly what I've learned from it..." way. Seriously. Not coming up with a whole bunch of things either.


The jury is still out on if I'll be tuning back in for Season Two. I think it depends greatly on the fate of my two favourite things about Heroes: Hiro and Un-special Ando. If not for those two I would have given up watching somewhere around episode three.

Oh yeah, I'm so not buying the whole Petrelli Brother Lovin' stuff. Where the frak did that come from? *shakes head*

( Jul. 5th, 2007 10:19 am)
  1. Adelaide, Sam and Nick stayed over last night. Good times were had be all. Bed time was approximately 22:30. Not too bad.

  2. The third State of Origin was played last night. Queensland had already won the series, 2-0, so really it was just a chance for either: 
    a). Queensland to humiliate New South Wales with a white-wash, or
    b).New South Wales to regain a bit of pride.
    Unfortunately, it ended up being the latter with NSW winning 18-4. 
    Melbourne Storm's Dallas Johnson & Greg Inglis were both taken from the field injured and given that I'm a big believer in 'These things happen in threes' I really feared for the safety and well being of the other Storm players out there. I wonder if Storm Coach Craig Bellamy made any frantic phone calls the QLD & NSW coaches in an attempt to get Cameron Smith, Ryan Hoffman & Matt King pulled out of the game... I think I would have. Luckily, they all survived unscathed.

  3. So, the season finale of Heroes was shown in Australia last night. It clashed with Origin so I taped Heroes preferring to watch Origin 'live'. Kids in bed - finally - and Origin over for another year we sat down to watch it and things looked pretty good for all of about 10 minutes. Unfortunately Heroes never returned after the ad break. WTF? Someone must have accidentally changed the Foxtel (cable) channel whilst it was recording and I'd ended up taping a repeat of Malcolm in the Middle. Doh! Time to thank Mr./Mrs./Miss Torrent - again - for making it possible to download everything and anything from the 'net.  Thank you.

  4. When did petrol reach $1.34 per litre???


( Jul. 2nd, 2007 11:57 am)
  1. Happy Supernatural Day (Aus.) It’s the season 2 finale tonight and it feels like it’s been a long time coming. Of course, I’ve already seen it but you know, still exciting. I really hope little Sammy is going to be okay *sob* Unfortunately I may not be able to see it ‘live’ because…

  2. …Tonight I’m going to a VIP Premiere screening of a new documentary Ian Thorpe is presenting. It’s not what you know, people, it’s who you know! I can see some serious celebrity spotting in my immediate future.

  3. Today marks the starting date for the ‘My Dinner with Joss’ auction. Check out the self-pimping the man has done for this:

    First of all, why the auction? Because I believe the chance to sit next to me, with my distinctive yet unsettling odor, will cause people to give Equality now Eleventy Kabillion Dollars.

    Has he no shame! *grin* If only I had Eleventy Kabillion Dollars to bid…

  4. On Saturday I helped Emma and Dan move into their new home. They’ve done great and despite the fact that the house is, in fact, located on the Dark Side [of Melbourne] (read: The ‘other’ side of the Yarra) it is in a lovely green, leafy and very, very hilly area.

  5. I drove to work today and it only took me 50 minutes!.Usually it takes 1+ hours. There was just no traffic. I spent the first half of the trip thinking “Where’s all the peoples?” as it only occurred to me while I was passing Sunnydale Cemetery (aka. Burwood Cemetery - It reminds me of Sunnydale Cemetary, is all) that it's school holidays *facepalm* Yay for the term two holidays.

  6. I think I’ve discovered a new television show to fill at least part of the void over the summer winter while Supernatural is on hiatus. It’s not so much a new show being that it’s already racked up three seasons but up until last night I had not seen a single episode. Whatcha talkin’ ‘bout, Willis?

    HOUSE M.D. is what I'm talkin' 'bout. 

  7. Happy Monday.




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