“It’s an evolving thing. It’s so interesting to see how people have reacted to it … his fighting powers come from his hair … opponents are so dazzled by his pretty hair that they don’t see the punch coming…”

- Dean Devlin, creator of Leverage, on Christian Kane's hair.

We all knew Eliot Spencer (Christian Kane) must have a trick or two up his sleeve when it comes to his ability to take down the bad guys but who guessed it involved a bottle of Pantene and a hair straightener? *g*

Dean Devlin was interviewed over at Cliqueclack and, among other things, he discusses the casting and development of each character, including why Eliot Spencer has that hair. Incidentally, it was Christian's idea. :) It's also interesting to hear what each cast member brought to to each character during their audition for the role.

The interview is mostly non-spoilery, however, towards the bottom there are 7 bullet points under the heading "A few little gems:" which do contain very minor and vague spoilers. They will be easy enough to avoid as you read the rest of the article.

My brother sent me the link to an entry on Wil Wheaton's blog and from there I found the Dean Devlin interview. Both Dean and Wil talk about a what they both refer to as the "Great Wheaton Hockey Scandal of 1991." On a side note, I used to read Wil's Wheaton's blog, WWdN: In Exile all the time and will be forever grateful to him for introducing him to one of my favourite bands ever, The Shins.




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