Not so random Supernatural quote from 2x15 Tall Tales -

Bobby: Come on. Now you're bickerin' like an old married couple.
Dean: No, see married couples can get divorced. Me and him, we're like, ahhh, siamese twins.
Sam: It's conjoined twins!
Dean: See what I mean?

Yes, Jensen...err, I mean Dean... we see exactly what you mean. *nods*

♥ Icons: Totally snaggable... if anyone should want one. Credit: [ profile] katysam
♥ Picture Credits: Here and Here.

A few more icons from the Season 3 finale.

I've reposted the 12 I made the other day along with the new ones - just so I can keep them altogether.

Teasers: (Hopefully not too spoilery if you haven't seen it yet.)

39 Supernatural Icons from under the cut...  )

( May. 25th, 2008 09:22 pm)
The incredibly sweet [ profile] ohbooth attended the LA Con back in March (was it really that long ago???), where she had the opportunity to see Steve Carlson Live! She managed to take some great photos of him which she very graciously let allowed me use to make some icons.


18 Steve Carlson Icons )

Another week, another Tuesday.

Not sure about you guys but I'm still recovering from the Supernatural season finale. It kind of broke my heart. Kripke is evil. Ol' Yellow Eyes was an autobiographical character created by Kripke, right? Hang in there, Sam & Dean! Approximately 135 sleeps to go... Do we know it's actual date of return?

On top of the torture of the Supernatural cliffhanger, I've just finished watching the entire first season of Queer as Folk (US) over a period of three days and OMG! Another cliffhnager. I ordered seasons 2-5 from Amazon yesterday but they have to ship and cross that very large ocean and it takes so very long for them to arrive. *sigh* I can't believe I've been such a sook that two TV shows have made me cry like a baby - a hungry, angry baby - in less than a week.

In other news, I tried making icons from 3x16. I didn't get very far. I'd forgotten how long the little suckers take :D

I didn't get very far but there are a few under here... )

I'm going to be terribly cliche here but I think I've died and gone to heaven. *stares*

Oh, no. Now I'm going to have to change my entire layout just so I can use this pretty little picture as my header. *sigh*

I couldn't resist playing around with the image a bit and making some icons. Nothing fancy. )

Subject: The Goonies (General Movie) claimed at [ profile] icons100
Progress: 100/100 COMPLETED

Hey You Guys! )

Subject: The Goonies (General Movie)
Batch: Batch #4, Icons 75-100 (Final Batch)
Themes: Magical, Colorful, Brightness, All that I am, Green, Beautiful, Artist's Choice (x20)

Additional Notes:

Completed Table is here.
♥ Comments: Always appreciated.
♥ Credit: Thank you.
♥ Enjoy

Hey You Guys... )

Subject: The Goonies (General Movie)
Batch: Batch #3, Icons 54-74
Themes: Alone, Embrace, All is Right, Lost, Smile, Mmm Yum!, Reminisce, So Close Yet So Far Away, Desire, Artist's Choice (x12)

Additional Note:

♥ Full table, so far, is here.
♥ Comments: Always appreciated.
♥ Credit: Thank you.
♥ Enjoy

Hey You Guys... )

Subject: The Goonies (General Movie) for [ profile] icons100
Batch: Batch #2, Icons 21-53
Themes: Sunshine, Sorrow, Rain, Wicked, Laughter, Misery, Secrets, Soul Food, Ice, All is Right, Full of Regret, Red, Why, Time, Joy, Kiss, Hope, Fury, From now on, Mine, Trouble in Paradise, Tears and Artist's choice (x11).

