ANOTHER new Misha interview - Ten Minutes with Misha This one is totally unspoilery. :)

[The below follows a question which lead to Misha exclaiming a 'body swap' episode would be a great opportunity to mock one another...]

Cyn: If you made the switch, which of the boys would be easiest for you to mock. . . or shall we say, imitate?

(laughs) Jared and Jensen have both given me a lot of material to work with on the mocking, so it’s hard to say, probably a toss up. It would be more absurd for me to play Jared just because he seems so gigantic to me. He’s just so tall that there’s something in that that would be inherently, physically different. So, I think that that would probably be the most fun to do.

Oh, Misha! ♥

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First Tuesday of May should be Misha Collins Day. We should petition to make it a statutory holiday!

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Yes! And it will be a World Wide Holiday. Millions of people from around the globe will wear trenchcoats and there will be parades and food and drink and balloons and pony rides. \O/

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It's adorable how big a crush that man has on Jared.
I'm allowed to be deluded by my wishing thinking aren't I? ;D

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He's gone and developed himself a little gigantic obsession with that boy. ;D

Delusions? I don't see any delusions. ;P

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You can't really blame him though, we'd be dry humping him on a stage in front of fangirls and making subtext about bodyswaping with Jared (translating to he wants to 'get in Jared'). If that were us right?

If he goes on like this much more I'll have to do the crazy J2-shipper thing and believe without a doubt that Misha and Jared are fucking behind their trailers.

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I don't believe for a second that Misha is anything other than an AVID J2 SHIPPER. (And what are these BLATANT LIES he's telling us about not surfing the net. HE KNOWS TOO MUCH, I TELLS YA.)

Oh, Misha indeed! ♥

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Of course he is! Hence his question in Sydney. We thought he was being funny, but he really justed wanted to know. ;P

He's got an LJ account, for sure. ;)
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Oh Misha! ♥
(yeah you said it first but... he's awesome and worth saying again :) )



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