In only 11 sleeps time I'm gonna be hangin' out with

[ profile] bobbinrob, [ profile] chasingangel82 are flying up at the crack-o-dawn on the Saturday morning to spend two days at SUPANOVA in Sydney. Jared will be there both days and we have shiny passes to see get a photo with him and an autograph on Sunday.

I'm a little LOT excited about it but also a bit nervous. That's silly, isn't it? But... you know... he's SAM WINCHESTER! Only he's not. But he is the dude who plays Sam and I'm gonna meet him and probably touch him and seriously. OMG. What am I? 12? *facepalm*

I think I was blubbering on about it at work today. So much so, my work!bff felt the need to remind me to concentrate and to try not to automatically answer, "Jared!", if someone spoke to me during a meeting this afternoon. *facepalm* I suspect he will be extremely grateful once the 21/22 June is over and done with. XD

Do you want to know how excited I am about meeting Jared? I'm so excited I am missing a Storm HOME game on the Saturday night. To put that into perspective, I haven't missed a Storm game played in Melbourne since 1998. It's going to be a little sad but, dude, Jared! Sorry Storm boys.

In other news, I saw Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull this evening. It has the dubious honour of being immediately added to my list of sequels which NEVER should have been made. :( Highlight of the movie for me was spotting 'Jim Robinson'. (note: you probably know him from 24, Ugly Betty or The OC. ;)

Happy Pig 'n a Poke everyone!

( Mar. 1st, 2008 08:03 pm)
*checks calendar* March 1st. Why does that date sound familiar? Someone's birthday perhaps. Damn it if only I could remember...

Thank you all for your too-kind words on my spazzy photo I posted. *blushes* I was terribly embarrassed by everyone's comments and yet, at the same time it kind of did my ego wonders. *winks*

I'm watching "Friday Night Lights" (the movie) on the telly. I've never seen it and I was so excited when I saw the promo for it during the week. The majority of my excitement could be attributed to the fact I knew Christian Kane was in it. Of course, I didn't realise just how briefly. I also kind of love Tim McGraw in it. He's not very nice which is a wonderful change from sickly-sweet-Tim usually seen on CMC ;) I've got the first season of the TV series but I just can't get into it. Now I've seen the movie perhaps I should give the show another shot.

Speaking of Kane - They have new audio clips of new songs on Myspace. *loves*

Okay. I'm just procrastinating now. I'm going to fix myself something to eat for dinner and then I'm going to get busy making icons.

( Jan. 10th, 2008 10:45 am)
I finally went a saw P.S. I Love You last night and to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan on the big screen was incredibly wonderful.

The film hasn't been getting very good reviews and when that happens it usually means I'm going to love the film. This film was not exception. It's a chick flick and a deliberate tear-jerker but it makes no attempt to hide those facts. The supporting cast were great and I got no small amount of enjoyment from seeing James Marsters on the big screen either.  I miss his blonder hair and crinkly forehead, though. ;)

Even if the filmed had sucked, which it in no way did, there was one scene which would have been worth the admission price alone...


I've run out of Christmas movies to watch and I need some suggestions.
Please tell me your favourite movie(s) to watch at Christmas time.

EDIT: This was supposed to contain a poll but evidently I SUCK at creating them. *facepalm*

My Supernatural Advent Calendar tells me there are only two days before Christmas Day. Yikes!

I love Christmas songs. All kinds. Happy carol-ly types. Dodgy depressing Johnny Cash types. Croony Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Bing Crosby types. Silly novelty types.

But "Christmas Time by Bryan Adams" is very close to the top of my 'Favourite Christmas Songs Of All Time' list.

( Sep. 18th, 2007 12:39 am)
DALE! The calendar and postcard arrived today and I love them! It was so sweet of you to send them. Thank you so much. The cheesy postcard was perfect. Please tell Ezri she did a great job picking it out. *hugs*

  1. Emma and I went to see Hairspray last Thursday. I was a little concerned during the movie trailers because they were all for kiddy films. I knew Hairspray was aimed at a youth market, but I didn't expect it to be that youthful. *L*
    I haven't enjoyed a movie as much as I did Hairspray in a long, long while. .. )
    I bought the soundtrack last week so I can relive some of the magic. *sigh* It's just not the same though. Why isn't the DVD out yet? *whines*

  2. Speaking of DVDs, hurry up Mr. Postman! My SPN S2 DVDs still haven't arrived. Perhaps the cargo ship hit some stormy weather.

  3. Speaking of Storms (the segues sure are working for me tonight, don't you think?), Melbourne Storm are playing the Parramatta Eels on Sunday. It's a home-town final which means we get to play in Melbourne, but not at our usual stadium. We're playing at Docklands Stadium Colonial Stadium Telstra Dome. Seriously, the stadium has it's name changed more frequently than I change my socks. Anyway, the last time we played there was was six years ago... I like Colonial but it's no Olympic Park.

  4. Another album I downloaded last week was Darren Hayes' new album, This Delicate Thing We've Made. Darren Hayes used to be half of the group 'Savage Garden'.
    I've been listening to this one song called 'Casey', a fair bit.

  5. "CASEY"
    Driving in your car
    With the windows down
    And the beat up stereo
    Struggle with this town
    Cuz you love to hate it
    And hate it to let it go

    And we're all alone
    And so tired of being
    So don't take me home
    Cuz I feel alive
    When you come and save me
    Rest of the lyrics... )

  6. I've just finished watching All Hell Breaks Loose Part 1, and I can't believe I got all teary. I hate the final scene.

  7. I was going to try to make a voice post, this morning, on the way to work, but the voice post phone number didn't work. WTF? I just tried it again and, yep, it's still broken.
I took a 'flist inspired' trip down movie memory lane today. [ profile] ssstevie posted a few meme questions on her LJ including "Who was your first celebrity crush?" and [ profile] weesta has been posting about her adventures at Camp including her team (TEAM!RED) winning Color War.

Now, I'm pretty sure my first celebrity crush was Michael J. Fox. When I was in grade five I was totally going to marry him *L* Dragging that old memory up and combining it with [ profile] weesta's Color War tales made me think of an old Michael J. Fox movie, Poison Ivy. (Not to be confused with the dodgy adult movie of the same name!) After a few frantic minutes of searching this afternoon I found my old VHS copy of the film, taped off the TV way back in 1987. Yay!

I couldn't resist taking a few screen caps from Poison Ivy and sharing them here. Check out my then future husband, an extremely young (and extremely cute!) Michael J. Fox. Plus there's a bonus screen cap of an very young looking Adam Baldwin, aka. Jayne from Firefly! )




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