Additional Notes:
♥ Full table, so far, is here.
♥ Comments: Always appreciated.
♥ Credit: Thank you.
♥ Enjoy
♥ Warning: Image of a statue of a naked man under cut! *gasp*
Do you remember the 'Statue of David' from Mikey and Brandon's lounge room? The one which Chunk knocks off the table? Well, it's featured in one of the icons and the focus is very much on their mom's 'MOST FAVORITE PIECE!'. :) Yeah, okay, that probably didn't need a warning... :)

Hey You Guys... )

When I decided I wanted to make animated icons over the weekend these aren't what I originally had in mind. But then I saw [ profile] psychoactivtoad's Bobby in Hats post and they just happened.

A big THANK YOU to [ profile] psychoactivtoad for the use of the images.

9 x Bobby Icons

More Hats )

Basically these are all of the same animation, only the background and text has been changed.

If you like the animation but want different text, let me know and I'd be happy to personalise one for you :)

10 x Winchester Brother Hugging Animated Icons
2 x 'Priceless' Master Card style icons

CUT: More under here... )

I am completely overwhelmed by the response to my first batch of animated icons I posted the other day. So much so, I think I'm even more nervous about posting these ones. *gulp*
I hope these new ones measure up to the first lot :)

Thank you so much to everyone who commented with such encouraging words. I appreciated every single comment. THANK YOU!

12 x Animated Icons from 3x11 Mystery Spot.

Warning: Contains major spoilers for 3x11

CUT: More icons this way... )

As you may (or may not) have noticed, I've been trying my hand at making animated icons. I'm still a little unsure if they are any good or not but I figured I'd take the plunge and post the ones I've done so far.

12 x Animated Icons of Jensen on Good News Week.

CUT: The rest are under here... )

24 Jensen Icons from 'Good News Week'.

CUT: More icons here )

♥ Comments: Always appreciated.
♥ Credit: Thank you.
♥ Resources - Screen caps / Clips: Me, [ profile] katysam.
I've zipped some of the caps I used and uploaded them here.
Feel free to download (246 Files 720x518 Zipped 34.83 MB)
. :)
♥ Enjoy

( Feb. 6th, 2008 11:19 pm)
I bow to all you animated icon makers. You seriously rock! Seriously.

I have attempted to make my first Supernatural one and talk about frustrating! It's taken me over an hour (or more) to come up with this:

Thanks to [ profile] psychoactivtoad for the inspiration. :)

How hard is it to get in the required number of frames, the right background image and text, and still keep it to 40kb or less? *sigh*

Anyone got any handy-dandy animated icon tips?

My text muse has left me completely (if it was ever with me, that is) so these are mostly textless.
If anyone would like any specific text on one, let me know, and I'll see what I can do.

54 Icons from Supernatural 3x09 - Malleus Maleficarum )

Subject: The Goonies (General Movie) for [ profile] icons100
Batch: Batch #1, Icons 1-20
Themes: A Dreamer's Dream, All is Wrong, Love, Fire, Blue, Forgotten, Snarky, Hush, I've Been Bad, Glory, My Drug, Flowers, Water and Artist's Choice (

Additonal Notes:
♥ Full table, so far, is here.
♥ Comments: Always appreciated.
♥ Credit: Thank you.
♥ Resources - Textures & Brushes: [ profile] chained_angel13, [ profile] offbeat_upbeat & [ profile] creamuts
♥ Enjoy

Hey You Guys... )

I joined up for an icon challenge over at [ profile] icons100 and picked the movie, 'The Goonies', as my subject because Goonies is only one of the greatest movies of all time! I've got 10 9 weeks to come up with 100 icons - 50 based on specified theme words & 50 of my own choice. I must be crazy. *facepalm* And to prove I am, in fact, crazy today I sat down and proceeded to icon Supernatural: 3x08 A very Supernatural Christmas instead of starting the 100 Goonies icons.

I blame the 'new' stills from 3x08 which did the rounds yesterday. How can you resist the boots?


18 x Sam & Dean
8 x Sam / wee!Sammy
9 x Dean / wee!Dean
1 x Madge Carrigan


Here be more icons... )

9 x Jared Padalecki Icons

Here Be Jared Icons... )





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