Premium Hollywood interviews Christian Kane.

He talks mostly about Leverage (there's a casting spoilers for the finale), answers one question about Angel, and speaks, somewhat confusingly, about his music career.

He says he'll have a song out before they begin filming season two of Leverage in April but he can't talk about it because he's not on his own?!?!?

Awesome! If there's a song before April, I'll be happy as a lark but...

Huh? What?
Not on his own in the room where he's giving the interview?
Not on his own in Nashville?
Not on his own in the Studio?
Not on his own in life?
Not on his own because some intelligence organisation has 24/7 surveillance on him?
Not on his own because the rest of the team are only ever as far away as the other end of a comm?

If anyone can get anything more from that last paragraph, please share. LOL.

I'm running late with Winchester Wednesday today so I'm just going to stick with a small video of her.

Winnie Winchester: Part cat. Part monkey.

BTW, she did eventually dislodge herself and make her own way down from the tree. :)




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