The 'Getting to Know You Meme'.
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The one which appears on my birth certificate. It's not short of anything. I haven't forgotten the 'h'. It's Katie with a 'Y'.

User/screen name and nickname given to me by my mum. It makes more sense if you know my middle name is Samantha.

Nickname which came about on a road trip I took with one of my rl!bffs back in 1999. At the time, Tristo (or more accurately, Tristan) was a player for our favourite sporting club, Melbourne Storm. A fictional conversation between Lisa and I, pretending to me Matty Geyer (another player) and Tristan Brady Smith, lead to me being called Tristo and Lisa being called Matty. For some reason, Tristo stuck. It could be because I often refer to myself as 'Tristo' in the third person. Or it might not. :) Even Lisa's three year old son, Ryan, and his three year old cousin, Campbell, call me Tristo. Well, Aunty Tristo. :P

I probably wasn't meant to be sharing this much detail, was I? Nevermind, I'm redefining the rules of this meme! Read more...  )

Let me start by saying earthquakes in Melbourne are very, very rare. I've lived here all my life and prior to 2009 I've only experienced one. So far this year we've had two and they were less than two weeks apart. That can't be good. *gulp*

We had an earth tremor on Friday 6th March, magnitude 4.7. It was only a little one but it was enough to shake the ground and rattle the windows.

We just had another earth tremor about 15 minutes ago. I'm the only one from my team at work today so when I felt the building shake I couldn't immediately turn around and say, "Hey, did you feel that?" I looked around at people in other areas but no one looked surprised or worried. I began to think I had imagined it. Then I got a instant message from a workmate who said they'd felt it at home. I immediately called Mum & Dad and they'd felt it too. Two in two weeks. That's not good. Not sure what the magnitude was of this one but Dad thought it was stronger.

Seriously, what else does Victoria have to put up with? Drought, bushfires, high winds, earthquakes all in the space of a month. If a volcano suddenly appears in the middle of downtown Melbourne tomorrow I'm going to be cranky.
☀ Here I am on Day 2 of my annual leave (not including the weekend) and all I've done is watch Martha Stewart, Ellen, The View, Ready Steady Cook, old episodes of A Country Practice, and the occasional episode of Leverage. *is being lazy*

☀ Victoria was on 'Fire Alert' again today because of the high temperatures and high winds expected. Around 300 schools across the state were closed as a precaution, including the school across the road from my house. *gulp* Can you believe it? While school kids across the other side of the world were having a 'Snow Day', kids here were having a 'Fire Day'. Luckily, it was nowhere near as hot as expected and the wind seemed to have less impact than expected.

☀ Speaking of wind, let me share with you this little bit of advice:
If it hasn't rained during the past 13 years and it's a really, really, really windy day, you probably shouldn't rely on a screen door. This is kinda gross but... )

☀ It's raining now and has been for the past four hours. \O/ I moved my car out from under the carport into the rain so it could have a shower. I'm hoping some of the dirt and grime that's accumulated on it will wash off.

☀ It's Tuesday but there's no Leverage. :( Is it June yet? Apparently they are filming the new season in in Portland, Oregon. Does anyone live in Portland? Can I come visit? Please?

☀ Once upon a time I used to watch another TV Show which starred two extremely talented guys, who also happen to be extremely hot, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padasomething.

It seems like only yesterday I looked up a new show called Supernatural on and said, to no one in particular,
"Hey, Jared, you're that dude from Gilmore Girls and Jensen... sorry, dude, I have no idea where you're from."
Hard to believe it was almost four years ago.

Today, I still watch Supernatural and I still talk to myself. Just ask work!bff. ;)
Jensen and Jared... Don't try to deny their epic romance. )

☀ Happy Tuesday!

☀ Happy Pancake Day. Does everyone have Pancake Day on Shrove Tuesday? I think I read somewhere it may just be an Australian/UK thing...

☀ Work!bff and I hosted morning tea today in honour of Pancake Day. I brought in pancakes and cream, jam, Nutella, choc chips, lemon, sugar, and sprinkles. Needless to say, we didn't need any lunch.

