When I start this post it was 9:00PM and only 5°c outside and Winnie was curled up on my bed, at my feet. It's now 11:30PM and only 3°c outside and Winnie is still curled up at my feet. She's what we like to call a fair-weathered cat. Being that she is only 8 months old this is Winnie's first Winter and I'm pretty sure she kind of hates it.

She loves being outside and while the weather was nice she was happy being out and about from about 7:30 in the morning til about 6PM at night. But now that it's cold and windy and (amazingly) wet she's not so sure. She takes a lot longer to make the decision to go outside in the morning. She stops in the doorway - half in, half out - and sniffs the air. It's as if she's weighing up her options of being warm and dry but stuck indoors or of running free outdoors but being cold and wet. She always goes outside but doesn't stay our for too long. And that's Reason #83 why it's tough being Winnie. :)

This week, rather than a guest pet, we have a guest photographer. My brother, Andrew, took these photos of Winnie last week while he was staying.

Generally I'm pretty happy with my camera, however, when I look at these two photos I desperately want a new camera.
Or perhaps it would help if I bought a decent flash for the camera I have. *sigh*

FYI. It hasn't actually taken me two and a half hours to write 270 odd words. I have been doing other things too. :)

From: [identity profile] evenindeath.livejournal.com

Holy hell I didn't realize it was quite THAT cold outside.
*wishes I had a soft hot-water bottle like that*

From: [identity profile] katysam.livejournal.com

Where I am it's down to 2c now! It's still April for crying out loud! At this rate we'll all be skiing down Bourke Street this year.

Winnie does keep toes nice and toasty. :)

Did you want a copy of my photos from AHBL? If you PM me your address, I'll pop a couple of discs in the mail for you. :)

From: [identity profile] evenindeath.livejournal.com

I sure hope not! I hate cold weather D:

Oh I could love a copy of them! I'll send you a message now then.

From: [identity profile] katysam.livejournal.com

I love her little nose in both these photos.
She's definitely not a baby in size anymore but she's still a kitten at heart. She still enjoys chasing her bouncy balls or little mice around the house. :D

From: [identity profile] deansam67.livejournal.com

I'm half expecting it to snow outside! :/

And Winnie is absolutely beautiful ♥ I keep meaning to tell you that... :)

From: [identity profile] katysam.livejournal.com

I wouldn't be surprised to see snow either! It's only April... well, May now, but only the first of May. It shouldn't be this cold already. >:(

Thank you. *hugs*

From: [identity profile] acousticmuse.livejournal.com

she's both stunning and a little cute baby!

From: [identity profile] katysam.livejournal.com

Thanks! :)
Next time she's creating mischief I'll be sure to send her your way. ;)

From: [identity profile] raputathebuta.livejournal.com

Winnie!!!!! *smishes*

BRRRR!!!! We're just coming out of the cold here. Today it's about 59F (15C). Poor Winnie.

From: [identity profile] katysam.livejournal.com

Winnie says 'meow'. ;)

We're getting about 15c during the day at the moment too. Funny thing with weather though is it's all relative. I'm guessing your 15c doesn't seem too bad coming out of Winter. Whereas coming out of Summer, and a warm summer at that, it seems freezing! :)
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From: [identity profile] powerof3.livejournal.com

N'awwww, Winnie! *snugs her* She's so damn cute.

Ooh, 3C is chilly indeed. It was 57F when I took [livejournal.com profile] commander_d to school this morning, and I had to put on a sweater.

From: [identity profile] rose-janice.livejournal.com

*pets Winnie*

It is sooooo cold outside, holy heck. I do not approve. D:

Happy Wednesday!

From: [identity profile] katysam.livejournal.com

I do not approve either... and it's only going to get colder. *shivers*

To think, two months ago we were complaining about the heat!

From: [identity profile] rose-janice.livejournal.com

UGH! :(

I know right?! I just want NORMAL CONSISTENT weather please. *pouts* I definitely prefer 14 degree days to 46 though. FOR SURE.

From: [identity profile] blackbirdj2.livejournal.com

Does it snow where you live? Cats may not like winter very much, but my parents' cat sure loves the snow, she loves to play in it and catch snowballs you throw at her, lmao! And I love how she's kind of placing her little paws in that snow, it's adorable to see!

But anyway, Winnie is still as cute as ever! ♥

From: [identity profile] katysam.livejournal.com

Nope, it doesn't 'usually' snow here. Having said that, I remember a day back in 1996 when it did snow a teeny tiny amount. Enough to have a mini snowball fight at school. Winnie, however, should be safe from the snow. ;)

You're parents' cat does sound adorable. I can't quite imagine a cat who willingly plays in the snow. :D

From: [identity profile] rhymeswithmagic.livejournal.com

We're these photos taken while you were away? Because she does look annoyed.

From: [identity profile] katysam.livejournal.com

LOL! They were taken a couple of days after I got back. Winnie may have still been annoyed with me or she may just look annoyed because she was trying to take a nap at the time. ;)
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From: [identity profile] bellasianna.livejournal.com

HAHa our cat is the same with weather. Takes her a while to decide... which used to suck when I had to stand there with the door open for her! Yay for cat flaps! hehe



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