( Oct. 26th, 2007 04:57 pm)
Last night I went to see Adam Brand play at a local pub. I have never seen so many cowboy hats, and utes with huge aerials and enormous mudflaps, gathered in one place, in suburban Melbourne, in all my life! It was pretty awesome. *g*

Adam Brand performing live at 'The Middle'

I managed to sneak in my camera and got some okay shots, especially considering I was right near the back. Sometimes a zoom lens comes in real handy.
( Jul. 27th, 2007 10:06 am)

When I went out in the car last night I discovered Harry Huntsman had come along for a ride. (If you're at all squeamish about spiders don't click the link!) He may not have had a leg span of 300mm (11.8") across but he was big enough at about 100mm (4")! 

Read All About My Epic Tale of Bravery Under the Cut... )
( Jul. 20th, 2007 08:37 pm)
Finally Friday Night and officially the start of my weekend.  And boy does it feel good. *sighs* Especially after such a busy week at work. 'Busy' is great because the time flies but it's nice to know there is a whole weekend at the end of it. A weekend of doing whatever whenever...

1.  Go to the Melbourne Storm game tomorrow night.
The boys take on the Canberra Raiders and both teams are coming off big wins last week - Storm 44-0 and Raiders 56-10. Should be HUGE.

2.  Read Harry Potter.
Or at least part of it. I haven't actually read the last two books but this is it. THE BIG FINALE! The end of the road. Who will live? Who will die? Inquiring minds wanna know. Good Luck to everyone trying to avoid spoilers for it tomorrow. They are gonna be everywhere. Would I be wrong in predicting a somewhat 'quiet' internet for the next 24-36 hours?  *g*

3.  Read Fic.
I wonder if I can find any 'Jared Birthday Fic'. Oh, lookit! There's about 50 thousand of them. I guess it's 'Happy Birthday' to everyone. *g*  Happy Birthday, Sasquatch!

5.  And, that's about all folks.
I think that's what you call a 'lazy weekend'.

Have a great weekend, everyone.
I went shopping to Knox today to get a few odds and ends. It's Mum's birthday next weekend and I had it in the back of my mind that I had to look out for something whilst shopping because seriously I've been coming up a blank. Luckily, inspiration hit unexpectedly and the birthday gift has now been taken care of. Can't say anymore... the internets have eyes & ears :)

Yesterday, I finished watching Season 2 of House M.D. That's two seasons worth of episodes in a little less than two weeks. I know. It's true. I have no life. Now I just have to wait for Season 3 to be released on DVD so I can be totally caught up prior to Season 4 starting.

  1. Hands up if you are going to see CROWDED HOUSE in November?  *raises both hands*  I spent  full-on a week deliberating whether I want to see them live or if I really, really, really want to see them live. Thanks to their numerous TV appearances during the past week it turned out I really, really, really want to see them live. I got me a ticket for their second show in Melbourne. Whoo-hoo!

  2. Whilst looking for Crowdies tickets I noticed that The Shins are also touring Australia. Next month!

  3. Sam and Nick stayed for another couple of nights during the week. Thursday night they wanted to watch Cars which, don't get me wrong, is a totally cool movie but also a movie they can watch anytime. I wanted to share a bit of old time movie magic with them. I've tried getting them to watch The Goonies before but they really aren't that interested in it. I know! Who does not love that movie? Kids today, huh? This time I made them watch Labyrinth and they totally dug it, especially Nick. It made me all kinds of proud and happy. It's awesome that a movie made 21 years ago still looks as good and is still as entertaining as Labyrinth is today. And yep, it really was made 21 Years ago. And nope, I can't believe it either.

( Jul. 2nd, 2007 11:57 am)
  1. Happy Supernatural Day (Aus.) It’s the season 2 finale tonight and it feels like it’s been a long time coming. Of course, I’ve already seen it but you know, still exciting. I really hope little Sammy is going to be okay *sob* Unfortunately I may not be able to see it ‘live’ because…

  2. …Tonight I’m going to a VIP Premiere screening of a new documentary Ian Thorpe is presenting. It’s not what you know, people, it’s who you know! I can see some serious celebrity spotting in my immediate future.

