“It’s an evolving thing. It’s so interesting to see how people have reacted to it … his fighting powers come from his hair … opponents are so dazzled by his pretty hair that they don’t see the punch coming…”

- Dean Devlin, creator of Leverage, on Christian Kane's hair.

We all knew Eliot Spencer (Christian Kane) must have a trick or two up his sleeve when it comes to his ability to take down the bad guys but who guessed it involved a bottle of Pantene and a hair straightener? *g*

Dean Devlin was interviewed over at Cliqueclack and, among other things, he discusses the casting and development of each character, including why Eliot Spencer has that hair. Incidentally, it was Christian's idea. :) It's also interesting to hear what each cast member brought to to each character during their audition for the role.

The interview is mostly non-spoilery, however, towards the bottom there are 7 bullet points under the heading "A few little gems:" which do contain very minor and vague spoilers. They will be easy enough to avoid as you read the rest of the article.

My brother sent me the link to an entry on Wil Wheaton's blog and from there I found the Dean Devlin interview. Both Dean and Wil talk about a what they both refer to as the "Great Wheaton Hockey Scandal of 1991." On a side note, I used to read Wil's Wheaton's blog, WWdN: In Exile all the time and will be forever grateful to him for introducing him to one of my favourite bands ever, The Shins.

From: [identity profile] raputathebuta.livejournal.com

I'm bookmarking that for tomorrow. Thanks for the link! I have to say that Leverage is definitely one of my favorite shows. I'm glad that it seems to be doing well too.


Also? LOVE the hockey story! God, I wish I could skate reasonably well, 'cuz you'd better believe I'd be playing!

From: [identity profile] katysam.livejournal.com

It's definitely my favourite new show this year (season) and it's one that I can watch the episodes over and over again. I've lost count of how many times I've watched episode 'The Bank Shot Job'. It's a pity it's only 13 episodes. :( I'd love to hear that there'll be a second season...

Even if I could skate I think I'd be avoiding a Hockey rink. It's so fast and, as evident from Dean and Wil's story, so dangerous! It would have me running, or skating as the case may be, in the opposite direction. *lol*
ext_16833: (Default)

From: [identity profile] bobbinrob.livejournal.com

hee Chris Kanes hair is very dazzling indeed!!
thats awesome, thanks for linking sweetheart &hearts

From: [identity profile] katysam.livejournal.com

Extremely dazzling indeed. Something tells me Christian Kane's hair may have been a much talked about, and possibly slightly mocked, topic on-set . ;)

From: [identity profile] shmadui.livejournal.com

The Shins!

I didnt know you liked The Shins... have you seen Garden State starring Zach Braff (JD from scrubs)? Pretty much the entire soundtrack is The Shins...AND it's a good lowish budget movie.

From: [identity profile] katysam.livejournal.com

Re: The Shins!

Yep, I love The Shins. Not many people know who they are, especially in our corner of the World, so I don't really talk about them. I knew they were on the Garden State soundtrack but I've never seen it. They also featured on Gilmore Girls a couple of times. :P
ext_35214: (Default)

From: [identity profile] munibunny.livejournal.com

I totally geeked out on that interview... OMG, how much do I love this show?

From: [identity profile] katysam.livejournal.com

I reckon you love it a lot. *nods*
It was a great interview. I like what he had to say about Beth Riesgraf and her audition for the role of Parker. She plays her so well.

BTW, your Kane icon there is very distracting. ;)
ext_35214: (Default)

From: [identity profile] munibunny.livejournal.com

It is, isn't it? Christian seems to be as well endowed as his buddies, Jared and Jensen.

I love Parker... she is so quirky and original. It's funny, I joined [livejournal.com profile] parker_eliot but I see a lot of chemistry between Parker and Hardison. He's cute, isn't he? There are still times I can't understand what he's saying *lol* but I love his geekiness like crazy!

From: [identity profile] katysam.livejournal.com

Hardison was my favourite character from the pilot episode. He gets all the best lines! I agree it's hard to catch what he's saying at times but that just gives me the excuse to watch the episodes again and again and, in the case of The Bank Shot Job, again and again and again. ;)

I didn't like Sophie much in the first ep but I really like her now. And at first I though Parker was just too strange. I was right there with Sophie and Eliot when they both told her there was something wrong with her. But now I've realised Parker is just Parker I enjoy her character very much. Also, I've got a bit of a crush on Nate. He would be such an awesome boss. :)
ext_35214: (Default)

From: [identity profile] munibunny.livejournal.com

OMG, THAT'S MY FAVORITE EP TOO! Just watched it this morning... and then came to work and downloaded it from iTunes. LOL

From: [identity profile] katysam.livejournal.com

Hey, that place looks great and it looks like they have rooms for the weekend of the 18-19 April 2009.

Do you want me to give them a call and see how many people can stay in a family room? I suspect it's probably six, which will suit us perfectly.
ext_16833: (Default)

From: [identity profile] bobbinrob.livejournal.com

that would be awesome if you can call them *ask about internet too cough:p*
apparently its 5 minutes away so would suit us well :)

From: [identity profile] katysam.livejournal.com

I'll check it out in a minute.

I called the hotel. A family room is for 3 adults and 2 children. Can't have 5 adults. :( Sounds like we will need two standard rooms...
They don't have internet access.
ext_16833: (Default)

From: [identity profile] bobbinrob.livejournal.com

hmm, maybe Ill check a few of the other places on the list and we can always come back here if we nee, will do it this week, sound ok?

From: [identity profile] katysam.livejournal.com

OK. There were definitely rooms left for that weekend, just not sure how many.

Loved the fic you sent me the link to. It did make me chuckle. Here I was thinking I spent enough time reading Supernatural related stuff and now I've got this whole new fandom opening up before me. Of course, I'm loving every minute of it. :D ♥
ext_16833: (Default)

From: [identity profile] bobbinrob.livejournal.com

yes I shall get on it this week coz either way we need several rooms, now they have made a list it helps a lot
this place seems pretty cool, Im sur we can hack some net somewhere at the uni, net addicts that we are :p

hee your very welcome for the link, that girl is my new favorite, her diologues are awesome!!
btw I finally got to reading the quiet verse, omg so much love!!!!!

From: [identity profile] katysam.livejournal.com

The dialogue was really good. I could hear and picture Hardison in my head the whole time I was reading. :) I'm still trying to decide which ship I prefer for Leverage. I was leaning towards Nate/Eliot but [livejournal.com profile] with_a_kay may have pushed me towards Hardison/Eliot. :D

I'm so glad you started reading The Quiet Verse! \O/ How sweet are those two boys. *hugs them tight*

From: [identity profile] whimsywinx.livejournal.com

That little gem of info just made me want to cut his hair to see if he lost all his kick-ass power. I must have been Deliliah in a former life.



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