Thank you [ profile] munibunny for my Valetine's day gift. *hugs*
You are simply the best! :)
♥ ♥ ♥


[ profile] bluebear_74 has been kind enough link to upload Jensen's interivew on Australian TV show, '9AM with David & Kim', this morning. You can find the download links here.

[ profile] bluebear_74 - FTW!
Jensen - FTW!
David & Kim - They win nothing...

Happy Valentines Day everyone

Thank you [ profile] bobbinrob You totally made my morning. *hugs*

Just, umm, look at this photo... I have no words.

[ profile] blackbirdj2has posted a link here to some gorgeous photos of Jensen, including the one above, taken while he was in Australia. (Photos originally posted by [ profile] nevernilien)

[ profile] magikalrhiannon has very kindly uploaded a link to a radio interview with Jensen here.
I was going to include a list of topics discussed but that would just spoil the 'crazy fun.'

UPDATE: [ profile] magikalrhiannon has also posted a second, different interiew here..

Go! Download! Listen! Enjoy!


"I worship at the Shrine of Jensen Ackles' Arse"

So, where are you going to be this Sunday ;)

Perhaps someone should remove my access to photoshop in the wee hours of the morning, hmmm?

How are we all on this wonderful day after the fabulous night before?

I propose we make the 11th of February, 'National Jensen Ackles Day' in Australia. I'm going to get the paper work rolling to petition it as a public holiday. Who's in?

Anyway, after all the awesomeness that was Jensen, I finally got around to doing my daily search of NEWS.COM.AU - something I've been doing since Jensen landed in Sydney last week. I'm not sure if I just never noticed it before or if it's only new but check out the sponsored link on the search results page.

I can purchase my very own Ackles? And get a great deal to boot? Awesome!

And now I've got work to do and comments to answer - most likely in that order ;).
Let the day begin!

Jensen passes Australian Citizenship Test!

A very relaxed, charming and giggling Jensen Ackles on GOOD NEWS WEEK.

The boy is beyond gorgeous.

Update: - Download Link for Jensen on GNW video (24.91 MB)

I'm sure these have been posted about the place but, hey, there is no such thing as too much Jensen, right?

Oh, and there's that Channel Ten promo I mentioned seeing last night in the middle. Is that an old one? He's wearing the same shirt as last year's ads.

EDIT: Download Video Here (6.91 MB)

25 minutes and counting until Good News Week starts :)

There's a new Channel Ten promo with Jensen is airing now. I saw a really brief one last but didn't get a chance to record it. I fail at life. I also fail at life because I couldn't tell you what he was wearing but I can tell you he looked damn fine. I heard his unmistakable Texas drawl and whipped round to look at the TV but only caught the last few seconds of it.

It's one of the 'I believe' series and he says something along the lines of:

"I believe there are certain forces you don't wanna mess with.
One of them is me."

He points to something, but there was no button pushing.


I knew there was a reason I wanted to learn how to make animated icons.

Here's my latest attempt.


Jensen's GNW Promo - Download Goodies

Video Download link from megaupload Good News Week Promo (1.58MB)

ScreenCaps Download link from megaupload Good New Week Promo Screen Caps (8.94MB) - The caps are very ordinary.

Example: (click for larger image)

CUT: For individual screen caps, via clickable thumbnails )

Clip of Jensen Ackles appearing on a promo for Aussie TV show, Good News Week.

( Feb. 10th, 2008 03:08 am)
Jensen will make a brief guest appearance on Good News Week on Channel Ten at 9pm on Monday night.

The episode was filmed last night (Saturday) and [ profile] melpemone was lucky enough to be in the audience and has provided a report here in which she describes how charming, relaxed and funny Jensen is.

She also mentions some flirtatious moments between host, Paul McDermott, and Jensen. For reasons beyond my current comprehension those little details are making me smile ridiculously.

For those of you who aren't sure who I'm talking about, here's a couple of handy dandy visual aids.

Paul McDermott
sometimes looks like this:
Jensen Ackles
sometimes looks like this:

I'll be looking out for the Good News Week promo to air tonight and I'll hopefully manage to record it to share. I'll also be recording Good News Week on Monday night, so I should be able to post a video of his appearance shortly after it's aired.

( Feb. 8th, 2008 04:42 pm)
The photo of Jensen arriving at Sydney airport is now available at NEWSPHOTOS.

There's a copy below the cut. Sorry, but it's watermarked.

CUT: For size and watermarks )

This is a tiny image next to the link for a small article about his visit. (The link is about half way down the page.) I should be ashamed to call myself a Jensen Ackles fan because I have no clue if this is a new or old photo :)


Full article:
(There are no images with the article.)

Super natural Jensen Ackles jets in to Sydney

HE could have used his TV superpowers to beam up the waiting photographer at Sydney airport yesterday, but a jet lagged-looking Jensen Ackles still managed a smile for the birdie.

The Channel 10 cutie flew in for a week of publicity for his hit US series, Supernatural, which will return to small screens, following the new series of Good News Week from Monday.

Ackles will also be familiar to local soap opera stalkers as Eric Brady on Days of Our Lives - or for real tragics, as CJ on mouldy high school drama, Dawson's Creek.


He landed in Sydney this morning. Yay! \O/
Unfortunately, I'm in Melbourne. No so yay...
So close, yet so far. *sigh*

Word is he's here to do a Channel Ten interview and a new promo but no public appearances. If you are in, or near, Sydney remember to keep your eyes peeled and your cameras ready. That'd be great! Thanks. *g*

Just quietly, is anyone else excited about the idea of a new promo? Not just because the previous 'Seriously' promos were seriously awesome but because why would Channel Ten bother with only five episodes remaining for Season Three. I think this little visit bodes extremely well for the chance of a forth season. Yes?

Okay, Perhaps I'm reading too much into it but when it gets close to the renewal deadline, I'll be writing another 'Good and Not-So-Good signs for Supernatural Renewal' list, like I did last year, and this will most definitely be on the 'Good Sign' side.





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