→ One more day of work and I'm on holidays for 12 whole days. \O/

→ It's terribly sad to hear the reports and see the images of L'Aquila after the earthquake. I was extremely relieved to hear [livejournal.com profile] thandie and [livejournal.com profile] kros_21 are OK. Anyone else on my flist from Italy I hope you and your family are safe and stay safe.

→ At work today we had a meeting of sorts with the VP of our region. The meetings, called a 'Town Hall', is basically the big bosses standing up in front of hundreds of employees and telling them what's what. As can be expected, the economic crisis and it's affect on our company was the major topic. There was good news and there was bad news but the one thing to come out of it was we just had to keep working and wait and see what happens.

→ From where I was sitting during the town hall one of the big bosses, who was seated in the front row, looked just like Zachariah! (Castiel's boss) He freaked me out a little. Unfortunately, Castiel was not with him and no one at our company looks like Dean Winchester.

→ I'm thinking of having a bubble bath tonight and watching Castle while lying in said bubble bath. I can see the television from the bathtub. It's kind of cool. :)

→ My alternative plan it to just go to bed because I need to be up at 5:45AM tomorrow morning so I can get to work by 7:30AM and be ready for a Change Release which starts at 8:00AM.

→ I also have things to make for people whose user names may or may not be [livejournal.com profile] munibunny and [livejournal.com profile] bananabehr. I mentioned I'm on holidays as of tomorrow night, right? Check your inboxes after that. :P

→ No voice post today. No handwriting. Just arrow points.

→ Happy Tuesday!

From: [identity profile] ragingquiet26.livejournal.com

Holidaaaaaaays! \o/ I just have to get through these next few days of Uni in once piece!

It was devastating, wasn't it? *hopes everyone is okay*

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you, Katy. *hugs*

One day Castiel will appear, all fluttery!wings and he'll sweep you off your feet, quite literally.

TV-watching in the bath is the BEST.

From: [identity profile] katysam.livejournal.com

Hope you survived Uni. :)

Thanks for the finger crossing. :)

Now I've got my fingers crossed for Castiel to appear with his fluttery!wings. ;)

I never made it to the bath the other. Maybe over the weekend. I admit I feel a little guilty taking a bath due to the fact we don't have any water and all. ;)

From: [identity profile] chrissy-ny.livejournal.com

Unfortunately, Castiel was not with him and no one at our company looks like Dean Winchester.

Hmmm, wouldn't it be great if we all had tech support guys like Sam and managers like Dean? *sigh*

12 days!! Enjoy.

From: [identity profile] katysam.livejournal.com

With tech!guy Sam my computer would be broken all the time and with a manager like Dean, I'd be constantly filling in the wrong forms so he'd have to call me into this office. ;)

From: [identity profile] kros-21.livejournal.com

thanks for all the support darling.
we had more shakes this morning but no damage here in Rome. Everything is okay but seeing what is happening in Aquila is awful. :(

*hugs tight*

From: [identity profile] katysam.livejournal.com

I saw the reports on the telly about the aftershocks. They looked scary and must feel even worse. I can't imagine how terrible it must be. The little tremors we had a month back were hiccups in comparison but they were bad enough.


From: [identity profile] whimsywinx.livejournal.com

Happy vacation eve!! At least, by the time you see this anyway.

From: [identity profile] katysam.livejournal.com

Thank you! I'm already one day into my holidays. Only 11 to go. This week is going to go so fast!

From: [identity profile] dromelettes.livejournal.com

→ From where I was sitting during the town hall one of the big bosses, who was seated in the front row, looked just like Zachariah! (Castiel's boss) He freaked me out a little. Unfortunately, Castiel was not with him and no one at our company looks like Dean Winchester.

Dude, could you imagine??? **is imagining**
**is back*
I'd get absolutely no work done! Dear God, Dean in the lab over, Castiel up in the office?? **fans self** Of course, Sam's nowhere to be seen cuz he's in the library (did I mention I work at a university?). Hahaha!

