There aren't too many photos of Winnie this week. I tried taking some this evening but from the 33 or so I took only about two were anything more than a blur and those were taking with a flash so she had the demon eye thing happening.

It's now midday and she's still darting around, running into things. I swear, I'm thinking of buying a little crash helmet for her to wear because she's going to knock herself out one of these days. Perhaps 'Build-A-Bear' have one that will fit her...

Anyway, here's a few photos because we can't have a Winchester Wednesday without photos of Winnie, can we? :)

Winnie 070109_02
I think her eyes are changing colour.

More photos of Winnie Winchester... )

Tomorrow is a big day for Winnie. She's off to the vet to be spayed. Poor little thing doesn't know what's about to happen to her. She hasn't been allowed to eat anything since 8pm tonight and she must be getting hungry because she keeps looking at where her bowl usually is and crying.

I'm not looking forward to taking her to the vet tomorrow morning. I'm sure she's going to be fine. It is, after all, a standard operation but I can't help but worry a little. She'll be under a general anesthetic and although I'll be very happy when I can go pick her up tomorrow afternoon I know she's going to be all dopey and probably pretty sore and sorry for herself. It makes me sad thinking about it. :(




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