Hi Guys!

It's me, Winnie. Long time, no meow. How have you all been?

I've been OK. Can't say I'm real happy about the cool change in the weather of late. It seriously cramps my style as an outdoor cat, if you know what I mean. Trying to concentrate on running and climbing and hunting insects and staring down the three-legged cat across the street is tough work when you're freezing your tail off! Brrr...

Anyway, you're probably all wondering why I'm taking over this particular Winchester Wednesday. Well, I noticed a few 'old' photos of Katy and her previous cats lying around and I couldn't resist going through them.

MMAO! (aka 'Meow My Ass Off!') When I say 'old' I mean OLD! We're talking the 1970s, man! And the 1980s, dude! And the 1990s, dog! Talk about funny!!! The fur-dos on those cats back then. Ha! Wait until you see the stylin' of Tegan!

Anyway, since Katy regularly posts photos of me here for all the world to see I decided a little payback was in order. She doesn't think I know about her posting 'this photo' in Winchester Wednesday #6 but I do. Besides, it's only fair that the cats who came before me in those pre-internet days (whut?!?) get their time in the spotlight. Oh, and there's a few more photos of wee!katy like this one...

Winchester Wednesday Goes Retro... )

Another brief post today.
I'm still really tired and I still don't feel well.
And Winnie still doesn't like me very much for leaving her for four days. :(

Even when I explained to her it was because I went to see Jensen, Jared, and Misha it made no difference.
She did sleep on my bed for a little while last night and we had a little snuggle this morning so perhaps she's coming around. Just a little. :)

A Couple More... )

PS. I have been so slack in commenting this past week. I'm so sorry. Forgive me?
I'll get my act together soon. I promise. ::HUGS::
♥ Katy
First up. It's still Wednesday... some where in the World. Lots of places, in fact. Just not in Melbourne. But, ssssh! Don't tell anyone. ;P

Today I have a few new photos of Winnie plus some Winnie inspired creative stuff... )

Happy Wednesday!

Next week I'll have new photos of Winnie Winchester. I promise!

This week, let's take a trip back in time and take a look at how the little puddy tat has grown.

Winchester Wednesday #1 - #17 )

Happy Wednesday!
I don't have any wacky Winnie stories to tell this week and I don't have many photos either. It's hard to take photos of her outside because she doesn't stay close anymore; she doesn't even stay in our garden anymore. As far as she's concerned, a fence is only there to jump over or to crawl under.

This way to Winnie... )

Happy Wednesday!

Hope you enjoyed last week's Winchester Wednesday by Winnie. I'm sure she'd love to be back here again this week telling you all about her adventures but she's got other things going on this week.

Winnie 02
Things like sleeping.

Just a couple of photos today... )

Hi, it's Winnie here. At least I think my name is Winnie. My humans also call me;

Winnie Winchester
Lil' Monkey
Lil' Monster
Winnie Girl

I don't mind my other names but I don't really like it when they call me WINCHESTER! They say it really loudly and all stern-like. I think it means I'm in trouble.

I'm taking over this week's Winchester Wednesday because I want to tell you about yesterday. It was the worst day of my life. *dramatic sigh* I was allowed outside for about 30 minutes in the morning and it was really windy and there were leaves and things blowing around everywhere and it was so much fun chasing them. *weeeeeeee*

Of course, that's not what made it the WORST. DAY. EVA. It was the WORST. DAY. EVA. because katy!human wouldn't let me go outside again. *growls* She said something about it being too windy and she didn't want me being blown out of a tree or being hit by a falling branch or something.

Pfft! No branch is hitting me! I can run really, really, really fast. You've all seen Road Runner and Wylie Coyote, right? Well, I'm fast like the Road Runner!

Winnie 07

And as for falling out of a tree. AS IF! I spend half my life up a tree (that's normal for a cat, right?). No liitle breeze is blowing me anywhere. Hey, look! It's me in a tree for a change... )

Winnie 01

ADVENTURE #1 - Now what?

You know something 'bad' has happened when you receive an email at work simply titled, "Your Cat" with a bunch of photos attached.

Oh, boy. What has she done now...

Click to find out... )

ADVENTURE #2 - Let's get ready to rumble!

This week on Battle of the Backyard:
Winnie 0
Bee 0

Last Friday night Winnie and I were playing 'chase the stick'. I was swishing the stick around. She was chasing the stick around. (It doesn't really work the other way around.) She was taking a breather when she noticed a bee close by. She pounced on it at the same time that I jumped up to shoo it (or her) away. She was too quick or I wasn't quick enough. Next thing I know she jumped away, meowing, and ran to the safety of her favourite bush. She then immediately stuck her paw in her mouth and started chewing. I can only assume she got stung by the bee and was trying to get the stinger out. Ouch!