Don't you love Castle? I'm really enjoying the show. Cutesy and not too serious. Exactly what I need. :) Plus: Nathan Fillion! Mmmmm... :D

From: [identity profile] katysam.livejournal.com

Dan, Castiel and Dean... That sounds like the perfect workplace. But I think I'd be the same as you and not get a thing done. ;)

Castle being cutesy and not too serious is exactly why I like it too. Don't get me wrong, Supernatural is an awesome show and will always be my favourite but sometimes it's just nice to have a break from the angst and indepth and complicated storyline, you know? Castle and Leverage both provide that break.

From: [identity profile] briethehippo.livejournal.com

YAYYYY for holidays! I'm technically on them at the moment, but I've got uni readings out the wazoo :(

I think my productivity at work work decrease dramatically if any of my co-workers looked like Dean Winchester or Castiel, LOL. I'd be spending all my time dreamily staring at them XD

Yayy for TV watching in a bubble bath! Enjoy Katy ♥

From: [identity profile] rose-janice.livejournal.com

WAZOO LOL. Me too omg. Fucking ASSignment due the day after I come back from Sydney and an assignment due a week after that.


*is a spamming spammer who spams* SORRY KATY! D:

From: [identity profile] briethehippo.livejournal.com

Janface, you just confused the CRAP out of me. Wait, didn't I leave this comment to Katy? Maybe this is Katy. Nope, it's Janice. Oh shit, did I leave the wrong person the wrong comment? Nope, Janice is just a spammer ROFL. <333333

The day after you come back? D: Ugh, that sucks nuts. I DON'T KNOW WHY IT HATES YOU, BB. But I hope it gets its' comeuppance and loves on you for a really long time to make up for it.

*loves your spammy self*

From: [identity profile] rose-janice.livejournal.com

LMAO, sorry about that bb! LOL. *facepalm* I'm ALL OVER everyone's LJ. *is bad*

Yes ma'am. *frowns* I hope it does too because this is TOTALLY chagrining.


From: [identity profile] katysam.livejournal.com

That was one of the things I hated about Uni - all that reading!!! I enjoy reading but these days it's only when it involves characters called Sam or Dean or Castiel or Jensen or Jared or Christian or Steve. It's amazing how much of that stuff I can read but when it comes to picking up a novel or non-fiction, count me out! ;)

Heehee! I can just imagine Dean and Castiel getting real jobs (after the apocalypse) and a few days after they start they are both pulled into their manager's office and are informed they are going to have to be let go. When they ask why, the manager tells them because since they started working there productivity in the workplace is down 50% because females and males alike spend half their time drooling over the pair of them. ;)

From: [identity profile] rose-janice.livejournal.com

Oh wow, holidays for 12 days? LUCKY GIRL! :p

I'm glad everyone I know is safe from the earthquake. *worries*

Zachariah look-a-like would freak me out too. EEP.

Happy Wednesday now! <3

From: [identity profile] katysam.livejournal.com

Yay for holidays! You've got time off Uni, right?

Happy Thursday now...even though it feels like a Saturday. My days are all muddled up. As long as I remember when it's Friday next week. :)

From: [identity profile] rose-janice.livejournal.com

Yeah, I have a week off but it's not really a week off because I have 2 assignments due pretty soon after I come back from Sydney. WOE. D:

Happy Thursday to you too! LOL. True that. *counts down the hours*

From: [identity profile] bananabehr.livejournal.com

Bubble baths are made of win. A garden tub is REQUIRED if anyone expects me to move again. I love baths.

Hey, I think I resemble that username remark! *clings* I hope you're having a terrific holiday dearie! My Easter weekend is kinda sucking. Did I mention *clings*?

From: [identity profile] vella-amor-dm.livejournal.com

holidays - yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

do you know if your job is likely to be secure

Unfortunately, Castiel was not with him and no one at our company looks like Dean Winchester.
damn! ;)

so what did you end up doing - bubble bath or no bubble bath? :D

and .. happy monday! i made it before the next tuesday post XD



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