☀ Spotted in Melbourne this afternoon. One bus with My Bloody Valentine 3D advertising:

Q: What is wrong with this picture?
Hint: In Australia MBV3D is rated R18+ (Restricted) - People under 18 may not buy, rent or exhibit these films.

☀ Inspired by yesterday's Oscars and waiting for the final episode of Leverage today/tomorrow, I'm currently watching Ordinary People (1980) with a very, very young Timothy Hutton. You might be surprised who else is in it. Surprise! )

☀ Last but not least, I'm sorry. I've been kind of MIA this past week or so. Motivation is at an all time low for me at the moment. Motivation to do anything. I haven't even taken any photos of the little gremlin this week for Winchester Wednesday tomorrow. Blah... )
1) Thank you to everyone for your thoughts on the bushfires here in Victoria. Sadly, they are still burning and the death toll is still rising. If there is anything positive to come out of the tragic events of the past few days it's the generosity and support pouring in from around Australia. The Red Cross has set up the Victorian Bushfire Appeal 2009 and as of 9:00 PM Tuesday night, they had received over $31 million in donations. This is from a country of of only 20 million people. It makes me proud to be an Aussie.

2) Only two sleeps until the Team!Shortbus outing to see 3D!Jensen! My Bloody Valentine 3D starts here on Thursday and I can't wait. \O/

3) A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away I used to work at a Child Care Centre. I have a university degree in Early Childhood Studies (Kindergarten / PreSchool Teacher) but I haven't worked with kids for nearly nine years.

For the past few months I've been trying to remember the name of one of the kids I had in my 3/4 year old group for a couple of years. I know you shouldn't have favourites but hanging out with a group of kids is like hanging out with any other group of people in that you get on better with some more than others. I'm pretty sure I didn't play favourites but I loved having this kid in the group and I was a little sad I couldn't remember his name especially since I had no trouble remembering his little brother's name.

A short story made long... )

4) I have tales of mischief to share with you tomorrow on 'Winchester Wednesday'. The cat is out of control! However, if you could see her this minute you wouldn't believe it. She's currently curled up next to me on my bed, fast asleep.

5) Happy Leverage Tuesday!

The weather forecast for Melbourne in the coming week is for temperatures in the low to mid 20°Cs.

Unfortunately, for many Victorians the cooler weather has arrived too late. The latest death toll for the devastating bushfires which have been burning out of control across the state for the past few days currently stands at 135. It is expected that number will rise to over 200.

Fuelled by temperatures in the mid 40°Cs (113°F), severe winds and a landscape bone-dry from years of drought there was no stopping the fires as they raced through bushland, across farms and through towns. Over 750 homes have been lost and a number of townships have been virtually wiped out.

It is Australia's worst natural disaster ever.

The destruction and loss of life the fires have already caused is devastating and it is made worse by the suspicion that some of the blazes may not have been so 'natural' and may have been deliberately lit. That thought is almost too horrendous to contemplate and our Prime Minister, Keven Rudd, has even gone as far as to call it 'mass murder'.

My family and friends are all safe. My sister and her family live near one of the largest fires and they were ready to leave their home at a moments notice. Luckily, they didn't have to. We had a small fire a couple of kilometres away from where I live but the local Country Fire Authority (CFA) were able to contain the fire and brought it under control very quickly. So many others have not been as fortunate.

★ *ignores the fact that it's now Wednesday and posts Pig 'n a Poke post anyway*

★ On the train on the way to work today I was re-watching the first episode of Leverage and completely missed my stop! When I first watched the episode months ago I don't remember being all that fussed about it but this morning I was totally engrossed in it. All of a sudden it was dark outside the train and it took me a moment to realise we were in The Loop already. *facepalm* I'm totally blaming geeky!christian for that.

