First up. It's still Wednesday... some where in the World. Lots of places, in fact. Just not in Melbourne. But, ssssh! Don't tell anyone. ;P

I've said it before but it's worth repeating - It's tough being Winnie!

She has such a hard life. It's not like she gets a comfortable (spare) bed to sleep on, with her very own leopard print quilt to lie on.

One of the toughest things about being Winnie is remembering there is this glass sliding door between her and the great outdoors. There's been a number of times I've opened the screen door and haven't been quick enough opening the glass door too and she's run straight into the glass door! Ouch!

The other day I stumbled across some old 'window cling' stickers from when I worked at the child care centre. I thought they may help her with her glass door problem. She seems to like them. :)

This was created from a website my niece, Laura, told me about called The Rasterbator.

It will convert a regular .jpg into a huge picture, using as many sheets of paper as you wish. This one is 4 x 4 (so, 16 sheets of paper). It's just under a metre wide. When you look at the big picture close up you can see it's made up of little dots. From a distance it looks great! Check out the gallery on the right hand side. You'll see what I mean.

I'm thinking a life size Jensen or Jared or Misha. My niece suggested a huge Castiel with his wings from 4x01 to put up on the wall. It's tempting. :)

This gives you an idea of the size of the picture.
(Yes, that's Winnie sleeping on her 'bedding' on the floor. My nephew, Nick, is staying for a couple of days so he has Winnie's the spare bed. Told you it was tough being Winnie.)

OK. This mess has very little to do with Winnie but it will in a second.

I have plastic Wall-E pencil case I use to keep all my camera leads, memory card reader, iPod lead, phone lead, USB thumb drives, etc. in. Poor Wall-E is breaking apart so I needed to find something else.

Making tshirts with transfers and this kitty material I found in Spotlight inspired me to make this little zippered pouch to keep them in.

In my head it was going to be brilliant! Unfortunately, a lot of my ideas which seem brilliant in my own head don't turn out that way. And it's usually because I forget things.

This time, I forgot I can't sew.

Oh, well. Why let minor details get in the way of a good plan, eh?

The appliqu├ęd picture of Winnie is already coming off, one of the lining pieces is wrong side out and the zipper is a little hard to open and close.

But I kind of like it anyway. It's got character.*grin*

Happy Wednesday!

From: [identity profile]

WINNIE! *snuggles* She's just the cutest kitty in the whole wide universe! You're right, that bag *totally* has character!

That picture of her with the window clings is the cutest thing ever!

From: [identity profile]

Gosh, Winnie's life . . . man, that's rough! Just wait until she starts trying to take off the window clings.

(And I love the pencil/cord case!)

(Also, Giant!Castiel with wings would be an excellent use of paper, ink and wall space.)

From: [identity profile]

LOL you have a lot of pics with Winnie image on! XD
that's adorable!
and it still amazes me how she can sleep in the weirdest positions... that'll never get old. LOL


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From: [identity profile]

Happy Thursday to you! I always love your pics of Winnie. She's so adorable.

And I love the pouch you made. Very cute! And who cares if it doesn't really zip right. Its only function is to look awesome, right? :D

From: [identity profile]

Fish stickers ftw! The picture website is really cool! And an awesome way of getting big posters done :D

That kitty fabric is totally cute! Even if you forgot you can't sew, it's still looks good to me! I always come up with fantastic ideas for sewing projects and mum has to remind me that what I want to do is actually kind of impossible since yeah, I can't sew very well. LOL.

From: [identity profile]


yay for me :)

Mighty fine looking kitty you have there though, def makes the poster

From: [identity profile]

Winnie is still the most adorable cat there is, and she does have a very sweet set-up. But of course she deserves nothing less! :) I love watching her s-t-r-e-t-c-h! And her looking at the fishie clings is too cute! I don't suppose there's any way you can smuggle her into the con and include her in your photo ops, is there?

I love your Winnie bag, it's awesome! And I have a little zipper bag full of iPod/camera cords and such as well.

The site with the giant pictures is mind boggling. All the possibilities!

From: [identity profile]

Oh wow, the zippered pouch looks WONDERFUL. As does the window stickers. So cute. :DDD

Happy Thursday! <3

From: [identity profile]

lol, go Katy! \o/
did you sew around the applique? coz if you did it's not supposed to come off ;)

and Winnie just gets more gorgeous as the days go on - she so purrrrrrty! also, i don't blame her about the glass issue, coz i can't tell without the stickers there, lol - you keep it very clean :D

From: [identity profile]

Oh what cute pics!

I thought she was solid black. I love her tabby markings.
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From: [identity profile]

I forgot I can't sew - lmao
Oh honey it's a classic! But the purse is so cute with WInnie on it! It is a hard life being a famous internet celeb kitty ;)



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