Not sure about the quality of the photo but this is where winnie is at the minute. If only she knew how to get down. *facepalm*
Winchester Wednesday Sneak Peak

Winnie 09

Our little girl sure is growing up! With every passing day she's getting more and more adventurous. I've mentioned before that I worry when I let her outside and today's Winchester Wednesday demonstrates why. She just doesn't seem to have any sense fear.

Winnie Winchester laughs in the face of danger... )

Guest Pet of the Week:
The guest this week isn't actually a pet but she does have fur and likes to climb trees so she has enough in common with Winnie to include here.

Remember the photo I posted of the CFA (Country Fire Authoriy) Officer giving the little koala a drink of water after a bushfire had passed through? A follow up story on the koala, called Sam, and other wildlife affected by the fires was posted today on with photos and a video.

Check out Sam the Koala now... )




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