Can anyone tell me when the next episode of Leverage airs? Is it tonight? Or next Sunday or Tuesday? *is confused*

★ I filled up my car with petrol yesterday and only paid 99.9c per litre. \O/ It hasn't been that cheap in months. In October we were paying up to $1.50c per litre. It's so ace filling the tank and only having to hand over $40.

★ Wow. This is the post in which I talk about the price of petrol. This isn't going to go down as the most exciting post in the history of posts, is it? Sorry about that. *sigh*

★ Winnie is currently snoozing on my foot. I'm very grateful she's not biting it like she normally does but she goes from sleep to full power in less than 1.3 seconds so my toes are still facing imminent danger. ;)

★ Happy Tuesday!Wednesday... see you later today for Winchester Wednesday #2 :)
☀ I've been a bad LJ friend lately. I'm so sorry about that. :( I've read all your posts but haven't had a chance to comment. Expect me to pop in and randomly comment to your posts from the past four or five days, 'k. :)

☀ I've only got three or four more days of house sitting left and then I'm back home with a regular internet connection. \O/ I'll be able to see photo and icon posts, and videos, and all those good things I've been missing out on for the past 7 weeks. Yay!

☀ Melbourne Storm are still in the NRL Finals. But I think we used our 'Get out of Jail Free' card... )

☀ Friday morning at work we are having a 'Footy Finals Fiesta'. Nice alliteration, hey... )

☀ I discovered plurk today. I've seen [ profile] whimsywinx and [ profile] bananabehr talking about and since I was at work by myself today so I thought I'd take a little look. *is sneaky* Verdict: Fun and possibly addictive. As if I need another distraction on the internet... I can't even keep up with LJ! Thanks [ profile] whimsywinx and [ profile] bananabehr for making me feel welcome over there. :)

☀ Have we all recovered from 4x01 yet? Only two more sleeps until 4x02!!!

☀ Happy Tuesday!

( Sep. 7th, 2008 10:35 am)

1). Team!Shortbus Outing Yesterday: After much indecisiveness, we settled on seeing 'Tropic Thunder'. I lost count on the number of people we let go in front of in the queue because we couldn't decide. It was a pretty funny movie and not at all what I expected. All I knew about it was that Jack Black was in it (that was the selling point for me) so I was surprised to see a few other actors in there who, at first, I didn't even recognise!

2). Before the movie we headed up to JB Hifi (DVD/Music store). The do good out of Team!Shortbus! I picked up a copy of the, 'Friday Night Lights' (the movie), for $12.98 and then, just near the checkout, we spotted copies of Eric Kripke's 'Boogeyman for $6.89! Score! \O/

3). [ profile] chasingangel82 has just got back from a trip to Vancouver and LA and she spoiled us by bringing us back gifts. Thanks Bec :)Baby!Winnie the Pooh )

4). Last night I was working on the laptop at the coffee table. I got up to do the dishes and look what I found when I got back... oh, Rainbow! )

5). It's Father's Day today so I've got to get moving so I can go home with Dad's present this afternoon.

6). And then, tonight I'm going to the final regular season Melbourne Storm game. As a result of previous games this weekend, Storm must win their game tonight by about 28 points to finish on top of the ladder. *gulp*

or at least it was this morning. Turns out the weather was just taunting me because by lunchtime the sky was full of clouds and by this evening it was raining. So much for the first day of Spring. Ha!

1). I had to move desks at work today. More people are moving on to our floor so we've been shuffled around to make room for them. We didn't have to move far - just to the next 'pod' of four desks - but it has made me feel all disoriented. I'm sitting with my back to the world now. I'm sure I'll get used to it soon enough.

I've already made myself at home - Click for pics )

2). Random Advice: Don't try to download songs from iTunes via a dial-up connection. I've been trying to download Brian McFadden's Twisted and it's taking forever. 12 minutes and counting...

3). I'm watching an old episode of Bones and I have to say Bones looks pretty good as Wonder Woman. Also, besides being tall, dark and handsome, Booth and Sam Winchester have something in common; They both suffer from coulrophobia. *nods* (Is David Boreanz tall? I have no idea...)

