First up. It's still Wednesday... some where in the World. Lots of places, in fact. Just not in Melbourne. But, ssssh! Don't tell anyone. ;P

Today I have a few new photos of Winnie plus some Winnie inspired creative stuff... )

Happy Wednesday!

Winnie 01

ADVENTURE #1 - Now what?

You know something 'bad' has happened when you receive an email at work simply titled, "Your Cat" with a bunch of photos attached.

Oh, boy. What has she done now...

Click to find out... )

ADVENTURE #2 - Let's get ready to rumble!

This week on Battle of the Backyard:
Winnie 0
Bee 0

Last Friday night Winnie and I were playing 'chase the stick'. I was swishing the stick around. She was chasing the stick around. (It doesn't really work the other way around.) She was taking a breather when she noticed a bee close by. She pounced on it at the same time that I jumped up to shoo it (or her) away. She was too quick or I wasn't quick enough. Next thing I know she jumped away, meowing, and ran to the safety of her favourite bush. She then immediately stuck her paw in her mouth and started chewing. I can only assume she got stung by the bee and was trying to get the stinger out. Ouch!

I scooped her up and took her inside straight away. She meowed and struggled. I put her down. She ran to her biscuits and starting eating. Okey dokey, she can't be too bad off then. I tried checking her paw. She didn't like me touching it but she's usually grumpy after she's been forced to come inside. Using the magic of Google I discovered that a cat who has been stung by a bee should be okay but I should make sure her paw doesn't swell up too much and her face doesn't swell and she doesn't have any trouble breathing. Check. Check. Check.

Luckily, she was fine. No ill effects at all. I never found any evidence she was stung; No stinger in Winnie, no bee corpse outside.

I'm running late with Winchester Wednesday today so I'm just going to stick with a small video of her.

Winnie Winchester: Part cat. Part monkey.

BTW, she did eventually dislodge herself and make her own way down from the tree. :)





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