The 'Getting to Know You Meme'.
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The one which appears on my birth certificate. It's not short of anything. I haven't forgotten the 'h'. It's Katie with a 'Y'.

User/screen name and nickname given to me by my mum. It makes more sense if you know my middle name is Samantha.

Nickname which came about on a road trip I took with one of my rl!bffs back in 1999. At the time, Tristo (or more accurately, Tristan) was a player for our favourite sporting club, Melbourne Storm. A fictional conversation between Lisa and I, pretending to me Matty Geyer (another player) and Tristan Brady Smith, lead to me being called Tristo and Lisa being called Matty. For some reason, Tristo stuck. It could be because I often refer to myself as 'Tristo' in the third person. Or it might not. :) Even Lisa's three year old son, Ryan, and his three year old cousin, Campbell, call me Tristo. Well, Aunty Tristo. :P

I probably wasn't meant to be sharing this much detail, was I? Nevermind, I'm redefining the rules of this meme! Read more...  )

( Oct. 6th, 2008 01:16 pm)
Grand Final? What Grand Final?

The brand new day hasn't made the loss any easier to take. Apparently it's the largest losing margin in an NRL grand final. EVER. Well, never let it be said Stom don't do a good job of everything we do. We didn't just lose, we lost spectacularly.

We are a smidge over halfway home and I've kept myself amused by watching Kyle XY on my iPOD. My little travelling buddy, Bradley Bear, has hijacked it now to watch his favourite angel, Castiel, get up in Dean's face. Bradley Bear I such a fan!bear.

Yep, I may be a little bored... Are we there yet?
On the Road Again...

We sucked out loud.

Manly Sea Eagles 40
Melbourne Storm 0

Time to drown my sorrows...

Is it Thursday yet? *sigh*
Manly Sea Eagles 8
Melbourne Storm 0

I'm really hoping the 'other' Melbourne Storm team comes out to play after half time. You know, the Storm team that wins games...
Pre-Match Entertainment:
Jon Stevens from Noiseworks, The Living End and lots of kids using Webbers (barbeques) as drums. Good Times!
*is nervous*
NRL GRAND FINAL - T Minus 20 minutes

( Oct. 4th, 2008 06:19 pm)
G'day from somewhere along the Hume Highway. The last sign we past says we still have 379 kms to go before we reach Sydney. Emma and Dan picked me up at about midday and we've already been on the road for six hours. Hopefully we've only got less than four to go. \O/ Whose idea was it to settle Sydney so far from Melbourne anyway? ;)

We've listened to cheesy 80's music including Bros., Kylie, and Kenny Loggins, the Top Gun soundtrack and now we're bopping to Avril Lavigne. I have plans to introduce them to the wonders of Steve Carlson and Kane at some point. Resistance will be futile! *evil laugh*

I'd like to say some stuff about 4x03 but I'm posting via the mobile LJ client and it doesn't do lj-cuts and I'm not sure if we're still in spoiler mode. I can, however, sum up my feelings about it in one word and an acronym: OMG ACE!!!

Happy Weekend everyone :)
On the Road Again...

☀ I've been a bad LJ friend lately. I'm so sorry about that. :( I've read all your posts but haven't had a chance to comment. Expect me to pop in and randomly comment to your posts from the past four or five days, 'k. :)

☀ I've only got three or four more days of house sitting left and then I'm back home with a regular internet connection. \O/ I'll be able to see photo and icon posts, and videos, and all those good things I've been missing out on for the past 7 weeks. Yay!

☀ Melbourne Storm are still in the NRL Finals. But I think we used our 'Get out of Jail Free' card... )

☀ Friday morning at work we are having a 'Footy Finals Fiesta'. Nice alliteration, hey... )

☀ I discovered plurk today. I've seen [ profile] whimsywinx and [ profile] bananabehr talking about and since I was at work by myself today so I thought I'd take a little look. *is sneaky* Verdict: Fun and possibly addictive. As if I need another distraction on the internet... I can't even keep up with LJ! Thanks [ profile] whimsywinx and [ profile] bananabehr for making me feel welcome over there. :)

☀ Have we all recovered from 4x01 yet? Only two more sleeps until 4x02!!!