4). Melbourne Storm lost on the weekend. )

5). 18 Sleeps til Supernatural 4x01.

1) I'm officially on holiday! I don't have to go back to work until Monday 21st July, 2008. \O/

2) Some dude is driving, with his son, from Melbourne to London. Yes. Driving. In a car. The same car all the way. I didn't even know that was possible... unless you were driving, you know, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Melbourne to London copy

3) While on holidays I'm driving, with my mum, from Melbourne to Adelaide. Not nearly as adventurous as Melbourne to London.

Melbourne to Adelaide

4) I just tried to purchase tickets for an advanced screening of X-Files: I want to Believe but it looks like they are all sold out. I should have done it earlier. *kicks self*

5) You know you may watch too much Supernatural when... On the drive home from work you notice the car in front of you has 'David Nutter Ford' written on the rear mud flaps, and all you can think of is the pilot episode of Supernatural.

6) Happy Tuesday!

( Jun. 19th, 2008 12:26 am)
Work!bff and I went for a walk at lunch time today and we made it as far as the beach at St Kilda West. It wasn't exactly the weather for the beach but it was a nice way to spend the hour. Or more accurately one hour and twenty minutes... but don't tell anyone. :)

How I spent my lunch... )


The Good.

  • No Pig 'n a Poke special for breakfast but my work!bff and I did have pizza for lunch. In the cafe downstairs from work you can make your own pizza. Anything goes but I usually stick with cheese, onion, red capsicum, ham, pineapple and more cheeeeeese! You can never have too much cheese. *nods*

  • While munching on our lunch of Pizza, my work!bff and I discussed The West Wing and on our way home from work we discussed Supernatural. Well, actually it was more like I talked no-stop about Supernatural while he listened and asked appropriate questions. *grin*

  • My download of The Wonder Years - Season Two finally finished. It only took four very long days...

  • I'm currently watching episode 2x07 of The Wonder Years.

The Bad.

  • Apparently I almost set the smoke alarms off while cooking my pizza for lunch. Ooops. Perhaps you can have such a thing as too much cheeeeeese. ;)

  • It was a work day. That's not really that bad but certainly not as good as a non-work day.

  • I had to go to the Dentist. Also not that bad since it was only a check up, however, I did receive a large bill to pay. *sigh*

  • I had at least 2000 items in my LJ inbox. Did you know the counter stops counting at 2000? I just can't can't seem to get into the habit of reading stuff via the inbox and deleting it once I'm done. *sigh*

The Pretty. )

Happy Tuesday.

( May. 14th, 2008 02:27 pm)
1). This morning I found out I am working for a different company to the one I was working for yesterday. Surprise! *sigh*

2). Morning Tea was a success. It was hijacked slightly as a chance for our manager to discuss the takeover with us and answer any questions. I think the food helped smooth things over. *nods*

3). Apparently I did a great job with something here at work yesterday except for the part where I did it all wrong. *sigh*

4). It's payday tomorrow and normally my pay gets deposited into my account around lunch time the previous day. That would be today. However, it's now 3:37pm and no pay. I didn't think to ask in the meeting this morning if the new company would still pay us. *jokes... she hopes*
EDIT: Huzzah! It's all good. Told you I was joking :)

5). How's everyone's Wendesday going?


  1. I picked up my glasses on Saturday and I've been wearing them pretty much ever since. It's amazing what a difference they make.
    This is what they look like... but not what they look like on. )

  2. As a kind of road test for my glasses, I read 'The Outsiders' by S.E. Hinton. I'd forgotten what a great little book that is and how much it makes me cry. I cried like a baby. Like a hungry, angry baby.

    The only problem was, my copy is secondhand and in very poor condition. I picked it up for only a $1 so I can't complain too much but if anyone has scans of pages 9-12 and pages 87-90 handy, I'd be eternally grateful. *wink* Why do people have to tear pages out of books?

