From an 'exclusive' interview with Misha Collins from
(Warning: Interview and contents on the above linked page contain spoilers. The spoiler free Q&A from the interview are under the cut below) We've definitely seen Castiel grow as a character, where do you see him going?
I have no clue...
[insert Misha's 'educated guess' here] ...It's not like I've gotten a phone call from Eric Kripke, "Oh Misha, we've decided to make Castiel an astronaut next season."

Huh? Does that mean Castiel won't be joining the ranks of NASA and shacking up with a genie in a bottle next season? Oh, well. There goes all my theories on where Show is heading... :P

Misha talks about the Supernatural fandom and his internet habits, gushes about working with our favourite Js and being part of Season Five. Spoiler-free snippets of the interview can be found below the cut. So is the ink dry, are you an official season five series regular?
Misha Collins:
It is official. I received a letter in the mail. I think letters always make things official. I'm thrilled to be apart of it for next season. I'm thrilled I got the news early enough so I can find a new apartment in Vancoucer. I'm not going to be a regular in all the episodes like Jared and Jensen, but I'm definitely gonna be in for the season.

Katysam: This isn't a spoiler, right? I get so confused sometimes... What's it like joining a long running show with such an established fan base?
It's been great. I've been really surprised that I've been as welcomes into as well. I didn't even know this fan community existed. Some people are nervous about new people joining the show.They're nervous it's going to take away from Jared and Jensen's time. I think it's absurd. I think the show's core is always going to be about these two brothers and their relationship. I think my character is going to be there to help that storyline. Some people are so enthusiastic to have me on. it's been really cool. i thought i was only gonna do a few episodes. it's been a total surprise for me. With such critical fans, do you find yourself checking the internet to see their reactions?
No I'm not an internet guy. I don't google around. My mother will occasionally send me things. She enjoys trolling the internet. I'm not somebody who reads blogs. I barely have time to keep up with my email.

Katysam: I'm not sure I believe him on this point. LOL! We've all heard him speak; He is wise in the ways and lingo of fandom. We are not that easily fooled, Misha! What's it like working with Jensen and Jared?
It's great. I honestly couldn't ask for better co-workers. They work really hard. They always show up prepared. With a really good attitude. They're fun and funny and sarcastic and make the experience on the set enjoyable. We just laugh a lot. I've been on so many other sets where everyone is miserable. I'm really happy to be working on Supernatural.

Katysam: Awww...

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