☀ Happy Tuesday!

1) Supernatural Season Four starts THIS WEEK!!!

2) I'm on my way to work with a hugeass headache. It's taken up residency just behind my right eye. It's going to be a long Monday.

3) Melbourne Storm lost yesterday. We played terribly and, to be honest, didn't look like they wanted to win. We get a 'second chance' next week, playing the Brisbane Broncos in Brisbane. I won't be going and if we play like we did yesterday, we won't be winning.

4) Should of known before the game things weren't going to go our way )

5) Oh, and I'm having a bad hair day.

( Sep. 8th, 2008 10:12 am)

1). Oh, man! Monday already. What happened to the rest of my weekend? It's been go-go-go since Sunday morning.

2). Melbourne Storm won last night. We needed to win by 26 points to be Minor Premiers. We won by a lazy 36 points. \O/ \O/ \O/
Let the Finals Series begin!

3). Oh, and remember that Red Bull SoapBox Race the boys were participating in this weekend?
Well, there's a report (WITH PHOTOS!) here.

( Sep. 7th, 2008 10:35 am)

1). Team!Shortbus Outing Yesterday: After much indecisiveness, we settled on seeing 'Tropic Thunder'. I lost count on the number of people we let go in front of in the queue because we couldn't decide. It was a pretty funny movie and not at all what I expected. All I knew about it was that Jack Black was in it (that was the selling point for me) so I was surprised to see a few other actors in there who, at first, I didn't even recognise!

2). Before the movie we headed up to JB Hifi (DVD/Music store). The do good out of Team!Shortbus! I picked up a copy of the, 'Friday Night Lights' (the movie), for $12.98 and then, just near the checkout, we spotted copies of Eric Kripke's 'Boogeyman for $6.89! Score! \O/

3). [ profile] chasingangel82 has just got back from a trip to Vancouver and LA and she spoiled us by bringing us back gifts. Thanks Bec :)Baby!Winnie the Pooh )

4). Last night I was working on the laptop at the coffee table. I got up to do the dishes and look what I found when I got back... oh, Rainbow! )

5). It's Father's Day today so I've got to get moving so I can go home with Dad's present this afternoon.

6). And then, tonight I'm going to the final regular season Melbourne Storm game. As a result of previous games this weekend, Storm must win their game tonight by about 28 points to finish on top of the ladder. *gulp*

or at least it was this morning. Turns out the weather was just taunting me because by lunchtime the sky was full of clouds and by this evening it was raining. So much for the first day of Spring. Ha!

1). I had to move desks at work today. More people are moving on to our floor so we've been shuffled around to make room for them. We didn't have to move far - just to the next 'pod' of four desks - but it has made me feel all disoriented. I'm sitting with my back to the world now. I'm sure I'll get used to it soon enough.

I've already made myself at home - Click for pics )

2). Random Advice: Don't try to download songs from iTunes via a dial-up connection. I've been trying to download Brian McFadden's Twisted and it's taking forever. 12 minutes and counting...

3). I'm watching an old episode of Bones and I have to say Bones looks pretty good as Wonder Woman. Also, besides being tall, dark and handsome, Booth and Sam Winchester have something in common; They both suffer from coulrophobia. *nods* (Is David Boreanz tall? I have no idea...)

4). Melbourne Storm lost on the weekend. )

5). 18 Sleeps til Supernatural 4x01.

Kubrick, one of the goldfish I was fish sitting died this morning. I like to think he's swimming happily in the big fish pond in the sky. The other fish appear to be unaffected by his passing.


Rainbow the cat is sitting next to me as I type this. She's sitting on the table (naughty cat!), on a map of North America. Her butt is covering Southern California and Arizona, her body is covering parts of New Mexico, Texas and Mexico, and her tail is some where around the Grand Canyon. Located to the left of the fan on the laptop, which is blowing out warm air, it's the warmest part of the map. She's not a silly cat.