I scooped her up and took her inside straight away. She meowed and struggled. I put her down. She ran to her biscuits and starting eating. Okey dokey, she can't be too bad off then. I tried checking her paw. She didn't like me touching it but she's usually grumpy after she's been forced to come inside. Using the magic of Google I discovered that a cat who has been stung by a bee should be okay but I should make sure her paw doesn't swell up too much and her face doesn't swell and she doesn't have any trouble breathing. Check. Check. Check.

Luckily, she was fine. No ill effects at all. I never found any evidence she was stung; No stinger in Winnie, no bee corpse outside.

I'm running late with Winchester Wednesday today so I'm just going to stick with a small video of her.

Winnie Winchester: Part cat. Part monkey.

BTW, she did eventually dislodge herself and make her own way down from the tree. :)

Winnie 09

Our little girl sure is growing up! With every passing day she's getting more and more adventurous. I've mentioned before that I worry when I let her outside and today's Winchester Wednesday demonstrates why. She just doesn't seem to have any sense fear.

Winnie Winchester laughs in the face of danger... )

Guest Pet of the Week:
The guest this week isn't actually a pet but she does have fur and likes to climb trees so she has enough in common with Winnie to include here.

Remember the photo I posted of the CFA (Country Fire Authoriy) Officer giving the little koala a drink of water after a bushfire had passed through? A follow up story on the koala, called Sam, and other wildlife affected by the fires was posted today on news.com.au with photos and a video.

Check out Sam the Koala now... )

I mentioned yesterday things have cooled down in Melbourne a fair bit since last week. No cat is more grateful than Winnie Winchester. The high temperatures knocked her about and she was extemely lethargic. She spent most days just hanging out in the bedroom with air conditioning and she didn't even complain about being locked up all day. She's a smart cat. :)

Perhaps if she didn't have her shiny black fur coat on...  )

Today was 43°c (109.4 F).
Tomorrow is going to be 43°c (109.4 F).
Saturday is going to be 40°c (104 F).

This is Winnie Winchester's first real experience of hot weather and she's not all that happy about. I can't blame her. We don't have air conditioning in the house except in one bedroom and it's not mine. *pouts*

On with the show... )

Special Guest Pet of the Week!

Welcome to a new segment here at Winchester Wednesday!
Each week (or at least this week) I'll be featuring a special pet to star along side Winnie.

This week's Special Guest Pet of the Week is Ginger! )

Winnie Upside down

Stitch-less and fancy free!
Winnie Winchester had her stitches removed on Saturday morning and she behaved perfectly. She growled at a big labrador in the waiting room, which was very brave of her even if she was on my lap, in her cage, at the time.

Tell me we don't have to go again... Ever! )

Photos, photos, photos... )

Winnie's Grand Adventure or Oh! Noes!
Winnie still hasn't been outside a great deal. In fact, it's probably been about a month since she was last outside. I keep making excuses: She's too little, she hasn't been fixed and there are tom cats around (can't use that excuse any more), she won't find her way home, she's not afraid of anything so how will she know to avoid cars and dogs... My list goes on.

This morning Winnie either decided to take things into her own hands or fate gave her a helping hand...

Where's Winnie? )

There aren't too many photos of Winnie this week. I tried taking some this evening but from the 33 or so I took only about two were anything more than a blur and those were taking with a flash so she had the demon eye thing happening.

It's now midday and she's still darting around, running into things. I swear, I'm thinking of buying a little crash helmet for her to wear because she's going to knock herself out one of these days. Perhaps 'Build-A-Bear' have one that will fit her...

Anyway, here's a few photos because we can't have a Winchester Wednesday without photos of Winnie, can we? :)

Winnie 070109_02
I think her eyes are changing colour.

More photos of Winnie Winchester... )

Tomorrow is a big day for Winnie. She's off to the vet to be spayed. Poor little thing doesn't know what's about to happen to her. She hasn't been allowed to eat anything since 8pm tonight and she must be getting hungry because she keeps looking at where her bowl usually is and crying.

I'm not looking forward to taking her to the vet tomorrow morning. I'm sure she's going to be fine. It is, after all, a standard operation but I can't help but worry a little. She'll be under a general anesthetic and although I'll be very happy when I can go pick her up tomorrow afternoon I know she's going to be all dopey and probably pretty sore and sorry for herself. It makes me sad thinking about it. :(

There's only 28 minutes of 2008 left for me so I better get on with posting this, the final Winchester Wednesday post for 2008, if I actually want to make it before midnight. (Some how I got distracted watching The Full Monty...)

Winnie Under
Two months ago tomorrow, I met Winnie Winchester for the first time. I can't believe how much she's grown since then.

Where the Wild Things Are... )






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