Hi, it's Winnie here. At least I think my name is Winnie. My humans also call me;

Winnie Winchester
Lil' Monkey
Lil' Monster
Winnie Girl

I don't mind my other names but I don't really like it when they call me WINCHESTER! They say it really loudly and all stern-like. I think it means I'm in trouble.

I'm taking over this week's Winchester Wednesday because I want to tell you about yesterday. It was the worst day of my life. *dramatic sigh* I was allowed outside for about 30 minutes in the morning and it was really windy and there were leaves and things blowing around everywhere and it was so much fun chasing them. *weeeeeeee*

Of course, that's not what made it the WORST. DAY. EVA. It was the WORST. DAY. EVA. because katy!human wouldn't let me go outside again. *growls* She said something about it being too windy and she didn't want me being blown out of a tree or being hit by a falling branch or something.

Pfft! No branch is hitting me! I can run really, really, really fast. You've all seen Road Runner and Wylie Coyote, right? Well, I'm fast like the Road Runner!

Winnie 07

And as for falling out of a tree. AS IF! I spend half my life up a tree (that's normal for a cat, right?). No liitle breeze is blowing me anywhere. Hey, look! It's me in a tree for a change... )




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