This part of the post isn't going to mean a whole lot to about 95% of you who read this but I was a bit excited this evening when I caught the train home from work with Billy Slater! In reality it was only a picture of Billy Slater but there he was, his cheeky face smiling down from the wall of the train above my head. Go Storm!

Billy Slater is just one of the superstars of Melbourne's own, Melbourne Storm Rugby League Club.

Seeing an ad for a footy game on a train might not seem like a big deal but Melbourne Storm don't get any a lot promotion about town so I always get a bit of thrill seeing things like this. It's probably similar to the feeling you get seeing Supernatural promoted anywhere ;)

A couple more random Storm boy pictures and other Storm stuff... )

In only 11 sleeps time I'm gonna be hangin' out with

[ profile] bobbinrob, [ profile] chasingangel82 are flying up at the crack-o-dawn on the Saturday morning to spend two days at SUPANOVA in Sydney. Jared will be there both days and we have shiny passes to see get a photo with him and an autograph on Sunday.

I'm a little LOT excited about it but also a bit nervous. That's silly, isn't it? But... you know... he's SAM WINCHESTER! Only he's not. But he is the dude who plays Sam and I'm gonna meet him and probably touch him and seriously. OMG. What am I? 12? *facepalm*

I think I was blubbering on about it at work today. So much so, my work!bff felt the need to remind me to concentrate and to try not to automatically answer, "Jared!", if someone spoke to me during a meeting this afternoon. *facepalm* I suspect he will be extremely grateful once the 21/22 June is over and done with. XD

Do you want to know how excited I am about meeting Jared? I'm so excited I am missing a Storm HOME game on the Saturday night. To put that into perspective, I haven't missed a Storm game played in Melbourne since 1998. It's going to be a little sad but, dude, Jared! Sorry Storm boys.

In other news, I saw Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull this evening. It has the dubious honour of being immediately added to my list of sequels which NEVER should have been made. :( Highlight of the movie for me was spotting 'Jim Robinson'. (note: you probably know him from 24, Ugly Betty or The OC. ;)

Happy Pig 'n a Poke everyone!

~ Three more sleeps to a new episode. Cool, huh? I was more of less unspoiled until I saw The CW website this morning but it was SO WORTH IT! If you don't mind being kind of spoiled, go check it out.

~ Mum and Dad left for an overseas trip last night. They are going to Egypt, England and France.

~ That's all I've got to say this fine Tuesday night but I will leave you with a photo behind a cut.

It's behind at cut for a few reasons:
1. Some/all of you may not want to see it.
2. It's Rugby League related and I know most of you aren't interested in Rugby League, however...
3. It is of naked Rugby League players with a strategically placed Premiership Trophy.

Naked Melbourne Storm Players... )

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Oh, boy. I've only got 22 minutes to get my Tuesday Pig 'n a Poke post in. The timestamp totally says 11:38pm. I call that a win!

  • Went to the first Melbourne Storm game of the NRL season last night. It was hotter than hell in the stadium and I swear the game went for about four hours.
    (Un-exaggerated translation: Probably only a muggy 35°c in the stadium and the game was the usual 80 minutes long.)
    EDIT: Final Score Melbourne Storm 32 New Zealand Warriors 18.

  • I bought a new camera on the weekend. My old Kodak Compact died last week so I got a teeny tiny little Olympus to replace it. It's kind of awesome because I can just throw it in my bag.
    Random photos taken with my new camera... )

  • Two more days of work and then an extra long weekend. FTW! One thing I've discovered at my new job is It's hard work working for a living. )
I don't really have anything to say but I couldn't let a Tuesday pass without the pig or the poke.

Ooh, I know! I'm going to post this picture because I'm sure you haven't seen it anywhere else. Right?

