→ One more day of work and I'm on holidays for 12 whole days. \O/

→ It's terribly sad to hear the reports and see the images of L'Aquila after the earthquake. I was extremely relieved to hear [livejournal.com profile] thandie and [livejournal.com profile] kros_21 are OK. Anyone else on my flist from Italy I hope you and your family are safe and stay safe.

→ At work today we had a meeting of sorts with the VP of our region. The meetings, called a 'Town Hall', is basically the big bosses standing up in front of hundreds of employees and telling them what's what. As can be expected, the economic crisis and it's affect on our company was the major topic. There was good news and there was bad news but the one thing to come out of it was we just had to keep working and wait and see what happens.

→ From where I was sitting during the town hall one of the big bosses, who was seated in the front row, looked just like Zachariah! (Castiel's boss) He freaked me out a little. Unfortunately, Castiel was not with him and no one at our company looks like Dean Winchester.

→ I'm thinking of having a bubble bath tonight and watching Castle while lying in said bubble bath. I can see the television from the bathtub. It's kind of cool. :)

→ My alternative plan it to just go to bed because I need to be up at 5:45AM tomorrow morning so I can get to work by 7:30AM and be ready for a Change Release which starts at 8:00AM.

→ I also have things to make for people whose user names may or may not be [livejournal.com profile] munibunny and [livejournal.com profile] bananabehr. I mentioned I'm on holidays as of tomorrow night, right? Check your inboxes after that. :P

→ No voice post today. No handwriting. Just arrow points.

→ Happy Tuesday!




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