1). I'm on my own at work today. There's other people in the office (it's a big office!) but there's noone else from my team. It looks like it's shaping up to be a day of listening to Steve, Christian, Brian, Alison & Robert, and Kid Rock on the iPod.

2). Kyle XY tonight. \O/ I've been looking forward to it all week!

3). Now the DVDs have been officially released, does that mean S3 Gag Reel Icons are no longer considered spoilerish and we can use/post them freely?

4). Happy Wednesday! Thursday! Oops, looks like I don't even know what day of the week it is...

1). It's my turn to provide morning tea at work tomorrow. I decided to do what I did last time - mini sausage rolls, brownies and mini muffins. Sounds easy enough, right? Yeah, no. Not when you're making them in an unfamiliar kitchen. I found most of what I needed except scales. As a result I think I put way too much chocolate in the brownies. Oops!

2). Not sure if I've mentioned it, but I'm a bit of a country music fan. It's not something we hear a lot of in Australia but we do have Country Music Channel on paytv which I have on. A lot. In addition to playing country music they've taken it upon themselves to bring us Pro Bull Riding. I watched it tonight... )

3). Happy Supernatural Season Three DVD Day!

★ Enjoy your purchase.
★ If needs be, don't forget to rearrange those shelves at the store to ensure the Supernatural box sets have prime position; Eye level would be ideal *nods*
★ Try not to wear the discs out on day one.
★ And what ever you do, don't scratch the duco on those shiny little Impalas!

4). Not sure what's going on with me posting so much. Sorry. *headdesk*

My Supernatural Season 3 DVDs have shipped!!!
I got the email from Amazon just moments ago. \O/ \O/ \O/

Estimated delivery date says 'October 8, 2008'.

Amazon is still based in the USA, right? They haven't relocated to a remote jungle in Peru, accessible only by foot, or to the Moon, have they? I know I'm in a whole-nother-country but 36 days to get an itty bitty DVD here is kinda crazy. Fingers crossed it doesn't take that long and it'll get here before the 18th. I hope the fact that I also ordered the The Boy Who Could Fly DVD doesn't slow it's progress. ;)

Happy Tuesday!!!

1. Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] ragingquiet26
Hope your first day in your 20's is a lovely one. *hugs* ♥ ♥ ♥

2. 26,500 Supernatural Season Three DVD boxsets will come with a 1:64 scale 1967 Chevy Impala. That is cool as! It's a pity I ordered my S3 DVDs from Amazon on Wednesday and my closest Best Buy store is about 8887 kilometres away. In Hawaii.

3. YKYMWTMSW... you consider the logistics of jumping on a plane to get to the above mentioned store to get the DVDs. Hehehe! Just kiddin' ;) Although, it is kind of tempting because it would also give me the chance to meet [livejournal.com profile] munibunny which I would love to do. :)

4. Does anyone watch Kyle XY? )

5. I had my haircut last night. It's no good. It's short and I can't figure out how to dry it and my new super duper, ionic powered, shine enhancing, frizz reducing hairdryer did not help one little bit.

6. Work!bff and I took a tram into the city at lunch time. We needed to get some stuff... )

7. I'm watching Supernatural 'Bloody Mary' on Fox 8 at the minute. Out of all the Urban Legends, I think Bloody Mary scares me the most. It's not like I believe 'she' exists but if there is a reflective surface nearby I cannot bring myself to say her name once, let alone three times, without getting all cold and shivery. And if someone taunts me and pretends like they are going to say it three times *glares at work!bff* I kind of freak out. *is totally irrational*

Random Episode Observations: Sammy is just a boy in this ep, with bangs. Dean is wearing a red shirt, I thought I was watching Smallville for a second there.
Random Episode Pondering: Will we ever find out why Dean's eyes were bleeding...

8. TGIF! \O/ 'Ave a good weekend. :)

A few more icons from the Season 3 finale.

I've reposted the 12 I made the other day along with the new ones - just so I can keep them altogether.

Teasers: (Hopefully not too spoilery if you haven't seen it yet.)

39 Supernatural Icons from under the cut...  )

It's kind of weird but the more I love an episode, the harder it is for me to write up my thoughts on it.
I'll give it a shot though. Here's hoping this makes at least a little sense.

Supernatural 3x10 - Six things I loved, three things I liked and one thing I did not so much care for. )

Is it possible the Writer's Strike is over?

I just jumped on to do my last flist refresh before entering 'LJ Blackout Mode' until after I've seen the new episode and came across a report on Whedonesque.com which indicates an deal may have been reached.

Now, that would make it a very, very, very Happy Supernatural Day indeed. :)

I hope everyone enjoys the new episode.

UPDATE: TV Guide already has a list of expected changes the the TV landscape, post strike:
Two pre-strike episodes remain. Expected to shoot 3 to 5 additional episodes to air in April/May.

My text muse has left me completely (if it was ever with me, that is) so these are mostly textless.
If anyone would like any specific text on one, let me know, and I'll see what I can do.

54 Icons from Supernatural 3x09 - Malleus Maleficarum )

( Feb. 1st, 2008 09:48 am)
Word on the street is there’s a new episode of Supernatural on tonight.

That means I’ve got about an hour before I enter a self-imposed LJ blackout in an attempt to avoid all spoilers for the next 12-15 hours or until I finally get to see the episode myself.

You all enjoy it now and I’ll see you on the flip side.

And now I’m going leave you with another striking photo of Steve Carlson.

CUT: For size and rugged beauty. )

Happy Supernatural Day!

( Jan. 31st, 2008 12:15 pm)
Did everyone hear about the WRITER'S STRIKE NEWS on Eoline yesterday? Word is, it's very close to being resolved. Like this week close.

The online article also contained a quote from our favourite creator/writer/director and all-round-good-guy, Eric Kripke:
Supernatural boss Eric Kripke told me: "If the strike ends by mid-February, we could probably still gear up and get two or three episodes done. If it ends tomorrow, which it won't, we could do three or four. With any luck, the strike will be over in time for us to bang out a couple more."

Well, today a friend confirmed she had heard (from a completely different source) the strike is indeed very close to being settled.

Hopefully the next source will be the official press release from the WGA saying, "We've finally reached an agreement. Time to pick up the pens, kids! We've got work to do... Season finales to write... And a big brother to save!"

I can do this. I can.

I'm downloading the episode as I type.

I can wait. I can.

I'm going to distract myself by Christmas baking and watching Rachael Ray and Martha and other stuff.

I wonder if the download has finished yet? *sigh*

Update: It finished downloading at 11:30pm. It took eight fudging hours!!! Speedy. Not.
Supernatural 3x07 - Seven things I loved, four things I liked and two things I did not so much care for. )
Seven things I loved, Two things I liked and two things I did not so much care for. )




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