Yeah, well, I wish but he was in my local newspaper this morning so I read about him while having my breakfast.

He was on the font page of one of the inserts in the Herald Sun. The article is mainly about Watchmen and could be considered spoilery in relation to his character in the movie. There are extremely brief mentions of Grey's and P.S. I Love You. No reference to Supernatural.

Scans below the cut can be viewed without being spoiled... )

1) Mood Theme.
There was a time when I would always use the mood theme thingy but lately not so much. That's about to change because I got myself a new mood theme. *snoopy dance* The wonderful and extremely patient (you gotta be both to make a mood theme) [ profile] insaneboingo has created a Steve Carlson Mood Theme. Ace!

2) Jared doing the robot and Jared shirtless from New York Minute - ICONS

9 Robot!Jared and Shirtless!Jared variations... )

3) Jeffrey Dean Morgan #1 - VIDEO
A couple of weeks back I posted about seeing Jeffrey Dean Morgan on The View. Well, the episode was repeated last night and I was able to record it and upload it to YouTube, if you're interested.
JDM on The View talking about Grey's, The Accidental Husband, his scar and firemen and being his usual charming self... )

4. Jeffrey Dean Morgan #2- ICONS
Jeffrey Dean Morgan's butt from P.S. I Love You

*If you want any of the icons. Help yourself :)

5. Supanova Photos
I never got around to posting my official photos with Jared and Jewel from Supanova so, here they are.

Jareds Angels_cropped
Jared's Angels.
After much discussion, we decided to do the 'Charlie's Angel' thing for our group photo on the Sunday. Jared was ace about it. When we told him what we wanted to do he simply said, "I'll just act cool." Personally, I think he nailed it. *nods*

Here be three more... )

6) How's your weekend / long weekend?

I knew there had to be a reason why I was still awake at 12:34am watching The View when I need to be up at six am.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan was just on!

Unfortunately there was no talk of Supernatural. He didn't even have a chance to mention it in passing.

  • The played a clip from Grey's and awwww'd about how much everyone loved Denny and how sad it was when he did die. He said he was a bit excited at the read through for the episode because even though he knew Denny was going to die he and Patrick Dempsey couldn't find it in the script. Patrick said to him, "I don't think you die." Patrick was wrong.

  • He has a scar on his face which he got when he tried to help a girl out who was being beat on by her boyfriend outside a 7/11. The girl ended up hitting him with a broken beer bottle. :(
    (Now I'm going to have to study close-ups of JDM's face. *sigh* It's tough being a fan sometimes.)

  • They talked about The Accidental Husband which he stars in with Uma Thurman. He plays a fireman in the movie and spent time with firemen to research the role. He admitted most of that research involved drinking beer at the pub with above mentioned firemen.

  • Apparently they love him on The View because he's a man's man. *nods*

Oh, Jeffrey. How I miss you and John Winchester.

( Jan. 10th, 2008 10:45 am)
I finally went a saw P.S. I Love You last night and to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan on the big screen was incredibly wonderful.

The film hasn't been getting very good reviews and when that happens it usually means I'm going to love the film. This film was not exception. It's a chick flick and a deliberate tear-jerker but it makes no attempt to hide those facts. The supporting cast were great and I got no small amount of enjoyment from seeing James Marsters on the big screen either.  I miss his blonder hair and crinkly forehead, though. ;)

Even if the filmed had sucked, which it in no way did, there was one scene which would have been worth the admission price alone...

Video files and a zipped file of a handful of screen caps from Jeffrey Dean Morgan's appearance on The Martha Stewart Show on 21 December 2007.

Note: Both video files are the same clip, just different sizes.

VIDEO: Windows Media File (26MB) - Smaller, more download friendly version.

VIDEO: Quicktime (77MB> - Larger, less download friendly version.

28 Screen Caps (16MB) - They aren't brilliant quality and are just the ones I used for the icons plus a few extras.

Dear Martha,

Please do not sue me for posting these. I'm just trying to share the love for Jeffrey Dean Morgan which you, yourself, seem to have an abundance of.

Umm, thanks?

Sincerely, katysam

(You know, I've never ever thought it would be a particularly good idea to get on Martha's bad side. She kind of scares me)

18 icons from Jeffrey Dean Morgan's appearance on the Martha Stewart Show.

Some of the icons look like this...

While others look like this... )





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