( Dec. 21st, 2008 09:46 pm)
Carols by Candlelight with lots of kids running a-muck around a local park!

One of those kids is my neice, Adelaide
(aged 6). She's appointed herself the Town Candlelighter and is having a great time tearing around the place with her mates, ensuring the townsfolk's candles are burning brightly. :)

My other neice, Eloise (aged 2), is enjoying practicing her baton twirling with glow sticks. :)
Happiness is...

This was the weather I was faced with on my way to work, on this, my last day before I have two weeks off for the Christmas/summer holidays. While I'm pretty sure Christmas is still scheduled for next Thursday, can someone please tell me when I can expect summer?
Things are kind of crazy these days...

He's buying the kid's onesies at Kmart. Seriously.

I'm out Chrissy shopping and noticed these adorable little outfits at my local Kmart. No sign of an AC/DC Children's Sleepy Time Lullaby CD nearby. ;)

Random question: What did I do before mobile phones or, more precisely, mobile phones with cameras.
If Dean Winchester became a daddy...

( Oct. 6th, 2008 01:16 pm)
Grand Final? What Grand Final?

The brand new day hasn't made the loss any easier to take. Apparently it's the largest losing margin in an NRL grand final. EVER. Well, never let it be said Stom don't do a good job of everything we do. We didn't just lose, we lost spectacularly.

We are a smidge over halfway home and I've kept myself amused by watching Kyle XY on my iPOD. My little travelling buddy, Bradley Bear, has hijacked it now to watch his favourite angel, Castiel, get up in Dean's face. Bradley Bear I such a fan!bear.

Yep, I may be a little bored... Are we there yet?
On the Road Again...

Pre-Match Entertainment:
Jon Stevens from Noiseworks, The Living End and lots of kids using Webbers (barbeques) as drums. Good Times!
*is nervous*
NRL GRAND FINAL - T Minus 20 minutes

( Oct. 4th, 2008 06:19 pm)
G'day from somewhere along the Hume Highway. The last sign we past says we still have 379 kms to go before we reach Sydney. Emma and Dan picked me up at about midday and we've already been on the road for six hours. Hopefully we've only got less than four to go. \O/ Whose idea was it to settle Sydney so far from Melbourne anyway? ;)

We've listened to cheesy 80's music including Bros., Kylie, and Kenny Loggins, the Top Gun soundtrack and now we're bopping to Avril Lavigne. I have plans to introduce them to the wonders of Steve Carlson and Kane at some point. Resistance will be futile! *evil laugh*

I'd like to say some stuff about 4x03 but I'm posting via the mobile LJ client and it doesn't do lj-cuts and I'm not sure if we're still in spoiler mode. I can, however, sum up my feelings about it in one word and an acronym: OMG ACE!!!

Happy Weekend everyone :)
On the Road Again...





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