GRRR ARGH! *pulls hair out*

Note to self: Get remote access sorted out so you can work from home tomorrow.
Let me start by saying earthquakes in Melbourne are very, very rare. I've lived here all my life and prior to 2009 I've only experienced one. So far this year we've had two and they were less than two weeks apart. That can't be good. *gulp*

We had an earth tremor on Friday 6th March, magnitude 4.7. It was only a little one but it was enough to shake the ground and rattle the windows.

We just had another earth tremor about 15 minutes ago. I'm the only one from my team at work today so when I felt the building shake I couldn't immediately turn around and say, "Hey, did you feel that?" I looked around at people in other areas but no one looked surprised or worried. I began to think I had imagined it. Then I got a instant message from a workmate who said they'd felt it at home. I immediately called Mum & Dad and they'd felt it too. Two in two weeks. That's not good. Not sure what the magnitude was of this one but Dad thought it was stronger.

Seriously, what else does Victoria have to put up with? Drought, bushfires, high winds, earthquakes all in the space of a month. If a volcano suddenly appears in the middle of downtown Melbourne tomorrow I'm going to be cranky.
I don't have any wacky Winnie stories to tell this week and I don't have many photos either. It's hard to take photos of her outside because she doesn't stay close anymore; she doesn't even stay in our garden anymore. As far as she's concerned, a fence is only there to jump over or to crawl under.

This way to Winnie... )

Happy Wednesday!




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