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wow, this is the first time i'm actually seeing this - so awesome! ^^

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Hey, thanks. :)
I'm a sucker for countdowns but I feel like a kid counting down to Christmas. *lol*

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Hii *waves*

I came over this aways for your leverage icons and then I saw this^^

A fellow Leverage/Supernatural fan coming to the supernatural con?? Hehe Are you coming?! I'd love to meet you!

*starts getting bouncy for the boys!*

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I hope this doesn't come across to creepy but I was actually thinking about you this morning! lol! How freaky is that?

I believe we've met before - at Supanova in Sydney. We were sitting on the floor near where the photo ops were taken, waiting for our photos (I think) at the end of either Saturday or Sunday. XD I was with <

Anyway, the reason I was thinking about you was because I was thinking about the 'All Hell Breaks Loose' con which got me wondering how different it would be from Supanova which got me thinking about Supanova and remenising. lol.

Of course, if it wasn't you who I met at Supanova just ignore the above two paragraphs and know that, yes! i will be going to AHBL in April! \O/

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Haha not creepy ... *backs away slowly*

hehe yeah we could have met, I am hopeless with remembering people! :p

AHBL Con will be heaps better :p cause both will be there and it will be only supernatural fanpeople! :p

I was actually talking to Jim Beaver (Bobby) a while ago and he said even though he really wanted to come to he couldn't make it because his book comes out in April... Shame :(
^^ thats me there with Jay at SN Con if I'm the one you remember :p

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I'm not that scary, really! :)

I'll take a look at your pic when I get home. I'm at work at the minute and my internet connection blocks livejournal pics.

I remember you saying your username and telling us it was latin? Is that right?

These are my photos from the weekend. I was there with [ profile] bobbinrob and [ profile] chasingangel82. :)

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haha sunday we were waiting for our photos to print and just sitting around with each other :p

haha I was the one who padaslothed him... not sure if that helps :p

YAY i remember! stupid work *shakes head*

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HIII. I asked my flist what awesome people I was goign to get to meet at AHBL (omfg JUST OVER TWO WEEKS) and [ profile] bobbinrob pointed me in your direction, so hi, I'm friending you. :)

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Hi there. :)

I can't believe it's only two and a bit weeks away and after the enormous amount of joy generated by LA Con I am so excited for it. Truth be known, I'm also a little nervous. LOL!

*friends you*



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