☀ Happy Pancake Day. Does everyone have Pancake Day on Shrove Tuesday? I think I read somewhere it may just be an Australian/UK thing...

☀ Work!bff and I hosted morning tea today in honour of Pancake Day. I brought in pancakes and cream, jam, Nutella, choc chips, lemon, sugar, and sprinkles. Needless to say, we didn't need any lunch.

☀ Spotted in Melbourne this afternoon. One bus with My Bloody Valentine 3D advertising:

Q: What is wrong with this picture?
Hint: In Australia MBV3D is rated R18+ (Restricted) - People under 18 may not buy, rent or exhibit these films.

☀ Inspired by yesterday's Oscars and waiting for the final episode of Leverage today/tomorrow, I'm currently watching Ordinary People (1980) with a very, very young Timothy Hutton. You might be surprised who else is in it. Surprise! )

☀ Last but not least, I'm sorry. I've been kind of MIA this past week or so. Motivation is at an all time low for me at the moment. Motivation to do anything. I haven't even taken any photos of the little gremlin this week for Winchester Wednesday tomorrow. Blah... )
Why, yes, I am going to use that as my post title every time I post on a Tuesday. As Jo Dee Messina once sang, do you wanna make something of it? ;)

A word of warning. This is a long post. In fact, it's a really long post.
And, get this, it's about real life.

The one where Katy babbles on endlessly about her new job or more specifically her new surroundings... )

The forecast for today is 42°c. For those of you who like the 'F' word, that's 107.6°f. It's 14:15 and it's already 39°c.

I'm almost happy to be at work but only because of air conditioning. It's such a pity about the actual 'work' part of work. Yeah, I'm lazy. Lots of people are taking a half day today, something about it being the end of the year, so it's actually pretty quiet.

The worst thing about today, without a doubt, is having to drive in to work. My car doesn't have air conditioning. Well, it does but it stopped working three summers ago and I've never had it fixed. Did I mention I was lazy?

This morning I had an almost 'YKYMWTMSW...' moment when I was listening to Mean Girls by Sugarland (not the actual video clip for the song) and the beginning of it made me think of Jensen Ackles.

Not that I think Jensen is a 'mean girl' or any kind of girl for that matter. And it didn't make me think of Supernatural!Ackles or DarkAngel!Ackles or even DOOL!Ackles... well, yeah, maybe a little about DOOL!Ackles... but mostly it made me think of this Ackles:


The end.

( Nov. 10th, 2007 01:36 am)
It's 01:20am on Saturday morning.

I've just arrived home after seeing Crowded House.

I've started downloading Supernatural 3x06.

And before I can go to bed

I need to turn all of this )

into a cake which has some resemblance to

this )
1). I had to be at work early for a meeting. Therefore, I had to get up early. I got to work early and guess what? The person I'm supposed to be meeting with is out having coffee! Grr Argh!

2). I'm tired. Most likely due to a combination of getting up early (see #1 above) and staying up too late. So, yeah, pretty much my own stupid fault.

3). I have a headache, most likely due to tiredness. (See both #1 and #2 above) Therefore, also my own stupid fault. *eye roll*

4). I'm at work.'nough said there.

5). I'm cold. Why isn't it Summer already?

6). On the drive in this morning I passed a house with a life-sized, cardboard cut-out of Sirius Black in the front window. Nice one!.




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