I created an animated version but the file size was enormous so I had to put it behind a cut. View at own risk... my dial up connection does not like it. Ha! )

Within hours some of you will be lucky enough to be watching the new episode, which means it's almost time for me to enter LJ Blackout until after I've seen 4x01. So, kids. Buckle up and hang on tight! I think we're going to be in for one hell of a ride! (pardon the pun)

See you on the flip side.

( Sep. 18th, 2008 07:46 am)

It's a fire sale, and everything must go!!!

♥ ♥ ♥

Are we still playing?

When you see this, post another Supernatural quote in your lj. Let's see how long this can go on for.

Dean: *is humming*
Sam: "You humming Metallica?"
Dean: "Calms me down!"

From Phantom Traveler.

( Sep. 17th, 2008 10:04 am)

♥ ♥ ♥

So, I saw this again. Does this mean I have to do it again? Ah, what the heck! This time I'm going to go with the text message notification from my mobile phone.

When you see this, post another Supernatural quote in your lj. Let's see how long this can go on for.

Dean: "Dude, I full on Swayze'd that mother!"

From In My Time of Dying.

1) Supernatural Season Four starts THIS WEEK!!!

2) I'm on my way to work with a hugeass headache. It's taken up residency just behind my right eye. It's going to be a long Monday.

3) Melbourne Storm lost yesterday. We played terribly and, to be honest, didn't look like they wanted to win. We get a 'second chance' next week, playing the Brisbane Broncos in Brisbane. I won't be going and if we play like we did yesterday, we won't be winning.

4) Should of known before the game things weren't going to go our way )

5) Oh, and I'm having a bad hair day.

( Sep. 14th, 2008 09:45 am)

Short 'n sweet post today.

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend. :)

( Sep. 13th, 2008 09:04 am)

1). Hey, Hey, It's Saturday! \O/

A little shout out there to a cheesy Australian variety show popular during the 70s, 80s and 90s. Oh, man... How I miss Ossie Ostrich and Dickie Knee and that little barbie angel thing they had for a while there.

2). Plans for today include:

• Laundry - Lots of laundry. I hate laundry.
• Shopping - Rebel Sport for a new Melbourne Storm jacket.
• Culture - Visiting the National Gallery of Victoria to see their Art Deco exhibition.
• Horror - Watching 'Boogeyman' and 'My Bloody Valentine' tonight. *makes popcorn*

3). I've been to JB HiFi twice in the past two days and ended up going a bit spazzy. (See 'Current Music' *g*) In addition to 'Dr Quinn Medicine Woman Season 1, I found a copy of the original 'My Bloody Valentine' and also stocked up my country music CD collection. (Montgomery Gentry, Toby Keith, Big & Rich, and Emerson Drive).

4). Rainbow bolted inside last night freaked the hell out by something. Perhaps I shouldn't have let her watch 'Bugs'. All those bees... )

5).Stupid internet connection keeps cutting out. Hopefully I'll get to post this before it cuts out again. I suspect I won't get much further than that. I'll try back this afternoon/evening to read my flist.

6). Happy *insert appropriate day of the week here*! (Is this getting old yet? :P)

1). 8 Sleeps! ^The boys are getting ready for the premiere^. Whoo hoo!

2). I have the best friends ever! [livejournal.com profile] munibunny got me something very special and it arrived yesterday. You've probably all seen a million pics of one of these but I couldn't resist showing off my very own mini!Impala.

My new set of wheels...  )

3. More on the subject of 'best friends ever' - I want to thank you all.

[livejournal.com profile] missyjack got me a little sentimental yesterday with her post here. Days like yesterday made me realise how ace it is to be able to log on to LJ and share the joy and excitement of little things like J2 moving in together, or getting a new Hot Wheels Car, or fandom related art with all of you guys, knowing that you will experience just as much joy and excitement, and that you wont think I'm a complete and utter crackpot. THANK YOU! ♥

Where I ramble some more... )

4. Yesterday I was a little early for work. Today I'm going to be a little late. Ooops.

5. Happy *insert day of the week here*!

( Sep. 10th, 2008 07:20 am)

1). Single figures, dudes! We've reached single figures! Only 9 sleeps.

2). It's 7:22AM on Wednesday morning. My plan for today was to get to work early so I could leave a bit earlier than usual this afternoon. So far so good.

3). It's 7.24AM on Wednesday. Did I miss any significant J2 news while I was sleeping?

4). Happy *insert appropriate day of the week here*!

*Photo used is by Ianiv & Arieanna.

1). I watched the first two episodes of 90210 last night. I
kind of loved it. I dunno but between Gossip Girl, One Tree
, Friday Night Lights, and now 90210, I seem to
be watching more angsty high school drama than I did when I was
actually in high school.

2). Also, a little later last night Jensen and Jared made a cameo
appearance in a dream. And I sort of remember a bit of it... )

3). I'm having trouble focusing today. My vision in my right eye is all blurry. Feeling a little sorry for myself... )

4). Happy *insert appropriate day of the week here*!

