The 'Getting to Know You Meme'.
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The one which appears on my birth certificate. It's not short of anything. I haven't forgotten the 'h'. It's Katie with a 'Y'.

User/screen name and nickname given to me by my mum. It makes more sense if you know my middle name is Samantha.

Nickname which came about on a road trip I took with one of my rl!bffs back in 1999. At the time, Tristo (or more accurately, Tristan) was a player for our favourite sporting club, Melbourne Storm. A fictional conversation between Lisa and I, pretending to me Matty Geyer (another player) and Tristan Brady Smith, lead to me being called Tristo and Lisa being called Matty. For some reason, Tristo stuck. It could be because I often refer to myself as 'Tristo' in the third person. Or it might not. :) Even Lisa's three year old son, Ryan, and his three year old cousin, Campbell, call me Tristo. Well, Aunty Tristo. :P

I probably wasn't meant to be sharing this much detail, was I? Nevermind, I'm redefining the rules of this meme! Read more...  )

This morning I had to catch a train to work. Usually I drive but my car was booked in for a service so the train it was.

Random Observations:

  • Tickets are expensive - $10.10 for a daily. Ouch!
  • Popular activities for commuters on trains seem to be:
    - Listening to MP3 players or walkmans
    - Reading books or newspapers or work related documents or fanfic
    (The last one may just have been me.)
    - Resting their eyes or sleeping
    - Staring out the window or at other people

  • There are 20 train stations between the station I got on at and the station I got off at.

  • Luckily, the train did not stop at all 20 stations.

  • The station I got on at is nearest to where my car is being serviced. If I catch the train from the station closest to where I live, there are 22 stations to go through.

  • From the train I could sort of kinda see building site of Melbourne's new rectangular stadium for Soccer, Rugby League and Rugby Union. I could see cranes, diggers and a big pile of dirt. I'm sure they have a plan. Right?

  • The train line passes at the back of Rod Lava Arena (Melbourne Park). Melbourne Park is in full AUSTRALIAN OPEN TENNIS mode. Signs are up. Temporary Channel 7 HQ has been established in portable buildings. Big Screens have been assembled. Workmen are replacing seats at tram stop. It's all happening I guess the tennis must start soon.

  • Pepsi Max has increased to $3.00 from the vending machines on the platforms. Ouch!





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