  3. Today marks the starting date for the ‘My Dinner with Joss’ auction. Check out the self-pimping the man has done for this:

    First of all, why the auction? Because I believe the chance to sit next to me, with my distinctive yet unsettling odor, will cause people to give Equality now Eleventy Kabillion Dollars.

    Has he no shame! *grin* If only I had Eleventy Kabillion Dollars to bid…

  4. On Saturday I helped Emma and Dan move into their new home. They’ve done great and despite the fact that the house is, in fact, located on the Dark Side [of Melbourne] (read: The ‘other’ side of the Yarra) it is in a lovely green, leafy and very, very hilly area.

  5. I drove to work today and it only took me 50 minutes!.Usually it takes 1+ hours. There was just no traffic. I spent the first half of the trip thinking “Where’s all the peoples?” as it only occurred to me while I was passing Sunnydale Cemetery (aka. Burwood Cemetery - It reminds me of Sunnydale Cemetary, is all) that it's school holidays *facepalm* Yay for the term two holidays.

  6. I think I’ve discovered a new television show to fill at least part of the void over the summer winter while Supernatural is on hiatus. It’s not so much a new show being that it’s already racked up three seasons but up until last night I had not seen a single episode. Whatcha talkin’ ‘bout, Willis?

    HOUSE M.D. is what I'm talkin' 'bout. 

  7. Happy Monday.

Why is it I only think to update this thing on Friday? It's not as if it's the only day anything happens. I've come to the conclusion that blogging really is a habit you need to develop. Any topic or event can be blogged it's just a matter of remembering to do it.

A couple of cool links courtesy of Andrew:

Win a dinner with Joss Whedon! - If only. This would be such an awesome experience. Of course, I wouldn't be able form any coherent sentences words within his presence so my end of the conversation would be extremely lacking. But three hours listening to this man just talk would be like nothing else. The auction starts on Monday and proceeds go to the charity Equality Now. I'm thinking Equality Now will get quite a nice pile of cashy money as a result of this.

Goonies of the Caribbean (Link to YouTube) - It's fantabulously freaky how well these two movies seem to fit together. Extremely clever editing.

  1. After four days of using public transport (Grrr Argh!) this week I thought I’d treat myself and drive into work this morning. The traffic flowed well until City Road and despite the *rock music plays* sticker on the back of my car I zoomed along listening to country music. Great start to the day!

  2. Looking for country music to listen to in the car this morning highlighted a major oversight on my part. I have very little country on my MP3 player. What's doing there? Sure I have some Keith Urban, a little Dixie Chicks and a Steve Carlson album but no Garth Brooks, no Montgomery Gentry, no Toby Keith, no Billy Ray Cyrus... Looks like I've got some CD ripping to do over the weekend.

  3. Not sure where this came from but in the shower this morning I was thinking if there was a disruption to the space-time continuum and I was transported back to a previous year, what year would I like to re-visit? I decided on 2002. I liked 2002.

  4. It's been so chilly this week. Today I have four layers on in an attmpt to keep warm at the office. It's casual day, as it is every Friday, which usually means a Storm tee-shirt and jacket. However, today I decided to skip the Storm tee and went with my happy shirt instead - my green "No Chick Flick Moments". How can I not be happy wearing Dean & Sammy?

  5. After an extremely bad air day yesterday my hair actually cooperated with me this morning. Awesome.

  6. Cheese Supreme Doritos really are the best snack food.

  7. Happy Friday y'all. Tomorrow it's the weekend!


  1. I finally got my 'new' phone back from the repair shop today. It's been in to be fixed a total of three times and this time it looks like they may have actually repaired it. *crosses fingers... and toes*

  2. The episode of Supernatural on Channel Ten last night was “What is and What Should Never Be”. This was THE episode I'd been looking forward to since I first read spoilers way back in February and I was beyond excited when I got to see it right after it aired in the States a month or two back. Since then I must have re-watched it a gazillion times and yet I still watched it last night, on TV, complete with ads.