( Sep. 7th, 2008 10:35 am)

1). Team!Shortbus Outing Yesterday: After much indecisiveness, we settled on seeing 'Tropic Thunder'. I lost count on the number of people we let go in front of in the queue because we couldn't decide. It was a pretty funny movie and not at all what I expected. All I knew about it was that Jack Black was in it (that was the selling point for me) so I was surprised to see a few other actors in there who, at first, I didn't even recognise!

2). Before the movie we headed up to JB Hifi (DVD/Music store). The do good out of Team!Shortbus! I picked up a copy of the, 'Friday Night Lights' (the movie), for $12.98 and then, just near the checkout, we spotted copies of Eric Kripke's 'Boogeyman for $6.89! Score! \O/

3). [livejournal.com profile] chasingangel82 has just got back from a trip to Vancouver and LA and she spoiled us by bringing us back gifts. Thanks Bec :)Baby!Winnie the Pooh )

4). Last night I was working on the laptop at the coffee table. I got up to do the dishes and look what I found when I got back... oh, Rainbow! )

5). It's Father's Day today so I've got to get moving so I can go home with Dad's present this afternoon.

6). And then, tonight I'm going to the final regular season Melbourne Storm game. As a result of previous games this weekend, Storm must win their game tonight by about 28 points to finish on top of the ladder. *gulp*

1). Our two favourite hunters, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, are competing in the Vancouver Redbull Soapbox Race this weekend. Oh, boy. We are so going to need photos!

I was poking around the official site for mention of the boys but couldn't find any, however, I did find the team list. Because the boys are competing for charity I don't think they have a team as such but reading through the list of team names perhaps I'm wrong...
If it was Sam and Dean, my money would be on them being part of 'Team!White Snake's Lonely Road Guitar Cart' )

2). I'm going to answer my comments from yesterday and then finish getting ready to meet team!shortbus.

3). Happy *insert appropriate day of the week*!
I'm pretty sure it's the weekend, or almost the weekend, for EVERYONE now, so 'ave a good one.

1). I'm on my own at work today. There's other people in the office (it's a big office!) but there's noone else from my team. It looks like it's shaping up to be a day of listening to Steve, Christian, Brian, Alison & Robert, and Kid Rock on the iPod.

2). Kyle XY tonight. \O/ I've been looking forward to it all week!

3). Now the DVDs have been officially released, does that mean S3 Gag Reel Icons are no longer considered spoilerish and we can use/post them freely?

4). Happy Wednesday! Thursday! Oops, looks like I don't even know what day of the week it is...

( Sep. 3rd, 2008 11:15 pm)

1). I've realised I should be posting the countdown in the morning my time because I'm out a day for you folks in the USA. It'll already be the 19th here by the time it finally airs...

2). Looks like I might be up for a post everyday this month, or at least until I get the countdown down to zero. :)

3). Some posts probably won't have a point, much like this one.

4). So, I've been listening to 'Twisted' by Brian McFadden. That's the song which ended up taking me 21 minutes to downloaded the other night. 21 minutes!!!

Let's face it, not much out there doesn't make me think Supernatural but while listening to it, it really did make me think of Sam and Dean.

I've been chased by angels, I've been drunk out of my mind, And the earth feels better than heaven, Just because you're here... )

5). 4). is definitely a YKYMWTMSW moment. *facepalm*

1). It's my turn to provide morning tea at work tomorrow. I decided to do what I did last time - mini sausage rolls, brownies and mini muffins. Sounds easy enough, right? Yeah, no. Not when you're making them in an unfamiliar kitchen. I found most of what I needed except scales. As a result I think I put way too much chocolate in the brownies. Oops!

2). Not sure if I've mentioned it, but I'm a bit of a country music fan. It's not something we hear a lot of in Australia but we do have Country Music Channel on paytv which I have on. A lot. In addition to playing country music they've taken it upon themselves to bring us Pro Bull Riding. I watched it tonight... )

3). Happy Supernatural Season Three DVD Day!

★ Enjoy your purchase.
★ If needs be, don't forget to rearrange those shelves at the store to ensure the Supernatural box sets have prime position; Eye level would be ideal *nods*
★ Try not to wear the discs out on day one.
★ And what ever you do, don't scratch the duco on those shiny little Impalas!

4). Not sure what's going on with me posting so much. Sorry. *headdesk*

How's everyone doing?

I'm still house sitting and I still have limited internet access and it kind of sucks (the limited internet access not so much the house sitting). I do try and read everything you guys write but I just don't have a chance to comment as much as I'd like.

As well as house and Rainbow (cat) sitting, I've also been entrusted to look after some goldfish.

I'm pretty sure the owner of the house hasn't named the fish, or at least not all of them anyway, so I took it upon myself to do just that.

Meet Dean and Sam and Bobby and Ellen and ... )

Why, yes. While housesitting by myself, with only a cat for company, I do get bored and lonely and spend my time naming goldfish. What made you ask?


Countdown to Random Things )


Happy Tuesday!





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