Fictional Jensen Quotes:

"For my first pose I'm going to do the 'The Jensen'. I'll stare intensely into the camera lens with my lips slightly parted and all pouty like. I'll make sure my forearm and well manicured thumb nails are visable, as well as just a hint of my sculptured biceps. This pose usually works very well with the cleanshaven look I chose to go with this morning."

"For my second pose, I'm going to go with 'The Jared'. I'll try to maintain the intensity in my gaze but I'll sprawl my body haphazardly across these steps, leaning back to accentuate the broadness of my shoulders and chest and allow the camera to focus in on my crotch. Usually this pose works best with long shaggy hair and argyle sweaters but, hey, I'll give it a shot."

And this is what I'm talking about... )


Hey, it's Team Tuesday!

The National Rugby League season starts this weekend. How'd it get here so fast? Holy crap. I got a Melbourne Storm game to go to Monday night! Whoo hoo! \O/

Do I sound excited? Because I know that's how I'm meant to feel but I just can't seem to get into it this year. Perhaps once I'm at the game on Monday it'll be all good... *sigh*


Oh, Crap. I just missed 'Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles'. *is sad*

On the bright side, I was watching 1x05 and 1x06 of 'Chuck'! *is happy*
I kind of like Chuck. And I kind of like Captain Awesome. And I even kind of like Morgan. :)


I snagged myself a new icon from [ profile] sweetgirl7808. Sweet. I'm seriously in awe of the talent of some people out there. It takes long enough to get the animated side of things working, let alone manipulating the images to make something like this.


Well, that was a lot to say for when I had nothing to say to begin with.

I was going to post about Melbourne Storm's new away jersey but then [ profile] missyjack updated her journal with news so much more worthy of a post.

Rumour has it Jensen Ackles may be visiting Australia!

Nothing more than a rumour on the Channel Ten forums at the minute but I'm happy living that fantasy for the time being.

Imagine if he appears on Rove Live!!!

Rove: And finally, for the $20, who would you turn gay for?
Jensen: *blushes* *scrubs hand over face* *fidgets* *mutters*
Rove: Sorry? Who?
Jensen: Umm, Chad Michael Murray?

And returning to the original post...

Storm Colours: Blue, Purple, Gold & White. That's what the official National Rugby League site says about Melbourne Storm. Keeping that in mind, check out our new Away strip:

Where does it mention red? We look like fudgin' St.George!!!

  1. Get my Storm Tattoo - I think I've finally decided on this, to go on my shoulder. There is, however, still 2 hours and 30 minutes before my appointment so that's plenty of time to change my mind. DONE!!!

  2. Make Christmas Cards - I've really got to get moving on this one, especially the overseas ones. They've got a big ocean to cross, ya know, and it takes a long long time. *nods*

  3. Create something for [ profile] ssstevie's "This is Your Life, Dean" project. - I'm thinking, I'm thinking, I'm thinking...

  4. Christmas shopping - I still need to get something for Mum, Dad, Grandma, Jenny, Michael, Samantha, Nicholas, Andrew, Lisa, Adelaide, Eloise, Laura, Emily... oh, heck, I still need to get SOMETHING for EVERYONE. Why couldn't I have started shopping earlier? There are only 17 shopping days to go, right? *gulp*

  5. Start / Finish making a few surprise Christmas presents. - Sssshhh, it's a secret.

Okay, so now I've listed everything it doesn't seem like that much. Really...
Umm, can someone tell me why I agreed to this... again?

So, you know how my Rugby League team, Melbourne Storm won the NRL Grand Final this year? No? Well, they did. 2007 Premiers, that's us!

The time has come for me to commemorate the win with a permanent piece of body art. Yep, I'm that big of a Melbourne Storm freak. *nods* 
... or at least not in a way most people could understand, but my Rugby League Team, Melbourne Storm, won the 'big one'.

I was about to post my thoughts about the Season Three Premiere of Supernatural, when I realised I hadn't even posted about Storm's win on the weekend.

It's a bit late, so I won't go into details. I'll just let this picture do the talking instead:





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