    In fact, making sure I watch it 'live' is the only way I can justify to myself that it's okay to download the episodes via the ‘net before they air here. I feel guilty if I don't tune in to watch it on TV locally even if I know I don't have a little black box recording my viewing habits and helping out those ratings. I still like to think I'm still doing my bit, ya know. It's also nice to know that there are a whole bunch of people out there enjoying exactly the same thing that I am at exactly the same time. Yeah, okay that's kind of geeky. Huh!

I'm leaving for Shepparton straight from work this afternoon so I had to bring everything I need for the weekend in with me this morning by train this morning. Due to some extremely economical packing, I managed to fit everything I need neatly into my storm back pack and my little-ass storm duffle bag.

Now, given the struggle it was for me to walk from Flinders St. Station to work - a huge 300 metres or so - with just those two items, I have NO idea how I managed to trot around the USA last year with the above mentioned items plus a big-ass wheelie bag, which incidentally, weighed somewhere close to a ton.

1).  Game One in this year's State of Origin series is being played in Brisbane tonight. Queensland v. New South Wales. It's LIVE on channel 9 into Melbourne which somewhat of a major breakthrough for Rugby League in this State. 

2).  XP is still going great at work. Everything is so much faster now and I LOVE having the newer version of Outlook. I use GMAIL exclusively at home so I'd had no experience with Outlook 2003 at all. It's really nice.

3).  XP BONUS: For Christmas Sam and Nick gave me a Winnie the Pooh USB mouse. I could never use it at work because it was USB and it didn't work on NT. It's more then likely I could have found a driver for it but anyway. Today I remembered to take it into work and now I have a Winnie the Pooh Optical Mouse working perfectly. the size is going to take a bit to get used to. I think it's designed for children. Wonder why? Love it none the less and it's got a really cool LED blue glow.

4). I've only got another day and a half of work this week. I'm off to Sydney this weekend for the Manly v Storm game at Brookevale Oval.

... and extremely close to an AWESOME day.

  1. While the boss is away the worker bees will play. Not really, but it sure makes for a much more pleasant working environment.

  2. Supernatural has been renewed for a third season... or has it? Yesterday, two sources - Variety and Hollywood Reporter - were claiming that The CW had given the green light to another full season (22 episodes) of cross country demon hunting with the Winchester Boys.

  3. Today is the day we will find out if the rumours mentioned above are really, really true. The CW Upfront is being held in New York today (Thursday New York time), starting in approximately 40 minutes. Seriously, I'm not a Supernatural Obsessed Geek or anything like. I mean, really! Doesn't EVERYONE know exactly where and when the CW Upfront is being held?

  4. One more sleep until I get to see the Season Finale of Supernatural. (Read: Season, not Series. I may be waiting for 'official word' but I can still be optimistic... cautiously optimistic.) At this point I'd like to repeat: I'm not a Supernatural Obsessed Geek or anything.

  5. Anna called to say she had read about a stage version of Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of The War of The Worlds being performed in Australia in September and she immediately thought of me. Something about me being a big sci fi spazz, I suspect. *grin* Needless to say, Mum, Dad and I... We've now got our tickets. AWESOME!

Today = good day.

( May. 17th, 2007 10:03 pm)
A cute variation on those thousands of internet quizzes available.

It's a bit of fun and scarily accurate when you read the detailed descriptions 'they' provide about different aspects of your personality.

