When I start this post it was 9:00PM and only 5°c outside and Winnie was curled up on my bed, at my feet. It's now 11:30PM and only 3°c outside and Winnie is still curled up at my feet. She's what we like to call a fair-weathered cat. Being that she is only 8 months old this is Winnie's first Winter and I'm pretty sure she kind of hates it.

She loves being outside and while the weather was nice she was happy being out and about from about 7:30 in the morning til about 6PM at night. But now that it's cold and windy and (amazingly) wet she's not so sure. She takes a lot longer to make the decision to go outside in the morning. She stops in the doorway - half in, half out - and sniffs the air. It's as if she's weighing up her options of being warm and dry but stuck indoors or of running free outdoors but being cold and wet. She always goes outside but doesn't stay our for too long. And that's Reason #83 why it's tough being Winnie. :)

This week, rather than a guest pet, we have a guest photographer. My brother, Andrew, took these photos of Winnie last week while he was staying.

Generally I'm pretty happy with my camera, however, when I look at these two photos I desperately want a new camera.
Or perhaps it would help if I bought a decent flash for the camera I have. *sigh*

FYI. It hasn't actually taken me two and a half hours to write 270 odd words. I have been doing other things too. :)
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