The 'Getting to Know You Meme'.
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The one which appears on my birth certificate. It's not short of anything. I haven't forgotten the 'h'. It's Katie with a 'Y'.

User/screen name and nickname given to me by my mum. It makes more sense if you know my middle name is Samantha.

Nickname which came about on a road trip I took with one of my rl!bffs back in 1999. At the time, Tristo (or more accurately, Tristan) was a player for our favourite sporting club, Melbourne Storm. A fictional conversation between Lisa and I, pretending to me Matty Geyer (another player) and Tristan Brady Smith, lead to me being called Tristo and Lisa being called Matty. For some reason, Tristo stuck. It could be because I often refer to myself as 'Tristo' in the third person. Or it might not. :) Even Lisa's three year old son, Ryan, and his three year old cousin, Campbell, call me Tristo. Well, Aunty Tristo. :P

I probably wasn't meant to be sharing this much detail, was I? Nevermind, I'm redefining the rules of this meme! Read more...  )

Hello! Long time no write :)

I can't believe my birthday was a week ago. It doesn't seem that long ago but perhaps that's because it continued over this past weekend.

Friday night I went out to dinner with work!bff for my birthday and then we watched Supernatural 4x07. As much as I love the zany episodes, it was nice to get back to the serious issues at hand. It was also great to see Castiel back. I've missed that little guy!

★ ★ ★

Saturday afternoon my sister, Jenny, and her two kids, Samantha and Nicholas, dropped by with my birthday present which looked exactly like this:

They got me a little kitty!!!

Her name is Winchester, aka. Winnie, and she is adorable and cute and sooky and snuggly and soft and perfect!
Winchester meet flist. Flist meet Winchester. )

★ ★ ★

Saturday night I went to my friends Glenn and Tanya's place for dinner with them and Caz, Trent and Campbell.
Or at least that's what I was going there for... )

★ ★ ★

Today was a public holiday in Melbourne because of The Melbourne Cup. The Melbourne Cup is a horse race.
So, yep, I didn't have to go to work because of horse race. \O/
I love my city!!!

★ ★ ★

Happy Tuesday everyone!
Vote well, USA Flisters.
Please. :)

( Sep. 16th, 2008 10:22 am)

1) *Claps Hands*

2) Feeling a little better today but I still have a generel malaise. At least the sun is out and my hair is somewhat better.

3) I took a few photos of my trip to the city on Saturday. There's only about nine photos and they aren't very big. Photos: My Town, Melbourne...  )

4) Happy *insert appropriate day of the week here*

1) Supernatural Season Four starts THIS WEEK!!!

2) I'm on my way to work with a hugeass headache. It's taken up residency just behind my right eye. It's going to be a long Monday.

3) Melbourne Storm lost yesterday. We played terribly and, to be honest, didn't look like they wanted to win. We get a 'second chance' next week, playing the Brisbane Broncos in Brisbane. I won't be going and if we play like we did yesterday, we won't be winning.

4) Should of known before the game things weren't going to go our way )

5) Oh, and I'm having a bad hair day.

February 29th 2008 or Dean's Extra Day.
Somehow I felt the need to post today. After all, I won't get the chance for another four years.

It's also a 'Once in 218 Entries' post because according to my stats I've made 218 posts and not once have I ever posted a photo of myself.

So, in honour of it being the Feb 29, and also the fact that [ profile] bobbinrob wanted to know what I looked liked so she and the other girls can spot me next week when we meet up for the Melbourne Squee Day Out, I post this extremely dodgy and some what blurry mobile phone photo I just took of myself. *hides*

ME. )





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