Today wasn't the best Tuesdays in the history of Tuesdays but it did have it's highlights.

[ profile] munibunny sent me a copy of A Christmas Cottage and it arrived today! \O/ I haven't had a chance to watch it yet but I'm hoping to on Thursday. ♥

★ Worf!bff and I were somewhat rebellious at work today and decided for one reason or another, we deserved an extra long lunch. It's been tough on work!bff... You know, having to work and all after two weeks holiday. We got back to our desks a little after we should have... a big little after we should have. ;)

★ During lunch work!bff was telling me how he is addicted to a game on Facebook called 'Guess the Sketch'. It's like Pictionary and players take it in turns to guess what another player is drawing.

This afternoon, we decided to play our own version of the game.

Of course, it ended up being all about Supernatural )

★ In between long lunches and playing 'Pictionary' I did actually get some work done. I'm not a complete slacker...

★ Happy Tuesday!

Your Christmas Tree looks like this:

You know you definitely watch too much Supernatural when the angel on the very top of your Christmas Tree looks like this:

It's beginning to look a lot like A Very Supernatural Christmas... )

You are flicking through the latest catalogue from Safeway and you notice ACKLES are on special this week - 3 for $9.99. Save $6.98!

icken Ackles

Three ACKLES for ten bucks! Score!

Only 'icken ACKLES' are pictured but perhaps they have other ACKLES in store. The Jensen variety is my favourite but they are always the first to sell out. *sigh*

1) Melbourne Storm are into the 2008 NRL GRAND FINAL! \O/

I was so nervous going into last week's game and I spent the entire week telling everyone we were going to get thrashed. Imagine my surprise when we beat the Cronulla Sharks 28-ZERO!!! o_O I just hope the same team shows up for the Grand Final...

The game is in Sydney which is approximately 1000kms (620 miles) away from Melbourne. You know what that means? ROAD TRIP!!! I'm driving up with Emma and Dan on Saturday. I can't wait. \O/

2) Work!bff and I got a whiteboard put up near our desk (for work purposes) and because everything really does lead back to Supernatural...
I Supernatural'd it with my mad artistic skills... )

3) Our Footy Final Fiesta at work went down a treat last Friday. About 13 people joined in the handball competition, a few more ate the food, and the winner of the 'Pick the Margin' competition took home a cool $48! :) It made for an enjoyable way to spend an hour or so.

Work!bff and I were the only ones who ended up decorating our desks. And because I decorated mine in Storm colours, I get to leave it up for at least another week.
See... )

4) Happy Tuesday!

( Sep. 3rd, 2008 11:15 pm)

1). I've realised I should be posting the countdown in the morning my time because I'm out a day for you folks in the USA. It'll already be the 19th here by the time it finally airs...

2). Looks like I might be up for a post everyday this month, or at least until I get the countdown down to zero. :)

3). Some posts probably won't have a point, much like this one.

4). So, I've been listening to 'Twisted' by Brian McFadden. That's the song which ended up taking me 21 minutes to downloaded the other night. 21 minutes!!!

Let's face it, not much out there doesn't make me think Supernatural but while listening to it, it really did make me think of Sam and Dean.

I've been chased by angels, I've been drunk out of my mind, And the earth feels better than heaven, Just because you're here... )

5). 4). is definitely a YKYMWTMSW moment. *facepalm*

1. Happy Birthday [ profile] ragingquiet26
Hope your first day in your 20's is a lovely one. *hugs* ♥ ♥ ♥

2. 26,500 Supernatural Season Three DVD boxsets will come with a 1:64 scale 1967 Chevy Impala. That is cool as! It's a pity I ordered my S3 DVDs from Amazon on Wednesday and my closest Best Buy store is about 8887 kilometres away. In Hawaii.

3. YKYMWTMSW... you consider the logistics of jumping on a plane to get to the above mentioned store to get the DVDs. Hehehe! Just kiddin' ;) Although, it is kind of tempting because it would also give me the chance to meet [ profile] munibunny which I would love to do. :)

4. Does anyone watch Kyle XY? )

5. I had my haircut last night. It's no good. It's short and I can't figure out how to dry it and my new super duper, ionic powered, shine enhancing, frizz reducing hairdryer did not help one little bit.

6. Work!bff and I took a tram into the city at lunch time. We needed to get some stuff... )

7. I'm watching Supernatural 'Bloody Mary' on Fox 8 at the minute. Out of all the Urban Legends, I think Bloody Mary scares me the most. It's not like I believe 'she' exists but if there is a reflective surface nearby I cannot bring myself to say her name once, let alone three times, without getting all cold and shivery. And if someone taunts me and pretends like they are going to say it three times *glares at work!bff* I kind of freak out. *is totally irrational*

Random Episode Observations: Sammy is just a boy in this ep, with bangs. Dean is wearing a red shirt, I thought I was watching Smallville for a second there.
Random Episode Pondering: Will we ever find out why Dean's eyes were bleeding...

