Bored now.

Oh, lookit... A mouse. *sigh* You want me to do something with it, don't you?

OK, mouse. Time for you and me to put on a show.

Does this tail thing come off?

*sigh* You sure there's nothing more exciting under the fridge to play with?

No? OK, then. Back to the mouse...

HA! HA! You can't catch me!!!

Hey, watcha doing down here on the floor with me?

Happy Wednesday!

From: [identity profile] blackbirdj2.livejournal.com

Ha, she does NOT look happy in that O_o pic! :P

And I love the "bored now" pic too!

From: [identity profile] katysam.livejournal.com

She doesn't at all, does she! Two seconds earlier she had her teeth in my hand... which is why my hand is still in the shot. ;)

From: [identity profile] whimsywinx.livejournal.com

Poor little mousie!! Obviously, though, it had been very, very bad. ;)

From: [identity profile] katysam.livejournal.com

Little mousie had been very bad, I'm sure. Not as bad as her little white mouse which ended up in her water dish about three months back. That mouse is no longer with us. :)

From: [identity profile] kros-21.livejournal.com

I just adore the second one... those big wide eyes are irresistible.
she is lovely. :)


From: [identity profile] katysam.livejournal.com

She looks freaked out in that wide-eye one! :D


From: [identity profile] softcake-70.livejournal.com

Love the O_O pic ;)
She's just so - pretty. (And I'm a dog person, so this is a HUGE compliment ;))

From: [identity profile] katysam.livejournal.com

Thank you! I think she's lovely too but I'm a cat person so I just thought I was being biased. :)

From: [identity profile] rhymeswithmagic.livejournal.com

I want to say something witty, but all I can say is wow! These pics remind me that cats are just the most magical, wimsical creatures I've ever encountered.

Thanks for sharing these pics:-)

From: [identity profile] katysam.livejournal.com

I'm glad you like the photos of my Winnie Winchester. I love sharing photos her with you all. :D

From: [identity profile] bananabehr.livejournal.com

WINNIE! *pets* You make me want a new fun kitty every time you post.

From: [identity profile] vella-amor-dm.livejournal.com

bahahahahhahhaaaaa! i love the O_O one - brilliant pic!!!! <3

and the one of her loooking under the fridge is so cuuuute! ^^



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