The attention to detail shown by the cast and crew is wonderful.

Warning: Spoiler for 4x20 behind the cut.

Flashback of Jimmy looking for answers from Castiel.

I love that we now know why Castiel's tie is loose and crooked.

And while I'm at it...

Reason #128 why I love Supernatural: Watching Misha Collins' face ♥

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I agree - Show has such an amazing cast and crew! It's those little things (like Castiel's tie) that are minor and not super important, but yet it's nice to get the backstory on that kind of stuff. :)

And yes, Misha Collins' has a wonderful face to watch. :-P

From: [identity profile]

There is so many important details they need to include and yet they still find the time and right moment to include little ones like this. :)

Even as Castiel, who doesn't show a great deal of emotion, I find watching Misha's face fascinating. Being able to watch him as Jimmy, who displayed a wide range of emotion, was captivating. I especially liked this scene and the one near the end, when he's pleading with Castiel. ♥

From: [identity profile]

Watching Misha as Jimmy really opened my eyes to what a wonderful actor he is.

But I still think he needs chapstick. Big time. :D

From: [identity profile]

not even Castiel saved this time... especially considering that his story was painful too....
I can't stop thinking about the mess that is coming...
oh Sam, Dean... ç___ç

From: [identity profile]

I felt so bad for Castiel and for Jimmy. Both had to make such huge sacrifices in this episode.

Jimmy has lost his life and has had to give up his family. He can never go back now.

Castiel has had to repress all those emotions he's been developing since he first began hanging out with the Winchesters and perhaps most tragically the relationship he has built up with Dean.

Which leads me to feeling bad for Dean because Cas was his buddy, you know. Someone who had proved he can be trusted over and over again when others around him couldn't. Castiel's final words to Dean about 'not serving him' were so cold. :(

And then there's Sam. Oh, Sam... *cries*

From: [identity profile]


This episode was MUCHAS win. I greatly approve of Misha's faaaaaace. *eats it*

Is it bad that every time I watch him onscreen, all I can think is that he's been in a threesome? LOLOL. I AM SO BAD.

From: [identity profile]

LOL! Yep, I think I know *exactly* what you mean. Misha has that affect on peoples, I think. ::grin::

Notice I didn't say girls? I said 'peoples' which lends itself nicely to the idea of a threesome. Can't say I think of it when I see Castiel though. XD

From: [identity profile]

I'm glad you know what I mean, ROFL. ;D He really does, omg. *eats his face*

I did notice that! Clever girl, hahaha. Aww, maybe it's just my perverted self then. I ship EVERYTHING these days. *is an OTP whore*

From: [identity profile]

Or in this case, OT3! :P I think I need a J2+M icon...

Speaking of icons - yours is epic. <333

From: [identity profile]

Our show has Angels and Demons and Winchesters.
We win.
The end.

From: (Anonymous)

I agree that that was great attention to detail.

It would have been even better if when they showed Sam with his sleeves rolled up there was some evidence of his wrists being sliced open in the previous episode. I guess they still have some of that magic WB ointment left. LOL

From: [identity profile]

Oh, yeah. Good point. *lol* But I'm willing to go along with the magic WB Ointment theory for Sam's injuries, if you are. After all, we've seen time and time again how powerful that ointment really is. ;)

From: [identity profile]

That close up of his face and the light on it is amazing. Angelic, one might say. :)

From: [identity profile]

I had a coherent response but now I'm just watching that animation over and over....

From: [identity profile]

He is soooo goddam hot!! LOL

But shallowness aside (yeah I can manage to do that sometimes ;) ) this ep made me sad. Poor Jimmy/Castiel. And I'm dying to know what happend to Castiel before he left Jimmy's body. Oh it's gonna get soooo interesting.
CANNOT BELIEVE there are only 2 eps left :(

From: [identity profile]

That's a good point. Castiel certainly wouldn't have loosened it. He's the buttoned-up type.



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