    I kept picturing a young Jared Padalecki as Ponyboy.... )

  3. My J&J single arrived in the mail today! \O/
    It's a pity I listened to it so many times when I downloaded it last weekend that I'm all crazy love'd out.
    It was still kind of cool to open the package and see this... )

  4. Melbourne Storm won their second game of the season on Friday night. We are 2 from 4 and sitting at sixth place on the ladder.

  5. I had more stuff to write but I've forgotten what.

  6. Oooh, Jensen in 3D. \O/ I refuse to think about how dodgy the movie could end up being ;)

Why, yes, I am going to use that as my post title every time I post on a Tuesday. As Jo Dee Messina once sang, do you wanna make something of it? ;)

A word of warning. This is a long post. In fact, it's a really long post.
And, get this, it's about real life.

The one where Katy babbles on endlessly about her new job or more specifically her new surroundings... )

Have we all seen the new interview with Jared?
[ profile] nyaubaby has posted links here.

Jared talks about the UK 'Scary just got Sexy' ad and explains he is the scary part and Jensen is the sexy part.
Okay, so...
First of all, Jared totally thinks Jensen is sexy. Awesome.
Second of all, if 'Jared = Scary' and 'Jensen = Sexy' and 'Scary just got Sexy' than 'Jared just got Jensen'. Awesome.

I was tagged by [ profile] glorified_moron

A. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
B. Tag seven people to do the same.
C. Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag "whoever wants to do it."

Seven Things about me... )

Kind of generally tagged by a few people:

List five things that make you deliriously happy about Supernatural. It can be anything, but it has to make you happy.

  1. Sam and Dean Winchester.
  2. Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki.
  3. Everything about Sam and Dean's relationship - How much they need each other. How much they are willing to do for each other. How much they love each other.
  4. Winchester Family Friends - Bobby Singer and Ellen Harvelle
  5. The pop culture references.

★ Mum and I went for a bike ride yesterday. We only rode about 5kms but (no pun intended) boy is my butt is sore today. I haven't been on a bike for a couple of years and I was really surprised I didn't find it all that hard going... I'm suffering the after affects.

★ I like to think the bike ride made up for my inactivity over the rest of the weekend during which time I managed to watch 20 episodes from Season One of Jericho. (I've just finished the remaining two eps tonight). I can't imagine how gutted fans must have been to hear it was cancelled after the season finale last year. But, power to the people, and I am totally indebted to all those Jericho fans who sent peanuts to CBS last year so I can see what happens next.

★ Finally, in honour of Jared's cheeky revelation at Fangoria on Saturday that he doesn't kiss Jensen... in public and my niece, Laura, getting snooty because I didn't produce any Jared icons the other day, I have a few Jared icons to share.

Here Be Jared Icons...

This morning I had to catch a train to work. Usually I drive but my car was booked in for a service so the train it was.

Random Observations:

  • Tickets are expensive - $10.10 for a daily. Ouch!
  • Popular activities for commuters on trains seem to be:
    - Listening to MP3 players or walkmans
    - Reading books or newspapers or work related documents or fanfic
    (The last one may just have been me.)
    - Resting their eyes or sleeping
    - Staring out the window or at other people

  • There are 20 train stations between the station I got on at and the station I got off at.

  • Luckily, the train did not stop at all 20 stations.

  • The station I got on at is nearest to where my car is being serviced. If I catch the train from the station closest to where I live, there are 22 stations to go through.

  • From the train I could sort of kinda see building site of Melbourne's new rectangular stadium for Soccer, Rugby League and Rugby Union. I could see cranes, diggers and a big pile of dirt. I'm sure they have a plan. Right?

  • The train line passes at the back of Rod Lava Arena (Melbourne Park). Melbourne Park is in full AUSTRALIAN OPEN TENNIS mode. Signs are up. Temporary Channel 7 HQ has been established in portable buildings. Big Screens have been assembled. Workmen are replacing seats at tram stop. It's all happening I guess the tennis must start soon.

  • Pepsi Max has increased to $3.00 from the vending machines on the platforms. Ouch!





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