I got:

Personality Mood - Easy Rider
Personality Fun - Escape Artist
Personality Habits - Junkie Monkey
Personality Love - Home Soul 

  • One thing I know for sure is the Monday game seriously messed with my brain as far as Tristo's Tippin' (NRL Tipping Competition I run) goes. At least, I'm blaming the football. Tristo (that's me!) completely forgot to collate the results and send them. Tristo even sat at the PC for an hour or so and, you know what? It never even crossed her mind. Oops.

  • Tonight I'm meeting up with some girls I used to work with a couple of years ago. They still work at my previous work place so I've agreed to meet them there. It always feels strange going back there even though I still work for the same company. The site I am at now is very different and much, much smaller. Not exactly sure where we are going but I'm looking forward to it.

  • Seriously, I need to stop using the word 'Seriously'. I sound like a dodgy Channel 10 promo. While I'm at it I might add: 'really', 'actually' & 'pretty' to the list of words I should use less of.

  • I seriously really need a Melbourne Storm user icon.

No, I don't mean Kirrin Island... I mean Phillip Island.

We went down for the afternoon and guess what? It wasn't nearly as cold as I thought it would be. Yeah, thanks Lauz for organising that.

I'd love Friday even more if today was the day I finally coughed up this annoying lung.

Having this cold/cough/runny nose for the past week is getting tiresome... for me and those around me. I know this because I've been asked more then once if I'm going to die soon!

I love the people I work with but I really wish they wouldn't make me laugh so much. That only makes the coughing worse! If only I could work in serious work place *grin*

  1. Happy Noodle Day.
    Almost time for my traditional Friday lunch - Noodle Box from Southbank. Yum!

  2. Happy Supernatural Day (USA)  
    "All Hell Breaks Loose Part 1"

  3. Adding to my excitement about seeing "All Hell Breaks Loose" is discovering (via [profile] anteka  ) that a list of Emmy Nominations for Consideration (or whatever they are called) has been released and there are a few Supernatural related nominees amongst them:

    Best Drama Series: Supernatural (episode ??)
    Best Actor in a Drama Series: Supernatural (Jensen Ackles - "All Hell Breaks Loose")
    Best Guest Actor in Drama Series: Supernatural (Jeffrey Dean Morgan - "In My Time of Dying")

Finally. And we're almost at the end of Thursday to boot. Awesome!

And without a doubt the best thing about Thursdays is PLASTIC WINCHESTER THEATER! )

We're off to Phillip Island on Saturday. Lauz - Can you please make sure the weather's warm for us. Every time I go to that place it's freezing. Hmm, better make sure I rug up with layer upon layer upon layer and I might even check out the weather forecast too *goes to look at BOM.gov.au* Ah, Melbourne = 21c = One Cold Island.

Melbourne Storm plays on Monday this Round. How strange is that going to be? Sitting at Olympic Park on a Monday night is kinda wrong. I'm a bit concerned that there is only going to be about 1000 of us there. *is serious* Lucky it's all about media rights. My Storm Boys better win because I'm sacrificing ONE hi-larious episode of Supernatural to go see this game! Many thanks to the technical dudes for the invention of DVRs and AVIs from friends and those Torrent thingys. *wonders for the millionth time how torrents work*. 

  1. So, I got everything done on my 'To Do' list yesterday, even including the work part.

    Supernatural: Origins was kinda cool even if it is one of the UGLIEST comic books I have ever seen. The way the characters are depicted is not at all attractive and I'd go as far as describing Mary as 'horrifying'. And it's not in a scary, thrilling, Supernaturally good way. Not sure what I expected. Possibly for the characters in the comic to be a little more realistic and to look at least a little like the actors who portray them in the show. Maybe the Buffy and Serenity comics have spoilt me.  There are both so very pretty. Still, the Supernatural:Origins story is great and I'm looking forward to the next edition. 

    BONUS: The brothers actually HUG in the comic! Granted, they are 10 and 6 years old at the time. They obviously got their "Personal Brother Proximity Alert & Force Fields" installed some time between 1989 and 2007.





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