Kubrick, one of the goldfish I was fish sitting died this morning. I like to think he's swimming happily in the big fish pond in the sky. The other fish appear to be unaffected by his passing.


Rainbow the cat is sitting next to me as I type this. She's sitting on the table (naughty cat!), on a map of North America. Her butt is covering Southern California and Arizona, her body is covering parts of New Mexico, Texas and Mexico, and her tail is some where around the Grand Canyon. Located to the left of the fan on the laptop, which is blowing out warm air, it's the warmest part of the map. She's not a silly cat.


This part of the post isn't going to mean a whole lot to about 95% of you who read this but I was a bit excited this evening when I caught the train home from work with Billy Slater! In reality it was only a picture of Billy Slater but there he was, his cheeky face smiling down from the wall of the train above my head. Go Storm!

Billy Slater is just one of the superstars of Melbourne's own, Melbourne Storm Rugby League Club.

Seeing an ad for a footy game on a train might not seem like a big deal but Melbourne Storm don't get any a lot promotion about town so I always get a bit of thrill seeing things like this. It's probably similar to the feeling you get seeing Supernatural promoted anywhere ;)

A couple more random Storm boy pictures and other Storm stuff... )

Oh, boy! I nearly missed a Tuesday!

I've been baking all evening. It's my turn to provide morning tea at work tomorrow so I made muffins, brownies and sausage rolls, and then I cheated and bought a few other things.

There are still dishes to be dried, brownies to cool, comments to answer from my last post, sleep to be had and it's all got to be done before tomorrow. You know, I just wouldn't be me unless I left everything to the last minute. :D

Happy Pig 'n a Poke!

I've just come back from seeing Melbourne Storm play the Newcastle Knigts. Storm won 18-4 but I got to say I was a little concerned at half time when the score was 0-0. Let's just say the game was all about defense.

Before I got to bed I wanted to post some details and photos about the Firefly/Serenity Con yesterday. If you're interested, just click the cut.

It wasn't a Supernatural Con but Nathan Fillion was there and I have pictures... Just ignore the parts where I ramble and scroll on down to the bottom : )

This morning I had to catch a train to work. Usually I drive but my car was booked in for a service so the train it was.

Random Observations:

  • Tickets are expensive - $10.10 for a daily. Ouch!
  • Popular activities for commuters on trains seem to be:
    - Listening to MP3 players or walkmans
    - Reading books or newspapers or work related documents or fanfic
    (The last one may just have been me.)
    - Resting their eyes or sleeping
    - Staring out the window or at other people

  • There are 20 train stations between the station I got on at and the station I got off at.

  • Luckily, the train did not stop at all 20 stations.

  • The station I got on at is nearest to where my car is being serviced. If I catch the train from the station closest to where I live, there are 22 stations to go through.

  • From the train I could sort of kinda see building site of Melbourne's new rectangular stadium for Soccer, Rugby League and Rugby Union. I could see cranes, diggers and a big pile of dirt. I'm sure they have a plan. Right?

  • The train line passes at the back of Rod Lava Arena (Melbourne Park). Melbourne Park is in full AUSTRALIAN OPEN TENNIS mode. Signs are up. Temporary Channel 7 HQ has been established in portable buildings. Big Screens have been assembled. Workmen are replacing seats at tram stop. It's all happening I guess the tennis must start soon.

  • Pepsi Max has increased to $3.00 from the vending machines on the platforms. Ouch!

  1. Get my Storm Tattoo - I think I've finally decided on this, to go on my shoulder. There is, however, still 2 hours and 30 minutes before my appointment so that's plenty of time to change my mind. DONE!!!

  2. Make Christmas Cards - I've really got to get moving on this one, especially the overseas ones. They've got a big ocean to cross, ya know, and it takes a long long time. *nods*

  3. Create something for [livejournal.com profile] ssstevie's "This is Your Life, Dean" project. - I'm thinking, I'm thinking, I'm thinking...

  4. Christmas shopping - I still need to get something for Mum, Dad, Grandma, Jenny, Michael, Samantha, Nicholas, Andrew, Lisa, Adelaide, Eloise, Laura, Emily... oh, heck, I still need to get SOMETHING for EVERYONE. Why couldn't I have started shopping earlier? There are only 17 shopping days to go, right? *gulp*

  5. Start / Finish making a few surprise Christmas presents. - Sssshhh, it's a secret.

Okay, so now I've listed everything it doesn't seem like that much. Really...
Umm, can someone tell me why I agreed to this... again?

So, you know how my Rugby League team, Melbourne Storm won the NRL Grand Final this year? No? Well, they did. 2007 Premiers, that's us!

The time has come for me to commemorate the win with a permanent piece of body art. Yep, I'm that big of a Melbourne Storm freak. *nods* 
This is possibly one of the sweetest things I have ever seen.

The below video shows footage of Jupiter the Lion greeting the person who nursed him back to health after he was rescued from a traveling circus six years ago.





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