8. TGIF! \O/ 'Ave a good weekend. :)

...they name their child:

jensen dean edited


That is an actual birth announcement which appeared in a local newspaper today. I think the clincher is their surname - 'Burns'. It's a nice fit considering Dean's current predicament and the general theme on the show of people in flames on ceilings. *nods*

Parents, sibling, hospital and doctors names have been obscured because I felt a bit funny reposting this even though it appeared publicly in a newspaper. FYI neither sibling was named 'Jared Sam', 'Gabriel Andy', 'Jeffery John', 'Samantha Ellen/Mary', 'Katie Ruby', etc...

You may know YOU watch TOO much Supernatural when...
the only reason you bought the local paper is because your niece text'd you to tell you about the above birth notice in the paper. :D

... seeing rows of Supernatural DVDs makes you smile. Especially when it's in a store you were in three days earlier, and back then they only had a handful left. \O/

(Also. You know you probably watch too much Supernatural when... the thought of them having to restock makes you use victory arms. *facepalm*)

Team!Shortbus girls own up! Which one of you went back to JB HiFi in Burke St and organised those DVD bins? Hmm?
You know you may watch too much Supernatural when are on holiday in Adelaide and you are looking for somewhere to have breakfast and you discover a place called Café Jensen and you know you aren't going to be satisfied eating any where else.

The Pancakes at Café Jensen were pretty good :D
You know you may watch too much Supernatural when

1) I'm officially on holiday! I don't have to go back to work until Monday 21st July, 2008. \O/

2) Some dude is driving, with his son, from Melbourne to London. Yes. Driving. In a car. The same car all the way. I didn't even know that was possible... unless you were driving, you know, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Melbourne to London copy

3) While on holidays I'm driving, with my mum, from Melbourne to Adelaide. Not nearly as adventurous as Melbourne to London.

Melbourne to Adelaide

4) I just tried to purchase tickets for an advanced screening of X-Files: I want to Believe but it looks like they are all sold out. I should have done it earlier. *kicks self*

5) You know you may watch too much Supernatural when... On the drive home from work you notice the car in front of you has 'David Nutter Ford' written on the rear mud flaps, and all you can think of is the pilot episode of Supernatural.

6) Happy Tuesday!

1). You find it physically impossible to walk by a display of Matchbox or Hot Wheels cars in a store without giving it a once over, you know, just in case there is a 1967 Chevy Impala.

2). You willingly watch New York Minute because you know Jared Padalecki is in it and you've heard he's a bit of a dork at the end AND the movie doesn't disappoint you with it's Jared dorkiness factor.*
* I refuse to answer any questions in regards to whether or not I actually enjoyed New York Minute on the grounds I may incriminate myself *facepalm*


I know it's a bit early for some of you but to all the USA peoples on my flist:


1. First things's first.
Happy Birthday [ profile] micheleeeex! Hope you have a wonderful day :)

2. Second thing's second.
Welcome to [ profile] siscokid98, [ profile] goodbyetoyou, [ profile] hoveringon, [ profile] c_nbucket, [ profile] mikeyrhcp, [ profile] cologne_chick, [ profile] bellasianna, [ profile] badfalcon, [ profile] maristelasoares, [ profile] bloodyrosered, [ profile] mel_b_angel, [ profile] painwithoutlove, [ profile] randomfangirl29 and [ profile] lucasharper

Wow! That's a lot of new friends. *grins*

3. Third thing's third.
Check out my new toy... )

4. Fourth thing's fouth.
Snagged from every man and his hell hound:
You Know You May Watch Too Much Supernatural when... )

5. Fifth thing's fifth.
Happy Tuesday!

You walk past a Merry-Go-Round and the music playing on it is Creedence Clearwater Revival and your first thought is, 'the Winchester boys probably would have enjoyed that when they were kids'.

Sammy would have been excited to ride on the carousel and Dean would have been happy because Sam was happy, and the fact it was playing cool music would have been a bonus.

And then you realise you are lost in thought, pondering the fictional childhood likes and dislikes of fictional characters. *sigh*

View of above mentioned Merry-Go-Round from my office window.

You receive a text from your niece which says;

"Ykywtms when youre stuck behind a car with plates that simply say SPN and youre sure the only thing it can stand for is supernatural...."

Of course, it may just mean that I have an awesome niece who thinks along the same lines I do.

You are stopped at traffic lights and there is a bus next to you with an ad for beer on the back window and your first thought is, 'OH-MY-FUDGIN'-GOD! Doesn't that look like an ad for Dean's favourite beer from What is and what should never be?!?!?!'

You see a new 'sculpture' of 12 large golden bees and ONE ginormous huge-ass golden bee perched on the side of a building near your work and you immediately wonder how Sam and Dean would have coped if they came up against them in the attic during the episode, 'Bugs'.

Seriously, I have no idea what those bees are all about. My Google-fu is not helping me at all...
You drive past a shop which sells drinking water and water pumps, etc., and there is a sign on the window that says;

"Deionised Alkaline Water"

And you initially read it as;

"Demonised Alkaline Water"

On the way to work you see a light metallic blue Toyota Corolla with rego plates "SAM ###" and your first thought is -

"Nah, Jared Padalecki would never fit in that car."

FYI, my second thought was - "...And Dean would never let him buy a car that colour."

Perhaps the hiatus is going to do me some good... *facepalm*







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