Another brief post today.
I'm still really tired and I still don't feel well.
And Winnie still doesn't like me very much for leaving her for four days. :(

Even when I explained to her it was because I went to see Jensen, Jared, and Misha it made no difference.
She did sleep on my bed for a little while last night and we had a little snuggle this morning so perhaps she's coming around. Just a little. :)

Winnie has been sleeping a lot when she comes inside lately. She goes out at about 7AM and comes back inside around 5PM so I guess she wears herself out with all her running around and climbing and wandering. She's a busy girl, that's for sure.

Perhaps I should stalk her while she outside one day so I can do a "A Day in the Life of Winchester" and see what she really gets up to. I'm a little scared it might freak me out to find out what she really does. :)


PS. I have been so slack in commenting this past week. I'm so sorry. Forgive me?
I'll get my act together soon. I promise. ::HUGS::
♥ Katy
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